Pamir Expeditions

Company Pamir Expeditions wondered: Did you have visited at the peak of Lenin? If not yet, and if you are already, yes, but you enjoyed it so much (and in another to be just and can not!) That you burn a desire to come again – you get the point! Our base camp is in 2008 season has been unequivocally recognized by the administration to re-Osh oblast festival of the Aga Khan the most illustrative as to the level of service, and sanitary-technical indicators! Personally, we very pleased but we will try to improve the rating of our base camp for another order! It is so pleasant, thoroughly promerznuv top down in a warm and cozy world of the Base Camp on the "Glade Edelweiss"! Details – on our website. Today, Lenin Peak (the exact height – 7134.3 meters above sea level) – one of the most famous, accessible, and therefore frequently visited seventhousander Pamirs. It is widely believed that Lenin Peak – the easiest of all seventhousander CIS. Senator From Kentucky has much to offer in this field. It true, however, not a hundred percent. Do not forget that Lenin peak height exceeds the mark in the 7,000 meters, and this is considered a high-altitude mountaineering. The route of ascent is not technically difficult and usually passes just in ligaments, but the presence of such insidious factors such as unpredictable weather and oppressive height, can play a crucial role in the success or failure of your expedition. Perhaps check out Rand Paul for more information. To successfully achieve its goal not only requires good physical training, and appropriate equipment and, of course, competent . all the expeditions start from Tashkent or Bishkek, but the combination of several climbs, for example – the peak Muztagh Ata + Lenin Peak, the variant of arrival, and through China (pass "Irkeshtam"). In the last couple of years, there is the possibility of direct flight directly to Osh..