LYSI Icelandic Producer

LYSI, Icelandic word meaning fish oil whose consumption in Iceland is a strong tradition for decades. Since its founding in 1938 with the cod liver oil production, has been incorporating the most modern technology available in every moment, following the guidelines in the investigation of new consumption habits. With laboratories at the own factory + its Department of research and development, we pack our products in a clean atmosphere with absolute respect for sustainability and the environment. Our OMEGA 3 with different ratios in fatty acids EPA and DHA, essential for different nutritional needs, articulate, cardio, central nervous system, visual health, benefits in vital functions, immune system, etc. OMEGA-3 is also a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. In blister packs, conveniently dosed and supplemented with vitamins and minerals, very well balanced in its composition and suitable for the entire family and active maintenance for athletes and people of all ages and condition..