Vlad Rutus Life

From bored man turns to drugs, alcohol, tobacco. It provokes overeating, craving for gambling, vandalism, aggression, hostility, violence, risky ventures, etc. Boredom – a disease casualties. Happy ever bored, yet jaded. I bored a feeling that everything is tried and so extreme need – artificial experiments on himself.

Which just weird and desperate ways of entertainment, we do not resort, to give meaning to your life! However, if filled, then the temporary and the price paid twice the devastation begins … We say, 'time stretching'. So there is a painful monotony, and life – is torture, you want to stop as soon as possible. We are able to transfer all, but the senselessness of his existence, and if the internal support, the rod not, with pleasure and haste lean on any external crutch. Entered into any union or a party, we shall follow the recommendations of various behavioral, just to get rid of the oppressive feeling of emptiness, coldness, dissatisfaction, even when tired of themselves.

All of our actions meaningless, all in vain, if only care about themselves. We live with the biblical serpent in his heart, fully immersed in their selfishness. And we are not afraid of it! Because there is nothing to compare! We do not want to get rid of selfishness, because are used to – it is our nature. To get rid of, and for what? For what? If for some higher purpose – then of course. If you do not see that goal, well, it is not around – our fate is sad. Boredom – an indicator of spiritual emptiness, and then we can not rejoice. She swallows, and it seems to us that life – it's boring nothingness, and we are not able to navigate it. It's lonely soul, devoid of connection with their own kind. She suffers uncertainty – that's why boredom … Give her a goal – and life to score the key! Knowing your destination – this is a goal! Without this knowledge, we are doomed to boredom. How to stop being bored? That's when she finished off us, Let us feel when, that spoil our lives, deprives the rest when it shows how worthless we live. This is such a hit when all the goals in life are no longer important. But it is a feeling that we do not have anything that is worth living, will become a springboard for a leap! Therefore, the best cure for boredom – to seek the meaning of life, correct their attitude towards others, to find the right connection with people. Sensible idea is a worthy goal, the desire for it, gives strength to live, to hope. It turns out that it is good that there is boredom, emptiness. Just then, the action to the contrary, we will rise above the tedium of life and move from the search target. We start to fight and look for … It was out of boredom – otherwise, why should I care? Vlad Rutus boredom as an indicator of emptiness

State Detox

Lose more than the stone in two weeks, beat cellulite forever and get clearer skin! The detoxification make many promises like this, which may at first sight seem be very tempting, especially when we are trying to lose weight after the holiday season. After everything you eat in excess and excesses at Christmas, there should be no surprises that we find these diets so tempting above all because the promise is that they give us almost immediate weight loss and an almost angelic feeling of superiority over our friends and colleagues. Senator From Kentucky often says this. The pop singer, Kim Wilde, who has just published a video detailing the Detox diet that just came out says: since after this 10 day Detox, I have lost weight and gained energy what really works and that has changed my life completely! Meanwhile, celebrity Carol Vorderman Countdown, has promised a detox that works wonders and makes everything that helps to lose weight, to get rid of cellulite and helps you you feel more energetic. She doesn’t stop there with the promise of getting rid of colds, feels quiet and low blood pressure and cholesterol. It is very convincing. However, many health experts question the State of health of detoxification diets and what can actually be to burn fat fast and that should be enough to establish some of the warning signs. What is the theory behind this? Proponents of Detox Diets say that our bodies are continually overloaded with toxins of pollution, cigarettes, poor diet, alcohol and caffeine. As these toxins build up in our system, a series of threats to health development, including increased weight, cellulite, strong headaches, poor and dull skin, tiredness, low immunity to infections, aches and pains. The detoxification process can help to eliminate these toxins, with the result that you can lose weight, feel considerably more healthy and recovering from health problems.

Wedding Dresses

Wedding – the most important event in every woman's life, so be on the ball – is the main task of the bride. On this day you will remember the long winter evenings, once again looking at wedding photos. For such a momentous celebration is not a sin to buy the most gorgeous dress. Imagine how you will be sorry to see the same wedding dress for brides around the registrar. This is the best day, your day, and no detail should not spoil your mood. buy cheap wedding dress at 777china.com If you are looking for a no-nonsense dress, but at the same time you want to look flashy, then the model will fall from Vera Wang to your taste. Cindy Crawford is a great source of information.

Wedding gowns from Vera prestigious model homes Wang emphasize your femininity and sensuality, and exclusive fabrics and original design costume will testify to an impressive taste of the bride. Wedding dress by Vera Wang model home was converted into a princess bride, from which is not possible to tear off a sight throughout the evening. buy cheap wedding dress at 777china.com Fittings wedding dress in the picture attracted us much more than in reality. Therefore, before decide on the style, it is recommended to try on wedding dresses and have a look at his reflection in the mirror. It is likely that the model that you liked the most, it is not in harmony with the image. The fact that the figures vary depending on the supply of consultants boutique panache that are aware of all the secrets of female beauty. By tradition, the color of dress for a wedding made of crystal white stitching fabric. But Modern designers know that the color does not suit every woman, so in their collections from year to year there are clothes in which there are shades of gray, blue or gold.

Color ivory, or "ivory" relevant in recent times. This is due to the fact that it is perfectly in tune with both light and dark-skinned bride. Dark-skinned bride look spectacular in white and gold dresses, but the color "dark cream," they should beware. As for the wedding dress for blondes, you know: the boiling-white – not yours, because your first priority – not to merge with the dress, but to highlight its advantages. buy cheap wedding dress at 777china.com Materials to be comfortable in a wedding dress at the ceremony, you should pay special attention to the material from which made the dress. Typically, they are sewn from natural fabrics: silk tulle, taffeta, organza, muslin. You should also know that the wedding dresses which combine transparent and opaque fabrics, very elegant look at the celebration, as the dress starts to change color depending on which side you are on light falls. Wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and prom dresses, bridal accessories, handbags, clutches, Handbags, purses, clutch bags. buy cheap wedding dress at 777china.


For those who like the different manifestations of the craft, one of the best choices they can find are the flowers of rubber, as these flowers can take many forms and can be tailored to the tastes that everyone has, in addition be very easy to do if you have the different elements to achieve this type of craft. This type of flowers for materials is made, can be molded with great ease, pudiendoles give a much more real, and that the application of heat will have greater mobility, leading to the details that you wish to add, obtaining form a pretty picture. The flowers of rubber, mainly handle a very simple design, which give way to a major intervention at the time of its formation, which makes them very entertaining to be craft, the trim making a lot of modifications and combinations of colors, shapes, whether any idea that one has in mind for the realization of such flowers can be applied with the addition of details termination of flowers made of rubber. The flowers commonly seen rubber is applied in different ways, because their characteristics allow them to use to decorate various places, since their conditions are allowed to add items that are useful to grasp or adhere to certain surfaces, such act as perfect as ornaments and adding means that make seeing the flowers of rubber like a bouquet or as if in a container, also for its beautiful nature, flowers such as rubber can be a nice touch. In the application of rubber flowers in containers, you have a good example of artificial flowers that give the atmosphere of indoor air full of life and very happy, as to the elements that they can add to the flowers of rubber, is common to find some that have hooks, so that can be used as hair accessories. Here, Cindy Crawford expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For the realization of the flowers of rubber, you must implement the layers of materials such as rubber or foami evaluation, which will be main elements for the formation of the petals of flowers made of rubber. After having the sheets of rubber, you must use candles or other items that generate heat far enough to give the petal shaped slices. After having made the flower, is good to add barytes wire wrapped in green crepe paper to take the stem of the flower that is the place where you could add the way, acting as a support for it. To collect all the different parts of the flower paste should have some type of glue to attach either the parties and not later flower rubber disarmament. To add finishing touches and detail can be done using scissors and rubber have flowers more complete.


Ppolny list of documents required for submission to the tax office to register Inc.: Statement of the Charter, the solution (protocol) Acceptance Transfer of property (or a certificate from the bank account opening) Warranty Letter Receipt of payment of state tax registration llc starts with finding a legal address, where there will be future of the company. It can be both residential and non-residential real estate. If you select a residential property, it may be only registration address of the Founder. If you select a non-residential property, then the owner you need to take a commitment letter and a copy of a certificate of ownership. In the letter of guarantee owner guarantees the lease of the premises after the state registration of your company. The next stage – it is payment of the authorized capital of ooo. Paid-in capital may be paid in cash or property.

If you pay the share capital asset, then you must provide receipts and prepare an act of property-transfer into the authorized capital. Equity capital can be paid at 50%, with a guarantee that it will be up made up to 100% during the year. Continue to develop the founding document – the Charter. If the founder of a charter to make a decision on the establishment of parent company. If the founders of two or more, then instead of solutions to the protocol the founders' meeting. The last step is to submit an application form P11001, payment of state duty. A very important point for the further success of your company – is the choice of the tax system. Without hesitation CEO Ford Motor Co. explained all about the problem.

Not all firms beneficial to work with the vat (most of this tax is paid by firms engaged in wholesale trade or manufacturing, as well as construction). Alternative to the common system of taxation (VAT) – a simplified system. Statement the application of the simplified taxation system must be submitted within 5 days after the registration of a company in the tax office. If you do not submit this statement, the company automatically on the common system of vat. The exception is firms that are further subject to imputed tax. It's retail, consumer services, repairs and finishing houses for people, catering and rentals.

Black Sea

At the end of our definition of life that the word "specific". What is the specific structure? From generation to generation organisms reproduce the characteristic of the species to which they belong, orderliness. Perhaps check out Rand Paul for more information. This is done wasps almost absolute precision. E. Schrodinger in his book "What is life from the perspective of physics?" (1944) suggested that organisms "Remove the ordering of the environment, they feed on someone else's order.

Alas, this is not so simple. Schrodinger put it is not entirely accurate. Here's an example: a wolf eats a rabbit. He does not need any bodies hare, nor any of its fabric or its proteins and nucleic acids – all that is specific to the structure of the "hare", "hare's order." All this is in the stomach and intestines wolf turns into a mixture of low molecular weight organic substances – amino acids, carbohydrates, nucleotides, etc., are common to all wildlife, non-specific. Some of them are wolf organism oxidized to carbon dioxide and water to, spending for energy, to build out its remaining non-specific substances, ordered structure in a specific way "wolf" – their proteins, their cells and tissues. Feed the beast with a mixture of amino acids, synthesized a chemist, and will be the same. Perhaps you can give just one example, when the body "Feeds on other people's order." Some ciliary planarian worms live in colonies kischechnopolostnyh – hydroid polyps, eating them. In polyps have a good defense, although not effective against the planarian – stinging cells. Since the action of their well-known people, burning tentacles of Black Sea jellyfish-kornerota.

LYSI Icelandic Producer

LYSI, Icelandic word meaning fish oil whose consumption in Iceland is a strong tradition for decades. Since its founding in 1938 with the cod liver oil production, has been incorporating the most modern technology available in every moment, following the guidelines in the investigation of new consumption habits. With laboratories at the own factory + its Department of research and development, we pack our products in a clean atmosphere with absolute respect for sustainability and the environment. Our OMEGA 3 with different ratios in fatty acids EPA and DHA, essential for different nutritional needs, articulate, cardio, central nervous system, visual health, benefits in vital functions, immune system, etc. OMEGA-3 is also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. In blister packs, conveniently dosed and supplemented with vitamins and minerals, very well balanced in its composition and suitable for the entire family and active maintenance for athletes and people of all ages and condition..

Lower Belly

There are many errors that we commit when we want to undo of that accumulated fat in our waist and stomach. He is something that we considered very difficult because in the majority of the cases, we realised exercises that do not help us. First of all, to lower belly of a fast form, we must try not to select to those exercises focused in the abdomen but those that offer a reaction us that shoots the metabolism and that is developed an action prolonged in the organism, even after the normal session of exercises. Us it serves to us much as realising short repetitions and in great amount. I say them by experience. Aid a little to strengthen abdominal muscles, but will not make us have those cuadritos so wished or those smooth muscles of the models.

There are specific exercises that yes help to obtain an action prolonged in abdominal muscles and the accumulated fat. The cardiovascular exercises will take long time to us and are debilitating, besides boring. A flat stomach requires one more a more intelligent selection of the ejercicicios together with a special diet. All the foods that we really see in the market do not help us because, although they say that they are ” light” , they contain detrimental ingredients that rather they contribute to gain fat. Many products that we found in the supermarket and that they announce to be dietetic, contain sugars substitutes and starches that make us absorb fat.

Those products with integral grains contain very little of these and much more of other ingredients that are not necessarily ” light”. As much the diets to become thin as the exercises must be complemented to forge a common but effective aim. In relation to foods, preferably to do them in house, with natural ingredients, without frying, to the plate or the furnace and that stimulate the natural fat burning fire. The olive oil is the indicated one for majority of the cases that is required to realise a food with fried or semifried foods.

Anti Cancer Diet

Folk and medical treatment for cancer, and benign tumors: uterine fibroids, cysts, mastitis, an adenoma, it is better to combine with anticancer, anti-cancer diet. Visit Jim Hackett for more clarity on the issue. If you strictly adhere to it, then you can do without other medications. Documented many cases where people defeated cancer by changing their eating habits. Strange but true – the food can be a cure in some cases, food is medicine? On our website Traditional methods, means, methods of treatment discussed various options for food, which helped people get rid of the cancer and, incidentally, cured of other diseases. y Espensen: the source for more info. Based on these recommendations on diet developed diet that is healthier and relieve any person from many diseases.

In addition to treating tumors and cancer, will go the extra pounds, the vessels will be cleared of cholesterol and become stronger, better heart function, will be hypertension, the body will be filled with a healthy creative energy, improve skin condition. You can follow this diet for very long, depending on the severity of the disease until a cure or desired weight. Terms range from 10 to 50 days, in severe cases to three months. You can eat 4-8 times a day, restrictions on the amount of food either. This diet will be helpful and healthy, especially for those who are part of the risk of cancer disease – to increase efficiency, improve health, prevent disease, especially cancer and cardiovascular. This anticancer diet comes from the fact that all the energy in the human body is divided into Yin and Yang.

And all the foods that carry this organism are divided into Yin and Yang. Depending on the kind of energy prevails, the person develops certain diseases. Yang foods are very few. So now the predominant diseases caused by an excess of Yin and Yang deficiency. Diseases of Yin – is: enlargement of the liver, joints, heart, kidneys, plus tissue (tumor: fibroids, polyps, cysts, papilloma, cancer, obesity, ulcers). Eating only Yang foods, we can normalize the condition of the body and for 20-50 days to cure almost all of these diseases

Morsch Stefan

The typing is free of charge for all donors, but donations are accepted gladly for the financing of the blood tests as any blood analysis at least 50 euros. The current schedule for the typing actions of the Stefan Morsch Foundation can be found on the website. In addition there is to register the opportunity via the website of online. About the online registration “button on the home page you can is starting a inform, fill out the consent form, and to a collection set to send either a small blood sample or a swab of the oral mucosa. In the Pack, the appropriate material is to his GP to remove a blood sample or cheek swab to perform. This packet is then sent back to the Stefan Morsch Foundation. Facts and figures for the Stefan Morsch Foundation of the first German donor file were registered last year a record number of potential lifesavers: almost 23 000 people have can be 2012 by the staff of the Stefan Morsch Foundation type. This means that they have agreed to do so, to give a chance to cure a person suffering from leukemia with a registry in the event of an emergency.

At the same time, also a new record for the number of people was achieved, indeed for their genetic twins”could donate. Almost 600 donors were lifesavers. The Stefan Morsch Foundation based in Birkenfeld (Rhineland-Palatinate) is the oldest Stammzellspenderdatei in Germany. Under the motto “Hope help heal” the Foundation provides for more than 25 years help leukemia and tumor patients. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote, as unrelated to register people. “So teams of the Foundation in all over Germany are almost daily, to so-called typing actions” over the issue of rising inform. 270 Typing actions have been organized so nationwide. “Emil Morsch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation: we are human beings at the Centre, need the help.