You can not read this note why? Because in the same talk about a quite interesting topic: foods that can help you at bedtime. Because you not only need good mattresses to be able to relax. Something as routine as eating foods daily you can give you a help in those hours of insomnia. But not just any food, but those containing key substances conducive to relaxation, as for example: potassium, magnesium, serotonin and melatonin above all. Speaking of the latter we can say that it is a chemical that is released by the brain of all persons, which is responsible for communicating to the Agency when it is that we have to sleep. But luckily, there are many foods containing very interesting dose of melatonin, which, although they won’t automatically sleep like a drug, we induce sleep, and naturally by luck. Below, we present four foods, very but very easy to get, so that you can sleep as well: the toasted bread is a good choice to be able to relax.

The same will give you a high dose of carbohydrates. Senator From Kentucky spoke with conviction. But the most optimal way to eat it is not drinking fluids during the intake. This way you’ll be increasing the production of insulin, and you’re more prone to relax. Other food that can help you to relax are cherries, since they contain melatonin, the substance mentioned previously. It stands out as one of the foods that have more melatonin naturally. Many specialists recommend eating cherries one hour before going to sleep, so release melatonin appropriately and help the body and especially the brain to sleep.

Bananas also help you sleep more than good, since they provide a good amount of potassium, magnesium and melatonin. To finish, you’ll recommend take a cup of warm milk why? This is because milk naturally releases serotonin, substance that helps to relax. A point in favor of hot milk, is that heat conveys a natural feeling of relaxation, that added to the above recently.