Baltic Resort

Baltic Sea emphasizes the identification of employees resort damp with renaming promotes ongoing reorientation of the company location and company name, guests and suppliers for the Baltic Sea resort damp alike”, so Ralf Germer, Managing Director of Baltic Sea resort damp GmbH, formerly damp Touristik GmbH. David Delrahim often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Because nothing will change except the name: the line remains in the hands of Manager Ralf Germer and the Baltic of resort damp GmbH continues HELIOS Hospital Group headquartered in Berlin. The wide range of tourist services for families, best agers, health tourists, wellness – and Conference guests as well as the consistent orientation of the site to the needs of the tourist market in General and innovations related all that reliably continued, just under the Baltic Sea resort damp GmbH. the name change in the Baltic Sea resort damp GmbH is the logical step towards a successful future of the site, and which a new spelling Alignment with the sister hotel Allgau resort”in bad Gronenbach, so Germer. The continuity of the seaside resort damp, coupled with new dynamics, to provide an exceptionally high level of service the guest these values reflected unmistakable in the new name and a new design of brochures, price lists, and the new website from mid-July”, Germer about the successful company and accompanying changes of corporate presence forward. Even before the name change was introduced a new logo and created the basis for a new corporate design.

“In the logo, which reflects the diversity of the Baltic Sea resort damp and the signature HELIOS holidays & health” demonstrates the uniform connectedness of the location damp with tourism and medicine. Across the Baltic Sea of resort damp GmbH with an average of 360,000 overnight visitors per year that is the Baltic Sea of resort damp one of the largest providers of leisure in Schleswig-Holstein. The resort has more than 2,000 beds and offers a spa and sauna area guests and visitors on 4000 square metres as well as a Conference and Congress Centre. Also, a yourself & Sports Center with its own indoor Beach Hall is available for leisure activities as well as various restaurants. The cottage area for a two-digit million range is extensive revitalised since November 2012.

136 Houses are renovated and modernised by October 2013. Also, 71 new holiday homes are created until then. With an investment volume of EUR 13.

Lake Garda

Here, offers of hotels Lake Garda are interesting especially the last minute. If you call us or use our contact form, we make them like a bid for the planned travelling period. Just during the summer holidays, you will find many attractive offers in the hotel Lake Garda. It makes more sense to get a multiple offers before you finally book. Depending on the prices can vary here considerably, the. So it saves money for the tour operator may best you ask directly at the hotels Lake Garda? There are also hotels Garda Lake luxury hotels belonging to the category. You may wish to learn more. If so,

Just these hotels Lake Garda have usually also an own wellness area, whose Leistungen are fully or partially included in the price. Eventually has to be paid Additionally the cosmetic application on-site but there they ask the tour operator best prior to travel or directly at Lake Garda luxury hotel. You think that one with the car, travel to take on Lake Garda? Well that is usually not a problem, because with an approximate journey time of 7-10 hours to be Destination hotels Garda Lake quickly reached and can participate in the holidays. With a leisurely stroll, you can begin your journey and then return to a delicious meal in one of the many hotels in Garda. During their journey she should undertake excursions in the surrounding area, please just ask at the front desk or get it at home, travel literature.

Here, they can then plan what trips would take Lake Garda from of one of the hotels. Many of the hotels Lake Garda offer also organized group excursions in the closer and more distant surroundings. This is a good opportunity to meet fellow travellers and make vacation acquaintances. Perhaps their new friends at one of the hotels of Lake Garda is located and so nothing more in the way is a common dinner on the beach.

Pamir Expeditions

Company Pamir Expeditions wondered: Did you have visited at the peak of Lenin? If not yet, and if you are already, yes, but you enjoyed it so much (and in another to be just and can not!) That you burn a desire to come again – you get the point! Our base camp is in 2008 season has been unequivocally recognized by the administration to re-Osh oblast festival of the Aga Khan the most illustrative as to the level of service, and sanitary-technical indicators! Personally, we very pleased but we will try to improve the rating of our base camp for another order! It is so pleasant, thoroughly promerznuv top down in a warm and cozy world of the Base Camp on the "Glade Edelweiss"! Details – on our website. Today, Lenin Peak (the exact height – 7134.3 meters above sea level) – one of the most famous, accessible, and therefore frequently visited seventhousander Pamirs. It is widely believed that Lenin Peak – the easiest of all seventhousander CIS. Senator From Kentucky has much to offer in this field. It true, however, not a hundred percent. Do not forget that Lenin peak height exceeds the mark in the 7,000 meters, and this is considered a high-altitude mountaineering. The route of ascent is not technically difficult and usually passes just in ligaments, but the presence of such insidious factors such as unpredictable weather and oppressive height, can play a crucial role in the success or failure of your expedition. Perhaps check out Rand Paul for more information. To successfully achieve its goal not only requires good physical training, and appropriate equipment and, of course, competent . all the expeditions start from Tashkent or Bishkek, but the combination of several climbs, for example – the peak Muztagh Ata + Lenin Peak, the variant of arrival, and through China (pass "Irkeshtam"). In the last couple of years, there is the possibility of direct flight directly to Osh..

Healthy Skin

The local water contains nutrients and minerals, perfectly useful for the skin. Kashan Terme is surrounded by picturesque hills of Pisa with a scattering of small medieval towns, storing century history of these places. Gunnar Peterson follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The region also boasts great food and wine. Another world-famous thermal resort is Abano Terme, which stretches into the heart of the Veneto region. Abano Terme – one of the best and oldest thermal spas in Europe, one of the world's largest mud-bath complexes.

Amazing properties of local mud became known outside Italy. The resort is famous its procedures and mud balneotherapy, which constitute an alternative to classical medical methods of treatment, and have virtually no side effects. The procedure consists in the daily mud applied to the body healing thermal mud, consisting of clay, the thermal water and micro algae. Indications for the treatment of local mud a lot, but even a perfectly healthy person feels a tremendous burst of energy after the first procedure and the obvious cosmetic effect. The thermal water of Abano Terme originates in the alpine foothills of environmentally friendly, and seeping through the rock, reaching a depth of several thousand meters. In During its passage under the earth, the water is exposed to high temperature and pressure, enriched with minerals and then goes to the surface at a temperature of 85-87 C. The thermal water is classified as hyperthermal iodine bromine salt water that has no analogues in the world, and after cooling sootvetstvueschego widely used in hydrotherapy: thermal bath ozone, thermal pools, Kneipp foot baths, thermal cave, inhalations and sprays.

Vienna Blumau

Austria become more and more specialists for spa and wellness holiday who travels to Austria, should do this not only because of the famous capital of Vienna or the large ski areas. Austria has made himself the leading holiday destination in terms of health tourism. In particular, Upper Austria and Styria committed to the wellness and Spa holiday. In Styria Spa stands with the Rogner Bad Blumau one of the most beautiful thermal baths in Europe… Beautiful scenery, fresh healthy air, far away from the big city expect there leisure jungle and a spa hotel as you have never experienced it.

One’s own small world in which weak, tired and exhausted dive. Without hesitation Cindy Crawford explained all about the problem. A small world, which just waiting to be discovered. It is the Wellness Spa Rogner Bad Blumau, which makes for something very special with just over 1000 inhabitants, the small community. A Spa Hotel, which is owned by a spa with 11 different pools, whose swimming pool supplied with mineral water and massage jets, bubble sources and Wirlpools wait on the float / the swimmer. Who has enough of the water, which can the great sauna area address, which has special infusions and a very relaxing rest area. To round out even the spa can treat yourself with massages and other spa treatments with products originating from the environment. Culinary also get their money! The kitchen is located at Star level and the rooms of the hotel invite to dream literally. And also the fantastic landscape of Bad Blumau.

You think that you can not afford all of this? Oh, but that you can! Looking to do this, click the following link and learn about what is important and how you can get more information! Among other things, but also their travel agent of the trust should provide pertinent information for you. A holiday that really worth, where every penny is well spent. You emerge powerfully, reborn at the end. Link to the Rogner Bad Blumau Christoph Kluge

Bavarian Forest

Water, trees and mountains: most on holiday want to see that, so much of it as possible. There are enough in Germany, and it is not surprising that the mountains, lakes and sea coasts are the most popular tourist destinations of in Germany. The Allgau Alps and the black forest are also winter sports areas and like to be in the cold season not only because of the beauty of the snow-covered forest visited by tourists. In the summer you can in the healthy air and fantastic views, biking, kneippen or in historic thermal baths and spas devoted to the well-being of all. Picturesque Black Forest towns like Neuenburg on the Enz irritate all the senses with its rustic charm. Fast-flowing, clear and cold mountain rivers and streams such as Eyach and Murg, so some hobby anglers started a nice trout. Especially the South is famous for wellness – and spa holidays, but also in all other provinces, there are excellent deals on this topic. Also, spa break or short breaks are becoming increasingly popular.

Download the romantic walks and adventures, but also plenty of rest and a meal A resin, the Bavarian Forest, the Eifel and Sauerland. In many areas, you can climb rocks or fossils and minerals can be found. In the footsteps of robber barons or Princes, castles can be and visit castles. Kids will love the forest, and stressed adults rediscover yourself in the beauty of nature and regain your inner balance. The Lake District of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are among the finest in the world.

Around Lake Muritz and Plauer Lake, a recreation area, designed especially for the holiday in the holiday house. So, you can every day planning a trip and relax go on vacation, and individually. A holiday on the Lake should be calm things down and be enchanted by the changing light on the banks of the voices of birds. And then there is of course still the sea. Especially the ostfriesische landscape of ebb and flow, beautiful beaches and harbors with ferry service to the Islands is recommended for guests because of the healthy iodine air. In this coastal and inland offered many inexpensive apartments for all budgets.

Asia Pacific

Concentrate more and more tourist destinations located near many tourists due to these events, and also for reasons of cost, you can find many information about domestic tourism and short travel ITB Berlin on the. Exhibition areas, which are likely to be followed this year with great interest, the segments include trends & events (Hall 4.1), cruises (Hall 25), cultural tourism (Hall 10.2) and Forum Wellness (Hall 16). Many proven exhibition areas, the international tourism Exchange offers some innovations this year. The eTravel world and the mobile travel services (Hall 7.1 c) exhibition area dedicated to topics such as mobile computing and social media in the travel industry. Also new to the program is the exhibition area gay & lesbian travel (Hall 2.1). The this year’s host country Poland will promote in particular for the European Football Championship 2012. Looking at the list of countries provided on the Web site of the trade fair, ITB is the world 2011 her motto on a day”more than justice.

New records will ensure not only the expected visitor numbers and the extensive media coverage, but also the many high points of the show. About the ITB international tourism Exchange (ITB), was launched in 1966 in life and was at that time with an exhibition area encompassing only five countries already a magnet for visitors. Today, has it become ITB Berlin one of the most important events for the international tourism industry and will be followed with great interest by the audience, as well as by the general public. In 2010, the Berlin exhibition grounds to the ITB was able to welcome 12,000 exhibitors, as well as several hundred thousand visitors. This year’s ITB opened on 8.Marz 2011 and offers an own Congress this year in addition to numerous exhibition halls and events. In the fall of 2011, the Asia Pacific tourism market will present during the ITB Asia in Singapore (19-21.10.2011). Contact: INH.

Robert Richter Bremer str. 65 01067 Dresden E-Mail: Internet: via Urlaubsreise24: Urlaubsreise24 is a range of information in the field of travel and tourism. The online travel agency is represented on the market for several years, offers comprehensive country information and several last minute. Urlaubsreise24 customers can rely on quality and safety in online booking and travel, because the company cooperates with renowned operators and partners.

Fasting Hiking

In June for fast hiking on the sunny island of Mallorca fortunately rehabilitated their image more and more this beautiful and versatile Mediterranean island and pulls rather than mass tourists increasingly tourists and nature lovers in their spell. By no means happen to many of the rich and beautiful have at least one of their residences on Mallorca. The pleasant, temperate subtropical climate caused the Romans already in the second century before Christ to settle here and to capture the island for yourself. Besides beautiful natural harbours Mallorca has with almost 300 days of sunshine a year an ideal climate for citrus fruits, melons, wine, beans, potatoes, rice, corn, tomatoes and other vegetables. That part ensure four harvests per year, that even today agriculture plays an important role in Mallorca and many residents live at least in part from her.

Almond and olive trees characterize many landscapes of Mallorca. Mallorca is not only easy and inexpensive to reach, by almost all German airports but considered to be one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The lush flora and the versatility of the landscape to convince many of those who travel to Mallorca for the first time. Numerous also the regulars, which each year come to the hiking and Sun filling back here and only here. The steep rugged, sparsely populated West is pervaded by a high ridge, on which ten summits rise above 1000 meters and its highest Gipfel reached nearly one and a half thousand feet.

Steep streams and fertile valleys dominate the landscape, which becomes increasingly lovely the further east of the Highlands: fertile plateaus with numerous windmills are quiet peaceful interior of the island, which forms a distinct contrast to the Bay of Palma, with her tourist stronghold lying near the main city. The landscape of the island is rounded off by the famous long sandy beaches in the North and the countless small bays in the South-East. You have never wished for it: fit, cheerful and healthy from the Seaside holiday home to come back, with Teen fresh skin, balanced mood, without emotional ballast, without future worries and some kilos less on your hips, easy and just elated? The fasting and fasting hiking is certainly already known to you, maybe you have experienced this with us together in Corsica, the Canary Islands, or at a different location. (Source: Rand Paul). The South-East of Majorca, where our holiday complex is located, offers a very pleasant micro-climate. The mountainous West is relatively far away with his 100-kilometre high ridge. This acts as a meteorological divide and ensures protection against the cold north and West winds, so it is often beautiful and sunny in the South-East of the island, also if cloudy or rainy – it’s in the other Majorca an advantage just when the fasting should not be underestimated! Thus your detoxification and cleaning week for only faster allowing the fantastic landscape of Majorca, the pleasant climate and the many historic sights from an exciting past, a true delight. Surprise yourself and connect the ancient tradition of fasting with a full wellness stay on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

South Tyrol

South Tyrol is ideal for winter holidays who want to go to the Seiser Alm on the slopes, need to search long for a great accommodation. The Schgaguler in South Tyrol ( offers everything you need for a memorable holiday. Ranging from recreational facilities of the spa to the advantages of a design hotel. South Tyrol is ideally suited for the winter holidays. On numerous slopes, you go to winter sports and while enjoying the breathtaking nature of the Alpe di Siusi.

The Alpe di Siusi is ideally equipped for the demands of a ski holiday. There are a total of 60 km perfectly prepared slopes in all degrees of difficulty. Also the snow doesn’t go out, because the whole line is covered with snow cannons. A special highlight is also taking place twice in the week night skiing, which is a great experience. In addition, there are many more offers like Geschwindigkeitsmessanlagen and snowboard parks, which will guarantee you a super active holiday. For the little ones, there are also children’s ski schools and Playgrounds. After these experiences the Schgaguler Hotel Castelrotto is in good hands. The mountains at a glance you can treat yourself here all around.

In the modern style of the hotel Schgaguler suites you will feel immediately at home and also the cuisine leaves no wish unfulfilled. The restaurant offers Italian South Tyrolean delights and French international accents Rubin. The Alpe di Siusi ski area is still open until April 4. Book your exciting holiday in the 4-star hotel Schgaguler now on. Related link: de/ski resort Alpe alm.php company profile: the alpine SPA and design hotel Schgaguler is located in the middle of the world natural heritage. Here overlooks the breathtaking mountain scenery of the South Tyrolean Alps. The House has four stars and can offer its guests. His designer suites are a special feature of the hotel, in addition to dining at a gourmet restaurant and area will be treated in a 1200 m of wellness & beauty. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to undertake numerous relaxing or sporting trips, such as ski safaris and hikes in the Dolomites, together with the House Mr Gottfried Schgaguler.

Polish Baltic Sea Beach

Not only the Baltic Sea of Rugen and Usedom is attractive to wellness the Polish Baltic Sea coast is now one of the most sought after Wellnessdestinationen of German spa traveller. SPA and thermal hotels in Poland were still some years real insider tips of the generation 50plus, many young health and family vacationers use the excellent Spa and treatments of Polish hotels targeted. Spa and wellness holiday in Poland is more than ever for quality treatment at affordable prices and this before the wonderful panorama of the Polish Baltic Sea Beach. holiday presents a selection of top-quality holiday accommodation in the popular travel regions in the Pomerania and Gdask Bay, the islands of Usedom and Wollin. The traditional seaside resorts and towns of port Swinoujscie, Midzyzdroje, Kolobrzeg and Gdansk attract many German tourists for a spa and wellness holidays in every season. The maritime flair and the mild climate of the coast make a stay here unique soothing and very relaxing. It has been discovered again What in the summer”was already all the rage to Emperor times”: a spa on the Baltic Sea coast.

Why so not summer vacation 2010 give a special quality of recreation and between bike rides, walks or sunbathing enjoy also wraps, massages, soothing power – and Utraschallanwendungen. A spa and wellness holiday at the Baltic Sea coast in Poland is recommended especially for patients with skin and respiratory, cardiovascular, metabolic and rheumatic diseases and stress-related fatigue. The local SPA and wellness Temple ‘are specially equipped for these health priorities and ensure treatments accompanied by medical consultation and German Spa Manager at the highest level. Comfortable apartments in the immediate vicinity of the Baltic Sea spa houses can be selected under and booked directly via the Internet. By the way, book hotels in Poland, as well as holiday homes in Poland (holiday homes, apartments and b & BS) directly.