The Teaching Of Mathematics And Statistics Education

Almost always there is news that the evaluation of teaching and learning of mathematics in Peru occupies the last places in the world, yet also have news in the opposite direction, ie some Peruvian students occupy privileged places where they participate in bringing medals international mathematics competition. But the vast majority are in the first situation, ie we are a country where mathematics is not given due attention. Unfortunately, some of our problems as a society is that the teaching of mathematics in particular and other areas in general has no defined policy guidelines and education in the basic areas are becoming poorer. The matter is further complicated when it comes to the teaching of statistical science, which is but a part of applied mathematics and serves as a basis for interpretation and analysis, in all fields of public and private , hence the Most decisions are taken by the so-called "sixth sense" or intuition, not evidence based on data and statistical calculations. Statistical Science (singular), which deals with the collection, organization and analysis of data, is increasingly a more important role in highly complex modern life today. The ordinary citizens suffer bombardment of data that may be incapable of making intelligent decisions or simply know what is the reality that surrounds him.

People who suffer from a critical sense of a statistical nature, is easily impressed by amazing coincidence that in light of the theory of probability and statistics, it is not surprising, for example a very common is to determine how a candidate will win an election to a charge. Should also tell when the polls or surveys are rigged (or biased). So never too late to give a complete reversal in teaching mathematics and statistics, it is necessary to make it more applicable, since the beginning (primary) and consolidate it in the following processes of education (secondary) to higher education, future professionals, to make a more natural and logical use of mathematics and statistics, forming and cementing a statistical culture. In a country with so many problems that are manifested in their statistics (data), it is necessary to interpret these millions of data and numbers that are generated in each area of social activity, economic, educational, police, judicial, health, transport, business, etc., so that the decisions of the hand with the new information technologies, solve it all, at least the vast majority of problems that are written (the data) and which must be solved with effective decisions and efficient. As international awareness and academic H. Cleveland might ask, "Where is the information we have lost in the data? thus completing the chain from data to wisdom. The answer is perhaps in the use of knowledge and statistical methodology.

Professional Tips For Instantaneous Transformation

If you want to improve and enhance their appearance, but do not want to wait to lose weight, and go to recover from plastic surgery, or have enough money to buy a complete new wardrobe then try these five simple quick techniques that are used by the best professionals in the beauty and image industries to perform amazing transformations. 1. Change the color of his hair – One of the most effective ways to change and improve your personal appearance is to change the color of your hair. Not even have to drastically change the color. By simply changing the color of one or two strategically placed shadows or highlights that you can make a huge difference.

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Animal Communicator –

I dedicate this article to a wonderful Kalil Animal Self and Friend who showed us how much it costs to take the reins of our life and thanks to him we have. He knows how to do is simply to demonstrate that, get them, trusting, smiling and letting go !!!!!!!. THANK YOU. MI AMIGO ANIMAL A communication beyond words by Olga Porqueras * You can communicate with animals, including those who live with us, to a much deeper level, which will have a positive impact on our health and theirs. It will also contribute to greater harmony between different species in the wonderful variety of life on our planet. Olga Porqueras, Animal Communicator, gives us some clues in this article to move in this direction. OPEN THE DOOR Since the birth of my passion for therapeutic medicine always had very aware of the possible application in animals of all that my patients were taught.

Helping through flower essences was the first step. The implementation of Sintergetica follows. I continued researching all I was learning the techniques and the result was impressive. The response was much faster than humans, in that there are no rational filter is an impediment. Still, he felt that was missing a piece to be more effective treatments. I had communicated with animals all my life, and had never been aware of it. The animals have taught me to recognize that communication skills that we all have, you only need to remember how. This is the telepathic connection, which has healing power.