Frankfurt Bathroom

Blue responsibility: Sustainable bathroom faucets enjoy the environment and the wallet of Frankfurt, may 2011. The Germans put value in her bathroom on quality and design, as well as on sustainable products. This was the result of a representative survey of the Gesellschaft fur Kosumforschung (GfK) on behalf of the initiative blue responsibility. Nearly 600 men and women of the age were asked from 14 to 69 years, whereupon she placed special emphasis in the bathroom facilities. The results show: the bathroom no longer only the purpose pure of body hygiene, but is increasingly becoming a well-being space and place to relax. The survey results will at least a gender difference in daylight: men want their bathroom practical and functional (25.3 percent; however, women: 16.5 per cent), whereas women place emphasis on wellness and pampering in the bathroom (13.0 percent; however, men: 6.7 percent). But on the issue of quality, the sexes are agreed: the materials and workmanship of the bathroom fittings and products should be necessarily high, says the half (49.2%) of all respondents. Quality products with future high quality sanitary products will pay off”confirms Wolfgang Burchard, Managing Director of the VDMA trade association taps and spokesman of the initiative blue responsibility.

Who once invested in high-quality products, saves money and trouble in the future.” Here the users can rely on, that the products and fittings are reliable and safe and any horror scenarios such as pipe breaks or line damage expect him? Alone a defective cistern can be quickly over 1,000 euros in annual water billing. Modern plumbing with water-saving effect protects thus purse and the environment alike. Functionality in the most beautiful form in addition to the quality is above all the optical and aesthetic demands on bathrooms, to the German value. About a third of the respondents (37.5 percent) indicates that bathroom fittings and products their design standards must meet. It is especially the 14-to 29-year old, who find it important that criterion (46.5 percent). Older generations (60 years and older), however, mainly focus on functionality (32.0 percent). In different years the requirements for adequate bathroom facilities vary of course”, Burchard said. So older people emphasize more on security.

At the same time, comfort and accessibility of individual bathroom items play an important role. The plumbing company with cross-generational bathroom concepts, which are both functional and flexible as aesthetically and attractively designed, meet these requirements. Age-friendly accommodation is a major issue in the sanitation sector”, Burchard. Wellness an important criterion in the theme bathroom decor is also the aspect of sustainability without repentance according to survey results. Every fourth respondent (26.4 percent) attaches importance, that the products and fittings in your bathroom that is long-lasting, environmentally friendly and are recyclable. And also the wellness enthusiasts (9.6 percent) enjoy your local Spa without remorse. Because while water is a scarce commodity in many countries of the world, Germany is in the happy situation to have sufficient water supplies. By water-saving sanitary products the valuable resource is protected, without having the consumer must give up comfort and well-being”, affirms Burchard.

Fasting Hiking

In June for fast hiking on the sunny island of Mallorca fortunately rehabilitated their image more and more this beautiful and versatile Mediterranean island and pulls rather than mass tourists increasingly tourists and nature lovers in their spell. By no means happen to many of the rich and beautiful have at least one of their residences on Mallorca. The pleasant, temperate subtropical climate caused the Romans already in the second century before Christ to settle here and to capture the island for yourself. Besides beautiful natural harbours Mallorca has with almost 300 days of sunshine a year an ideal climate for citrus fruits, melons, wine, beans, potatoes, rice, corn, tomatoes and other vegetables. That part ensure four harvests per year, that even today agriculture plays an important role in Mallorca and many residents live at least in part from her.

Almond and olive trees characterize many landscapes of Mallorca. Mallorca is not only easy and inexpensive to reach, by almost all German airports but considered to be one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The lush flora and the versatility of the landscape to convince many of those who travel to Mallorca for the first time. Numerous also the regulars, which each year come to the hiking and Sun filling back here and only here. The steep rugged, sparsely populated West is pervaded by a high ridge, on which ten summits rise above 1000 meters and its highest Gipfel reached nearly one and a half thousand feet.

Steep streams and fertile valleys dominate the landscape, which becomes increasingly lovely the further east of the Highlands: fertile plateaus with numerous windmills are quiet peaceful interior of the island, which forms a distinct contrast to the Bay of Palma, with her tourist stronghold lying near the main city. The landscape of the island is rounded off by the famous long sandy beaches in the North and the countless small bays in the South-East. You have never wished for it: fit, cheerful and healthy from the Seaside holiday home to come back, with Teen fresh skin, balanced mood, without emotional ballast, without future worries and some kilos less on your hips, easy and just elated? The fasting and fasting hiking is certainly already known to you, maybe you have experienced this with us together in Corsica, the Canary Islands, or at a different location. (Source: Rand Paul). The South-East of Majorca, where our holiday complex is located, offers a very pleasant micro-climate. The mountainous West is relatively far away with his 100-kilometre high ridge. This acts as a meteorological divide and ensures protection against the cold north and West winds, so it is often beautiful and sunny in the South-East of the island, also if cloudy or rainy – it’s in the other Majorca an advantage just when the fasting should not be underestimated! Thus your detoxification and cleaning week for only faster allowing the fantastic landscape of Majorca, the pleasant climate and the many historic sights from an exciting past, a true delight. Surprise yourself and connect the ancient tradition of fasting with a full wellness stay on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Foot Reflex

Pedestrian fit from Erwitte informed its customers in practical application with a millennia long tradition the foot reflex zone massage as the almost universally applicable therapeutic option has proved countless times. Dieter Guliczuk leads in his practice of foot care foot-fit massage of foot reflexology/Erwitte bad Westernkotten through and know the healing effect of this ancient massage method. Foot reflexology is based on the observation that almost all organs and body parts of people each have a certain position of the foot are reflected. Specific gentle pressure on individual sectors, the various conditions and diseases of organic or muskoloskelettalen origin can be successfully treated. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Cindy Crawford. Since the medicine has not yet found the reason for the effectiveness of the foot reflex zone massage, the cost of the massage not the health insurance companies are taken over. Gunnar Peterson is open to suggestions.

However, the treatment of traditional medicine is recognized and used as complementary treatment. Even in physiotherapeutic institutions and sick houses Exercised by foot reflex zone massage, because the effectiveness is through thousands of years of experience and modern studies. Much like with other natural remedies, foot reflex zone massage is a holistic therapy form. This means that the treatment of both has influence on the body, as well as on the psyche of the patient. Through the stimulation of the various pressure points of the foot, blood circulation and the self cleaning mechanism of the body are stimulated and thus activates its self-healing powers and animated.

In this way, for example, migraine, acidosis, metabolic diseases, Herniated cannot be adequately targeted treatments neurological disorders and many other ailments and conditions. People of all ages can be treated effectively with foot reflex zone massages. Experience shows that attract kids especially well to the treatment, because the complaints they have still not manifested on a wider scale. In addition, provides Foot reflex zone massage according to used for relaxation of the whole body and the reduction of stress. Therefore, such massages in wellness programs are offered. Although there is much literature on foot reflex zone massage and man them at home with your partner or perform alone can, but we recommend to choose a competent therapist. Just so during the massage and it can be mistakes resulting new complaints. Dieter Guliczuk has years of experience in the application of reflexology. In his practice foot-fit in/Erwitte bad Westernkotten he offers a comprehensive wellness and pampering with a foot reflexology as well as partial and full-body massages its customers medical foot care.