Anti Cancer Diet

Folk and medical treatment for cancer, and benign tumors: uterine fibroids, cysts, mastitis, an adenoma, it is better to combine with anticancer, anti-cancer diet. Visit Jim Hackett for more clarity on the issue. If you strictly adhere to it, then you can do without other medications. Documented many cases where people defeated cancer by changing their eating habits. Strange but true – the food can be a cure in some cases, food is medicine? On our website Traditional methods, means, methods of treatment discussed various options for food, which helped people get rid of the cancer and, incidentally, cured of other diseases. y Espensen: the source for more info. Based on these recommendations on diet developed diet that is healthier and relieve any person from many diseases.

In addition to treating tumors and cancer, will go the extra pounds, the vessels will be cleared of cholesterol and become stronger, better heart function, will be hypertension, the body will be filled with a healthy creative energy, improve skin condition. You can follow this diet for very long, depending on the severity of the disease until a cure or desired weight. Terms range from 10 to 50 days, in severe cases to three months. You can eat 4-8 times a day, restrictions on the amount of food either. This diet will be helpful and healthy, especially for those who are part of the risk of cancer disease – to increase efficiency, improve health, prevent disease, especially cancer and cardiovascular. This anticancer diet comes from the fact that all the energy in the human body is divided into Yin and Yang.

And all the foods that carry this organism are divided into Yin and Yang. Depending on the kind of energy prevails, the person develops certain diseases. Yang foods are very few. So now the predominant diseases caused by an excess of Yin and Yang deficiency. Diseases of Yin – is: enlargement of the liver, joints, heart, kidneys, plus tissue (tumor: fibroids, polyps, cysts, papilloma, cancer, obesity, ulcers). Eating only Yang foods, we can normalize the condition of the body and for 20-50 days to cure almost all of these diseases