Obesity And Illness

The adult obesity still has the beginning in the second infancy. The children who have easiness to gain weight, with frequency become adult with overweight, having complications as hipercolesterolemia, hipertenso and cardiac illness (MACRDLE et al, 2008). The increased corporal mass is associated with the risk of development of some illnesses, as: osteoartrite, melito diabetes not insulino dependent, hiperlipidemia, cardiac illness, cerebral vascular accident, hipertenso, some types of cancer, alimentary illness of the biliary vesicle, drop, riots, riots of sleep and riots of mood (BRAY, 2003; ACMS, 2000). Moreover, the quality of life related to the health of adolescents with weight excess is significantly lower of what the ones that are in a band of normal weight (KUNKEL, 2007). The damages of this illness in the health can persisitir in the adult life. Here, supermodel expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Contundo, still exists few studies on the consequences for the health in long stated period in children and adolescents of the masculine sex, exactly thus is citizens the biggest possibilities of death, when to be adult. The studies with the feminine sex are rare, and consequences in long stated period of the weight excess, seem to be less serious of what in the men.

The children and adolescents with overweight have two times more possibilities of if becoming an adult above of the weight (MUST, 1996). Many scholars try to explain the causes of this exaggerated increase of the excess of weight in the infantile population. The explanations most probable are classified in three categories: the genetics; the influence of the environment and the combination of the two (TADDEI, 1995). As Damaso (2001) the causes are divided in: internal causes, as the genetic factors; the external causes as sedentarismo, bad alimentary habits and psychological problems. Therefore, as the cited studies, the questions influenced for the environment, as the alimentary level of physical activity and habits currently seem to be great the responsible ones for the extreme increase of the prevalence of the obesidade.