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Many people think that their instructors or trainers were born with a perfectly carved body and who they have acquired his abilities of innate way. Hopefully! Without going beyond, I began in this world a little by chance and with a level of fitness to regulate. A day I commented husband to him, at that time new fianc2e, who desired to me to point me at some center to learn self-defense, to be able to put in form and knowledge to me how to react and to defend to me before a possible attack. Unexpectedly, my fianc2e commented to me that perhaps he could give a few classes me. ja ja Imagnate my surprise when finding out to me that it was instructor of martial arts and sports of contact but that to me had not commented it before because this fact had caused that some of their potential fianc2ees left been frightened.

First steps Good, to which we went. My sport beginnings were not shining: little coordination, the right force to be able to realise two flexions with the supported knees and next to collapse to me against the ground, without the sufficient confidence in my movements Who it obtains follows it But the saying is certain and follows that it obtains it. My will, hard work, desire to learn, to put in form and the attainment to me of visible results as much physical as emotionally helped me to improve little by little, to want to deepen and to include more disciplines and to arrive where I am. Now I enjoy training and advising to women different ages and levels that wish to take care of themselves and to put their efforts in surpassing day after day. And it is that it does not matter which is your departure point nor the worried thing that you are of I am going to make the ridiculous situation or of I am very greater for these things. The important thing is to have an objective, to visualize it and to advance towards your goal of progressive form. You intention to that lame the notebook of yesterday (you have put where it) and you write what is what you want to improve of your body and your health. And if you know how to do it, ponte hands builds to it! And if still you do not know how nor by where beginning, you do not worry. You will be learning exercises and good habits with me! It is incredible as the sport can ayudarte change so many things: to win in self-esteem, confidence, determination, health and beauty. She is like reinventarte same! Asuncio’n Vine Llorente de Belleza and founder and professional trainer professor maquillaje. Tumundobienestar is one of main the beauty blog vestibule Web with information on health and beauty and blogs on the well-being and the styles of hair.


* It smokes regularly more than five cigarettes per day * Smokes immediately after waking up in the morning * Resists any form of cessation to smoke Effects of the nicotine on the body Are harmful and negative effects of the nicotine on the body such as: * Cancer of lung * Other cancers, including the cancer of the mouth, larynx, esophagus, lung, kidney, bladder, pncreas and uterine cervix * cardiovascular Disease including an increasing risk of apoplexies * Damage of organs for example bladder and kidneys * arterial Tension high * Asthma * Diseases respiratory acute * chronic Bronchitis * Pulmona * Enfisema * pulmonary Disease obstructora chronicle * Osteoporosis the immediate effects on the body that are also dangerous includes: * Increasing heart rate * Reduction in appetite * Nausea and occasional vomiting * high arterial Tension * glucose high levels in the blood * increasing Breathing * Insomnia * increasing Risk of diseases such as colds, influenza and bronchitis * Injuries and the wounds that take but time in curing * Bad breathing and evil breath * stained Teeth and diseases of encias * hediondos Hair and clothes * Levels of hormone low and problems of fertility * low Energy levels What causes the nicotine attachment? The nicotine is the substance in the tobacco that maintains the corrupted smoker. When the smoker inhales the nicotine, he makes the smoker feel well increasing to the launching of the chemical agent of the called brain dopamine. When the nicotine sends the dopamine in its brain, you feel calm and relaxed and thus you continue being employee. Aid for the nicotine attachment Are numerous methods and treatments that you can use if you want to stop to smoke. Since the nicotine addiction is very difficult to leave, the majority of people needs aid in the abandonment. If you feel that you do not have force of will and determination enough to pass it in cold, the conventional or alternative approaches of treatment can be able to help him to do it.