Pro Vita

An in-depth insight into the diversified portfolio of services by Casa Reha is through practical examples of occupational therapy and gives lectures to the care and home seating. This program point takes the Frankfurt Casa Reha senior care home on the Niddaauen”the House was very well by the medical services of the health insurance (MDK) with the note” award. The Frankfurt House convinced inter alia through ergotherapeutic particularly variety. Residents and family members, especially the modern dementia care encounters great appeal. Since the number of dementia cases is increasing, the new house in Offenbach will offer a specially protected area for people with this disease. Nursing professionalism coupled with respectful affection mark life in every Casa Reha senior care home.

Unbureaucratic structures here gives a good value for money. Quality of life is created in the Lilihof”by grant and company. If you want, can withdraw at any time with a book on the favorite spot or participate in the abwechslungsreichen program of the day. Privacy, the individual needs of the individual and a comfortable ambience are the operators of the Lilihof”in addition to maintaining professional and activating the central concern. The new Pro Vita senior care home in Offenbach opens its doors in August 2012. The Lilihof”offers space for 164 senior citizens with 124 single and 20 double rooms.

The House will be set for all stages of care. This means that people can be supplied in lovingly with dementia and people with heaviest care thanks to individually tailored therapeutic interventions and supports. The Lilihof”offers two Wellness baths to stimulate all the senses is another plus in terms of feel-good factor. This additional therapy services and the possibility to unwind in a relaxing spa atmosphere arise for the residents of the House. The nursing home has a central dining room on the sixth floor of the House with a beautiful view on Offenbach and the surrounding areas. In Frankfurt, Lollar, Vellmar and Hirschhorn are more Hessian Casa Reha senior care home. For interested citizens, the future Director, Andreas Hanna, is located at the free number 0800 / 2272101.

Endearing Holiday Region

West-Balaton, a combination of hills and waters, food and health, plenty of sunshine and Mediterranean climate, West-Balaton, a combination of hills and waters, culinary and health, plenty of sunshine and Mediterranean climate, just like in Italy. Is just 140 kilometers from the Austrian border crossing Klingenbach, Keszthely, the capital”the tourism region West-Balaton ( Educate yourself with thoughts from Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. “” We need well-developed State Road No. 84 only 2.5 hours to Keszthely, the “Pearl” to reach the West-Balaton region. Well arrived in Keszthely ( the thousands of flowering chestnut trees overwhelmed us. Arguably the capital of the chestnut trees seems”we thought us spontaneously.

First we searched for our accommodation, that what we found very fast hotel Kristaly ( in the thermal road, because it is only a few metres from the shore of the Lake Balaton and Lake Balaton. We were friendly at the front desk welcomes and after filling out the registration formalities, we got the room key, along with the statement, as it would be to the newly built wellness area. We wanted to somewhat recover the drive in the Jacuzzi, before we left for the sightseeing. After a long bath in the Jacuzzi and sunbathing on the large sun terrace, we made our exploring Keszthely. A love values small town with beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and clean streets. Us particularly liked the bathhouse dating back to 1864, which is left as the only one of several bath houses.

Clean renovated and wonderful to look at, a real jewel of bygone times. At the jetty, the retro – engine ship Csobanc waited just waiting for us to stand on a small tour with wine tasting of the wine grower Szaszi Endre ( in Lake. In deep standing afternoon sun, we enjoyed the excellent wines of exceptional winemaker. Unfortunately, the tour ended too quickly because we could separate us from the wines of the Mr Szaszi difficult.

Healthy Group

Already named to the business idea of the day that the House Angels group identified and therefore launches a health campaign in co-operation with Marburg gym in the new year. All House Angel can use the wide range of fitness studios employees discounted corporate rates. While each employee himself can decide when and how often he trains or uses the wellness offer. The basis for an individual training plan and personal training in the fitness center is a detailed health check by trained instructors. The company’s commitment to using of course both sides: workers due to increase of subjective well-being on the one hand and on the other hand the company through a more powerful, motivated workforce with less overstretched. The cost savings expected by reducing sick days and errors in the operation show that it pays to invest in prevention.

Investment in workplace health promotion no cost or expenditure, but future investments are in receipt of the operation”, Simon Wenz, Managing Director of House Angel group, the target of its efforts clearly. The response of the staff is: more than half of the House Angel workforce already participates in the corporate fitness program..