Fashion Trends

Summer is not over, and fashionista already hard at studying fashion trends autumn / winter season to meet him armed with. Fashionable autumn-winter 2010-2011 a combination of elegance and sophistication, audacity and eccentricity, and same courage military style. In the mode dominated by suits. Trouser suits or with skirts of varying length, with straight or short-cut jackets. Survived the fashion for asymmetry. Armhole on one shoulder, is particularly relevant in models of evening dresses. Fashion designers added volume of the models and at the same time, do not forget to emphasize the waist.

In the fashion arm-lanterns, skirts badlony, extended shoulders and wide ruffles, dresses, fitted silhouette and double-breasted jackets. Color gamma upcoming autumn / winter season will be presented in two directions: a palette of traditional colors and practical addition to this riot of bright colors. The most fashionable colors this season are: classic black, all shades of gray, brown, olive. And also quite different in mood: blue, cornflower, quite a bit of pink, bright red, orange. Return all sorts of "animals" color: leopard, tiger, zebra.

And do not forget to mention the absolute favorite of autumn-winter knitwear. Products are made in black and white color scheme, as well as in the gray, gray-blue tones. In a fashion as bulk sweaters, which can be worn with pants, and independently as a dress. And emphasizing the figure as a "second skin" knit coveralls. The absolute trend this season jerseys adorned with jacquard pattern.


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