Onion Layers

As I tell my students all the courses, it is as if we were a little human that is acquiring onion layers. Layers that far from us being as onion, dazzle us and bury us. The work of maturity would thus stripping to leave those layers, to become, to the surface, what we are. This academically: the maturity would, not be filled with layers of knowledge, ideologies, points of view, but sift all the filter and the laser point of light in the depths we are. That we are in the depths.

it is growth. Our comprehensive training process. Esthet personal integrity process. Ontonoetico personal hygiene, as taught and teaches us Perez Gago. The daily immersion in our sources. Rejuvenating springs that lead to the most mature of us. Order to reach the last inch of our personal stature. Interior height and age living in the foregoing, in nature, in essence, not chronologically, to our individual existence.

While generalizations are often imprecise, during my short but intense existential journey, I’ve also noticed that, at least, two biotypes of human beings, or rather, two vital archetypes that exist in every human being: the archetype of the archetype of faith and reason. The archetype of faith in transcendence and the archetype of faith in the immanence. Returning to the example of the snow: the archetype of admiration obedient and the archetype of the insolent question. The heart and head. This is evident, throughout history, in the traditional spiritualist currents and more materialistic. In times of consecration and in times like the present, of secularization. Even in our personal life, between moments of confidence and the moments of defeat. This generates the various repairs of the human being that coincides with the repairs proposed by the Esthet. Within the faith in the immanence is called active activity, mood of asset, pragmatic, and the rebel, which requires only rights. But also the passively passivity be accommodating. tica and socially, this is translated into the various human moods that called Esthet biens and welfare. Biense who does not subordinate herself to her room, do or have, and welfare of those who ordered his being under the mortgage being, having or doing. Many are the symptoms of this welfare diversion.

Body Balancing

Some of the wise man can balance the elements of the body and to act within 45 minutes, and some – for a few seconds. Mudras awaken the cosmic energy, and help unite the consciousness of individual with the Universal Mind. Scientific view of the system is wise. Any living body is composed of 5 distinct elements: water air earth wind and fire A few ancient systems of health based on the notion of balance of these five elements. Indian medical science, according to ayurveda, and metaphysics confirms that distortion or degradation, as well as break the relationship of these 5 elements, create an external disturbance and internal disease in the body. 5 fingers represent the 5 elements: the fingertips of every living being have focused a lot of nerve endings, which are free energy of unloading.

Science also confirms that around each fingertip there is concentration of free electrons. Touching your fingers or fingertips to the palm, the free energy (Prana) is redirected back into the body on these channels, controlled by the brain. Diverted energy going through the nerves, stimulates the various channels chakra. Such as hand position on her knees stimulates Gupta Nadi and awakens the Muladhara Chakra. Fingers of each person are different on their shapes and sizes. Therefore, they provide a different "end strength" to the nerves. Nature has given us the tools to be used in order to be healthy. However, each person plays in these tools differently, and therefore the effect of the wise will be different.