For those who like the different manifestations of the craft, one of the best choices they can find are the flowers of rubber, as these flowers can take many forms and can be tailored to the tastes that everyone has, in addition be very easy to do if you have the different elements to achieve this type of craft. This type of flowers for materials is made, can be molded with great ease, pudiendoles give a much more real, and that the application of heat will have greater mobility, leading to the details that you wish to add, obtaining form a pretty picture. The flowers of rubber, mainly handle a very simple design, which give way to a major intervention at the time of its formation, which makes them very entertaining to be craft, the trim making a lot of modifications and combinations of colors, shapes, whether any idea that one has in mind for the realization of such flowers can be applied with the addition of details termination of flowers made of rubber. The flowers commonly seen rubber is applied in different ways, because their characteristics allow them to use to decorate various places, since their conditions are allowed to add items that are useful to grasp or adhere to certain surfaces, such act as perfect as ornaments and adding means that make seeing the flowers of rubber like a bouquet or as if in a container, also for its beautiful nature, flowers such as rubber can be a nice touch. In the application of rubber flowers in containers, you have a good example of artificial flowers that give the atmosphere of indoor air full of life and very happy, as to the elements that they can add to the flowers of rubber, is common to find some that have hooks, so that can be used as hair accessories. Here, Cindy Crawford expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For the realization of the flowers of rubber, you must implement the layers of materials such as rubber or foami evaluation, which will be main elements for the formation of the petals of flowers made of rubber. After having the sheets of rubber, you must use candles or other items that generate heat far enough to give the petal shaped slices. After having made the flower, is good to add barytes wire wrapped in green crepe paper to take the stem of the flower that is the place where you could add the way, acting as a support for it. To collect all the different parts of the flower paste should have some type of glue to attach either the parties and not later flower rubber disarmament. To add finishing touches and detail can be done using scissors and rubber have flowers more complete.