Ppolny list of documents required for submission to the tax office to register Inc.: Statement of the Charter, the solution (protocol) Acceptance Transfer of property (or a certificate from the bank account opening) Warranty Letter Receipt of payment of state tax registration llc starts with finding a legal address, where there will be future of the company. It can be both residential and non-residential real estate. If you select a residential property, it may be only registration address of the Founder. If you select a non-residential property, then the owner you need to take a commitment letter and a copy of a certificate of ownership. In the letter of guarantee owner guarantees the lease of the premises after the state registration of your company. The next stage – it is payment of the authorized capital of ooo. Paid-in capital may be paid in cash or property.

If you pay the share capital asset, then you must provide receipts and prepare an act of property-transfer into the authorized capital. Equity capital can be paid at 50%, with a guarantee that it will be up made up to 100% during the year. Continue to develop the founding document – the Charter. If the founder of a charter to make a decision on the establishment of parent company. If the founders of two or more, then instead of solutions to the protocol the founders' meeting. The last step is to submit an application form P11001, payment of state duty. A very important point for the further success of your company – is the choice of the tax system. Without hesitation CEO Ford Motor Co. explained all about the problem.

Not all firms beneficial to work with the vat (most of this tax is paid by firms engaged in wholesale trade or manufacturing, as well as construction). Alternative to the common system of taxation (VAT) – a simplified system. Statement the application of the simplified taxation system must be submitted within 5 days after the registration of a company in the tax office. If you do not submit this statement, the company automatically on the common system of vat. The exception is firms that are further subject to imputed tax. It's retail, consumer services, repairs and finishing houses for people, catering and rentals.