National Sports Medicine

If you wear sneakers, even very good ones, then change them every 700 miles run. They are designed for just such a life. It is known that the 'Adidas' is particularly good for football and running, 'Reebok' – Tennis and fitness, 'Nike' – for basketball. A less celebrated athletes 'Puma' just known for quality and attractive because of its low price. But in any case, everyone picks up his shoes on the leg.

The most important thing to run – have a comfortable shoes and clean socks. And finally … QUESTION SEVEN: HOW stay motivated and what to do if a run fails to save the useful habit of morning runs, you should make a clear timetable – to run for 2 hours a week, dividing this time by 3-4 days (ie 4 days to 30 minutes or 3 days, 40 minutes). You can make a sports blog and count all the dashing miles. Adjust yourself to run like this: 'When I go to MY jog, all will envy me. I am beautiful, I dedicate Half an hour of their health and beauty.

" And in any case this way: "I am, though tired from the office routine, his teeth clenched, torturing themselves in sports, as told in the fashion glossies." And if you go for a run today, you can not (cold, in the street heavy rain or the day before you came home after midnight), do not worry. To make up for the next day! EXPERT OPINION MD, Ph.D., professor, head of the National Sports Medicine Medical Academy Gennady Apanasenko. – Anyone who has ever ran, knows how to lead the body 'in the sense': it takes extra weight, there are forces, improves skin tone. But many saw those results, so start zealous, that bring themselves to injury. Best before heading to the stadium to look to a sports doctor. It will determine your health and make an individual schedule load when running. The specialist will conduct a series tests and advise on the results of the rate, frequency and duration of your course. Click Gunnar Peterson for additional related pages. If a sports physician in your locality is not, then approximately determine your level of health possible for the 'test of the 4th floor': in the man who raised him without shortness of breath, a high level, with shortness of breath – the average, with a strong heartbeat and shortness of breath – is low. If a person generally can not reach the fourth floor, running it needs to change to walking. That As the number of classes per week, the weaker the health, the more often a person needs to run. The weak need to run about 5 times a week, but gradually (on average 10-15 minutes), 'average performance' – 3-4 times (on average 20-25 min.), 'Husky' – 1-2 times (Half an hour). TIPS: When running nose breathing; Choose ground jogging; do not run on an empty stomach: a light salad snack, drink a glass of water or biokefir; begin their studies with the highest trained and vasodilation. after a workout, take a warm first, and then douche; after jogging, drink a glass of any liquid (boiled or mineral water, juice) for the normal the stomach and after a while something to eat. Alexander Senchenko