GmbH Managing Director Days In Cologne, Dusseldorf And Bonn

Note: Three appointments for heads of the GmbH in 2011 are the dates for the coming year: 2011, business magazine gmbhchef back held GmbH Managing Director day in three cities: on May 5, 2011 in Cologne, Germany, on June 28 in Dusseldorf and on the 5th of July in Bonn. For six years there is the GmbH-Managing Director-days-growing popularity. The reason for this is the successful mix of the varied placement of hard factual knowledge around the management of a limited liability company and contact possibilities at the accompanying trade fair. Last year, an average of 200 GmbH Managing Director attend the three days of the event. Also in the next you for GmbH Managing Director of increasingly important legal and tax issues in the focus, but also financing and management issues are not to be neglected, the promise of the organizers. Seven impulse lectures and four workshops, the participants will receive an overview of new and important GmbH subjects, knowledge of which every GmbH Managing Director should. The aim of the event is above all the regional networking and strengthening of the GmbH middle class in the region. Therefore, the accompanying trade fair offers the possibility offers from the region specifically for GmbH Managing Director to find out about visitors. Networking sufficient time the participants, to hold in-depth discussions with the speakers, as well as to be able to make each other new and interesting business contacts in the breaks, as well as in the aftermath of the events.