Klaus Rifbjerg

And the media help in strongly with by anyway well-known authors always again tasty made, which are new regional just beginning, but ignored. And just between us: the reading behavior of masses has unfortunately an intelligence threshold below, I still thought years ago, which does not exist. Today, I’m glad that is still read. And if there are wetlands, are interested in the people…” In addition to the publication of unknown authors, cares of Ammelshainer but also to national and international projects that would disappear into oblivion because they no longer understandable although literary and culturally valuable but are for the masses. “Appear in the fifth anniversary included the bilingual edition (German/Persian) of quatrains of the Persian poet Rumi Summit of love”, transmitted by the Iranian Ali Ghazanfari; a collection of poems the Danish literary luminary Klaus Rifbjerg also bilingual (“Knastorre damaged / Strohtrockene poems” (Danish German),) transferring Alfred Kleinert people Lutz, edited by Paul); “” the impressive work scolding for Christianity “, by the archaeologist Dr. Peter W.F. Heller reported mistakes of world religion, which could be proven during his archaeological work or applied for the first time in German novel the life preservers” of Georgian Tengiz Khachapuridze. The Engelsdorfer poetry library was founded only in this year, is now very popular, is to become an East German equivalent of contemporary poetry.

To the Engelsdorfer publishing house exhibits approximately three hundred new releases from all genres, including Hemmanns new fantasy dual-band David snap man”, because the ambitious author despite the so far 14 novel publications can not quite give up writing, even if the daily struggle to survive fully captured him. “The year 2009 is significant in this respect that there will be a breakthrough in the eBook business”, the Publisher declares finally. “That’s why have in the last few months. I invested much time, money and effort for this new business field” For more information, see Tino Hemmann

VIVACON AG – WKN 604891 – Still Interesting

The analysts of the tradersreport would build a first speculative Tradingposition in the shares of VIVACON AG with the WKN 604891 until max 2.00. Real estate shares not just among the Favorites on the stock exchanges. Others who may share this opinion include Cindy Crawford. In recent weeks, many stocks of various real estate companies have suffered extremely. Worry about the rollover of existing loans in the banking led to the wrong exchange losses. Doubts about the future development of the real estate market in Germany is joined to. Block sales were slow, carrier buildings had to be moved because investors wanted to make easy money and countless other pessimistic rumors and speculation caused by the financial crisis.

One of these hard-hit companies was the VIVACON AG. The shares below the 2.00 brand sent a poor coverage in several major newspapers. Celebrity trainer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It has been speculated that the company was bankrupt and the refinancing is more than questionable. Our real estate analysts deal several months with the company and can only object to these rumors. On the contrary, is the company through the heritage building contract with a very high cash flow. This should enable it to be able to complete the credit negotiations as quickly as possible and in favor of VIVACON AG. The company has very good and profitable properties in excellent locations. The large scattering and diversification of real estate portfolio built on risk and high yields.

We see a fundamental fair value of VIVACON AG shares at 3.50 in term of three to six months. The shares have generated several positive technical signals on Wednesday. Under high trading volume, the shares could leave the consolidation area at 1.80. The medium-term downtrend could also be broken. A significance is although still not to be seen, but a start has been made. The 38 days moving average is been breached on a closing basis from bottom to top.

12 Easycash SEPA Round Table:

“The company benefits from SEPA as a whole” Berlin/Ratingen, December 2010. The Status quo and the future of the SEPA process were a company of Ingenico on the agenda of the 12th SEPA round table of the easycash GmbH group. It took place on November 9, 2010 in Berlin. Gerard Hartsink, Chairman of the European Payments Council (EPC), spoke as significant contributors of the SEPA programme about the “roadmap for the single euro payments area”. The backdrop for the presentation and subsequent discussion was the Schlosshotel Grunewald in the Berlin Borough of the same name. The meantime already 12 event of its kind was hosted by easycash CEO Marc Birkner and Ulrich Keppler, Director projects & business integration of Ingenico. SEPA: End date as motivation help Gerard Hartsink harnessed before the invited representatives of the trade and the Paymentbranche a broad thematic arc: from the demands of numerous stakeholders about the status of SEPA implementation to the measures, with which the EPC of the single euro payments area lead to success want the issue was enough. To accelerate the course towards the SEPA, the expert argued for the creation of a binding end date.

While the national implementation bodies of for euro area countries are however required. The EPC can do while the overarching standards, national implementation is still a country-own affair. Hartsink were also from a global perspective to bear in mind that the SEPA initiative is not the only standardization initiative. Also would in other economic zones such as Russia and India are the payment systems renewed and developed new payment and Kartenschemes. Werner Strecker, head high waves, said of payment system and in DB mobility logistics AG, the first draft of the resolution to the SEPA electronic banking did end date in Germany: “the preliminary draft of the Federal Ministry of finance to the top associations in the SEPA end user forum were organized, for the purpose of commentary sent.

Little Adventures

This allows everyone to experience the courts of Hong Kong, without disturbing the residents. “” Our decision for a small number of group participants leaving little footprints “in the neighborhoods”, explains McLane. There are nationals of Hongkongers who make Hong Kong so adorable. Therefore we want to be quiet and considerate.” To set up another reason the Daisann McLanes decision affected, Little Adventures”, are the changes in various districts such as Central, Sheung Wan and Sai Ying Pun. McLane, who has written an award-winning article on preservation and conservation of Hong Kong for the National Geographic Traveler, performs, that it helps to residents and small businesses in Central or Sheung WONG, if you apply this quarter.

“I hope to contribute that the last the international community in the years” incurred, immensely important local movements to the cultural and historic preservation supports,”says Ms McLane. “I find fabulous, it rediscovered the local culture and revived the Hong Kong Youth. If I that run along Gough Street and see the queues of young people waiting to sing in the traditional dai pai dong restaurant to eat Heung Yuen, that makes me happy.” In addition to the exploration programs organized Little Adventures”and orientation programs for expats and executives in Hong Kong. Many of the service providers offer especially for well-off families of emigrants, like finding schools and domestic servants. Little Adventures”shows a wide range of areas, the best places to eat, drink and shopping emigrants and describes Hong Kong’s history, vividly and comprehensibly. The wealthy expatriate is becoming less and less the norm in Hong Kong,”said McLane.

There are more young foreigners, either single or married without children, although with a comfortable, but not luxurious budget to come to Hong Kong. I believe we are witnessing a new wave of immigrants, and we support them not only with the know-to”, but why-to”. The HR departments of companies work like with us, because we help new employees for a good price, to feel at home and in Hong Kong happy.”Little adventures can accompany themselves in his programme by local experts and support E.g. by Janice Leung Hayes, founder of the Hong Kong Iceland East market for organic and local food. “Any of these experts ruled at least English and Cantonese fluently, so that we can reach people of different Nations.” Next plant Little Adventures”the expansion in the New York Borough of Brooklyn. Eat drink Brooklyn”will take over the Hong Kong pattern with its tailor-made programmes and New York City’s authentic food culture in focus. Contact the editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts: businessmatching.hktdc.com

Modern Bank

Last but not least characteristic of the corporate culture in financial institutions are the systemic design and the practical handling of controlling in banks. Quantitative and qualitative control although the Bank internal controlling on the determination of financial ratios which result in a multi-stage breakeven analysis on total Bank as well as at business area level focus. On the pure financial controlling, for example in the framework of the customer relationship management (CRM) or within the framework of product management is also a controlling on the basis of qualitative and soft” Data about the customer satisfaction, the results of which partially included in the valuation of businesses. Risk controlling in banks is devoted to a particular area of the controlling in banks of risk monitoring. Risk control covered risks such as in the form of occurred or expected bad debts in the credit business or Treasury securities. Risk structure analysis of individual divisions of Bank serve as important business decisions as a form of preventive risk controlling, which very much is dictated, regulated in all countries the requirements of supervisory authorities and monitored by.

Conclusion the Bank controlling today includes in addition to the classical controlling of the efficiency control also known as risk control. Both together is called the overall Bank management. While it no longer comes from without appropriate software. Modern Bank controlling linked existing data from the private pool with external data in a data warehouse there, to get advanced views and findings and uses it for sales, product management and others.