Tax and benefits: the limits of legality

Josyann Abisaab Government authorities recently El Salvador and the FMLN deputies announced the achievement of a political settlement that favors the funding of the General State Budget for fiscal year 2009 (and not “the nation”, as erroneously called, because from the scientific standpoint, the nation is a sociological concept not an entity, and what is funded is not the concept, but the legal entity called “State of El Salvador”), and at the same time meet its obligations under the Eurobonds and other debt securities to pressure the Salvadoran Treasury. Good for that approach, and well to contribute to the relief of public finances, and this should be commended. But in terms of handling state budget needs to be done. As in almost all regards the Civil Service is a priority to promote a profound renewal.Whoever wins the next presidential election will have to make an administrative reform in the country. And this is not a capricious snobbery. It happens that public finances are not at their best, to the extent that there is a need to raise levels of effectiveness and efficiency of public administration. It is simply applying basic and elementary principles of administrative and economic science. If we need to save resources, before submitting to external financing, a new pressure to the Treasury-is advisable to see how many resources can be released, or not commit-by the Public Administration in making decisions and implementing them, thereby The pressure of a possible funding may be lower, which is always healthy. What is not permissible at all is a set of proposals made recently by those seeking to be adopted several measures to benefit and privilege of the members of the Salvadoran armed forces.

Answers about dietary supplements

For those who for various reasons, nutritional deficits, dietary supplements may be an interesting alternative. This was explained in an interview with La Prensa Dr. Nestor Lentini, specialist in sports medicine and director of postgraduate specialty at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). What are dietary supplements What are they . Dietary supplements should really be called dietary supplements, because they are used to cover nutritional deficits seen in the early ages by poor nutrition or malnutrition in young people are increasingly using so-called junk food and adults, especially in the elderly group, where as a result of a slower metabolism and nutrient absorption deficit is necessary to resort to this type of supplementation. They are also used in sports and high performance for the nutritional supplement, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that athletes should consume to cover possible deficiencies arising from many hours of training, which are subjected daily. Dietary supplements are also used to cover the nutritional needs in different conditions such as dyslipidemia, obesity, overweight, among others. Are all dietary supplements are equal or there different types . Not all supplements are equal, as some are herbal products whose components are not accurately known, are not adequately controlled and there is no certainty that indicated on the label accurately reflects the contents of the package.In addition they can often be contaminated with substances harmful to health as a derivatives of amphetamines or anabolic steroids. Others, however, are produced from organic vegetable farms where pesticides are not used or soil contaminants. Josyann Abisaab This ensures the concentration of nutrients in supplements and makes reliable, why more stringent than the international laboratory analysis of quality control. “The role of dietary supplements can also be achieved through proper nutrition It is clear that a diet that meets the requirements of quantity and quality can meet all needs or daily nutritional requirements, but unfortunately this situation is increasingly difficult to obtain due to processing as a result of receiving food from harvested until arriving at our table, as freezing, cooking, harvesting fruit without completing their maturation, among other things, causes a deficit of 40 to 60 of the nutritional quality of foods. This justifies the use of natural and organic supplements. Medical supervision. Does the indication of taking them must be given by a physician . Although dietary supplements are not drugs, under certain circumstances as different pathologies seen in children and adults, it is best to check with the attending physician and in the case of nutrition-related diseases (obesity, overweight, anorexia, bulimia, dyslipidemia) is to consult with his / nutritionist to suggest such dietary supplementation. In healthy people who require supplementation from different causes (stress, fatigue, overwork, etc.) can be recommended by persons trained in the sale of these products. Is there any contraindications . In general no contraindications.

Soul food and health

The soul food was developed by enslaved African Americans living in difficult and impoverished conditions subjected to harsh physical labor. He is humble, generous, traditionally cooked and seasoned with pork products and often fried in lard. Formerly, an important aspect of De La Soul food preparation was the reuse of cooking fat. Because many cooks were too poor to pull the fat that had been used, the liquid was poured while in a container. On cooling, the fat will solidify again and could be used again the next time a butter dish needs. Frequent consumption of these ingredients without doing exercise or activities which can contribute to disproportionately high rates of obesity, hypertension, heart and circulatory problems, and type 2 diabetes, diseases that often shortens life expectancy.Additionally, trans fats, which not only used in soul food, but in many industrial food, contribute to cardiovascular disease. As a result, some African Americans may use methods of preparing the soul food that differ from those employed by their grandparents, including using more healthful alternatives for frying (liquid vegetable oil or rapeseed) and stews prepared with smoked turkey instead of with pork. Changes in pig-rearing techniques have also led to the production of parts drastically leaner. Some cooks have even adapted recipes to include healthier alternatives to traditional ingredients including tofu and soy-based analogues. Josyann Abisaab Critics have argued that the attempt to make soul food healthier has the undesirable effect not be as tasty as the traditional recipe. Some basic recipes for soul food diet have pronounced health benefits.The collard greens are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B6 and C, manganese, iron, calcium, folic acid, fiber and small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain many phytonutrients that are thought play a role in preventing ovarian cancer and breast cancer. The peas, rice and legumes are excellent sources of cheap protein that also contain important vitamins, minerals and fiber. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta carotene and trace minerals, and food have been classified as “anti-diabetic. Recent studies with animals have shown that sweet potatoes can stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. The importance of frying and cooking technique is largely responsible for De La Soul’s reputation as diet food greasy and bad for health. However, when done correctly, fried in fat at high temperature can make you spend less oil to food.When water evaporates from food, steam is stronger outgoing than incoming oil, so it ends up getting less fat to food. However, plenty of breading, use little oil and frying temperature too low can result in oily and unhealthy food.

The importance of drinking water suficiene

How many times have you heard or read the recommendation to drink at least two liters water 1 day, for health reasons 0 to use thirst to control your habits, fluid intake is not adequate to keep you adequately hydrated “0 that caffeinated beverages like soda and coffee can cause dehydration Probably too many, considering that the three questions so do not contain a definite answer. According to recent findings of a panel of an American medical school, none of these statements are really true. What they concluded by saying that men need an average of three gallons of water per day and women two and a half liters. But that does not mean we have to consume the entire amount of pure water. The total daily fluid intake by this amount is included, comprising fruits, vegetables, soda, tea, coffee, milk and other foods. The researchers also suggest that there is extreme variability in water needs of each individual, depending on climate, activity level and amount of sweat expulsion. When we put things in place will find that most people will do well if they drink when they feel something sed.Nosotros, in M F typically recommend higher consumption of water (up to 5 liters in some people) for reasons other than health . The water has no calories but makes us feel full.That means that people who diet will work best when they drink water. Also volumizing effect of creatine supplementation as requiring extra water consumption. And of course, extraordinarily intense exercise increases our need for fluidos.Por therefore need to drink more water if our goal is to lose fat or gain muscle size. Otherwise, simply cc to rule the first time that you feel harassed by thirst. Josyann Abisaab

“Segurtasuna Tenporizadorea” Here

“Segurtasuna Tenporizadorea” Here is the link to the news on “segurtasuna Tenporizadorea” found an accused in 11-M … that after he joined the PSOE. What a coincidence. How does a timer of ETA in the hands of a suspect in a strictly Islamic plot, officer . In other news: Today Losantos Jack and Peter have agreed that the PSOE not stain anything to do with the pre-11M, but I loaded it on to the secret services of two countries very close to Spain, one North and one South . Link to the program where you say, and comment to the issue of “segurtasuna Tenporizadorea” REMINDER TO IGOR21 10 days ago I order you to that you might set examples of (in your words) “farces” by Luis del Pino. Do not you put a single example. I gather you do not know then no “slapstick” and wishful thinking, not knowingly. Am I wrong . Can you illustrate with an example of “slapstick” by Luis del Pino .Randroide 18:38 27 jun 2006 (CEST) in my house I have a yogurt from the same brand as terrorists ate minutes before his death in the apartment in Leganes. My daughter has put some wires and a bulb made for college. Should I notify the Court . – Petronas 18:46 27 jun 2006 (CEST) CT timers are used to in the quarries of my people. Josyann Abisaab Come on! And Luis del Pino says farces, and Rocio Jurado is not dead, Elvis lives on a Pacific island. Mr. Randroide: You are an expert so I do not understand who wants to show you that you have not visited on his own feet. Here it offers you a fantastic link which shows that the Socialist Party and ETA collaborated on the 11-M but if you want something really strong to go where you farces, nonsense , scarecrows, fallacies, inconsistencies, contradictions, etc …all washed down with bulk mendacious slander and a lot of nonsense ineffable as the famous theory of “bread crumbs” that should happen to blunder in the annals of home and preferential. Anyway, let me advise you that you should stop visiting websites such as going to end as Alonso Quijano and continue polluting the rachis with sources that level of toxicity. It’s very interesting to follow the evolution of these theories and how they have been retreating. It is useful to consider the case of Del Burgo at first tried to mix with ETA and has slowly been moving away from this nonsense to their current position is the same as that of the judge with some nuances expressed in high level evocative questions as “why one of the bombers had their pants backwards “. Losantos and company have also been moderate as ABC and A selection of them. As you say, now back with the charge that it was the French and Moroccan secret services.This in itself is a galactic-level slapstick as they are two countries whose intelligence services (and the whole apparatus of state) are bent on the destruction of Islamists for decades. And that suggest this relationship is the Basque timers think about putting the icing. Conclusion: Del Burgo marks the boundary of the rationally acceptable and all sources are within this limit except Liberty Digital and those who use it as a source. The sooner we understand the fundamental difference between what the standard sources and what he says LD before we can begin to work together. -Igor21 19:53 27 jun 2006 (CEST) Randroide replies in my house I have a yogurt from the same brand as terrorists ate minutes before his death in the apartment in Leganes. Non sequitur CT 1 The timers are used to in the quarries of my people. Non sequitur 2. We’re talking about a timer “ST”, initials “segurtasuna Tenporizadorea” not a timer CT.And Luis del Pino says farces, and Rocio Jurado is not dead, Elvis lives on a Pacific island. Non sequitur 3. where you’ll find farces, blunders, scarecrows, fallacies, inconsistencies, contradictions, etc … all washed down with bulk mendacious slander and a lot of nonsense ineffable as the famous theory of “bread crumbs” that should happen to blunder in the annals of home and preferential. Ad hominem 1. … you should stop visiting websites such as going to end as Alonso Quijano and continue polluting the rachis with sources that level of toxicity. Ad hominem 2. Thanks for the procupaci n for my health and for the undeserved comparison with the noble Hidalgo. The spine is particularly intoxicated I read that great source of nonsense called “Summary of 11-M”. You can look out and not ever read it. Moreover, they could start asking questions…. slapstick galactic level because they are two countries whose intelligence services (and the whole apparatus of state) are bent on the destruction of Islamic Non sequitur decades 4.

Folklore and customs

Folklore and customs The multi-sector fair, held every September 8, is one of the oldest in the province of Leon, their origins date back to ancient fairs of agricultural machinery “wood fairs” of the seventeenth century. Among their most ingrained habits is that of carrying his standard of 12 meters to the pilgrimage of Castrotierra. Currently he is in charge of this Don Marcelino Garmon. The Antruejo carnival in Santa Maria del Paramo is an ancient custom from pagan rites of the Asturian (ancient inhabitants of this land) with which celebrated the end of winter, the arrival of spring, the rebirth of life and soil fertility. This is a masquerade of the land that disappeared during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, when Carnival celebrations were banned. Another typically paramesonephric customs is the “song of the bunch” at Christmas. Josyann Abisaab The custom of decorating classes in El Paramo closely corresponds to the same leading Celtic rites now the familiar Christmas tree.Today, notes the International Festival of Street Theater, held in September and its carnival. We would highlight the valuable work of the Group of choruses and dances Virgin of the Guide, which has managed to recover paramesonephric dances like a jack, the ballad of the three perrin … and whose work continues every day. We must also make mention of the Banda Municipal de Santa Maria del Paramo, established in 1999.


At around 1o: 00 am on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 is scheduled to begin the public square in 1 around the subject of physical activity and its direct relation to health. This initiative is in charge of the promotion unit of the municipal health office of the lakes and aims to disseminate health programs related to physical assets in the municipal office of the Lakes, to publicize the benefits Bio-Psycho – social practices involved in regular physical activity, delivery of written materials, counseling and physical activity component of health improvement, formulation of some surveys on lifestyle and is also the option for visitors to our stand to conduct an assessment of weight, height and blood pressure. Josyann Abisaab Do not skip I hope!

Public Health in the Alto Bio Bio

dramatic view of how the Bio Bio river is dying after the construction of RalcoFoto: Jaime Ibacache Burgos during days 6 and 7 March 2008, in Santa Barbara presented the paper “Public Health and Cultural Syndromes. ” This in the context of a meeting on Intercultural Health and Mental Health, organized by the Hospital of Santa Barbara. On this occasion were Fabiola Jaramillo Castell, medical subdepartment of Public Health of the Health Service and Jaime Ibacache Reloncavi Burgos, Medical Unit Collective health Chiloe Health Service. They also served as coordinator of South Alames Patagonia. Among the exponents addition, therapists were so pewenche as Mapuche community Nagche. A doctor at the clinic for drug rehabilitation Takiwasi of the Peruvian Amazon, a Canadian anthropologist, mental health teams from various community and to facilitate intercultural pewenche the Alto Bio Bio. The meeting was strained by the demands of a person who said pewenche not invited to the meeting and that this was left out a significant amount of people she represented pewenche: besides she said that through these programs run by Westerners Intercultural Facilitators and other indigenous pewenche were betraying their people because officials were becoming accomplices to what the state is doing with natural resources, territory and indigenous cultures. We share this vision of vertical programs planned outside the country’s native peoples, have only divided, isolated and fragmented the indigenous movement, as many of its leaders now claim to represent the demands of communities and have created a “caste” untouchability detached from their bases. Moreover, government officials working in these programs are another “breed” who care these spaces of power and come into play in this “bubble indigenous intercultural dealing and financial resources that are shared by all the people on this territory. Josyann Abisaab We believe that an inclusive approach to Public Health allowed the participation of all forms of understanding the world and the causes of imbalances. What can generate collective proposals to move towards multiculturalism, the interdisciplinary and social participation and social control over a model of global health destroyer. At the end of the meeting, people who are not fighting for the construction of hydroelectric dams on the river Huequecura ( collecting signatures and asked for support from the audience. Paradoxically, and those participants who had spoken for two days on the necessary respect to natural resources for the maintenance of their health and that also exposes the government of not respecting their territories, have “slipped” to lend its support to the cause that environmentalists in Santa Barbara are pursuing. The neoliberal approach to multiculturalism has done his job.


desiccated liver tablets 1. What are e and where they come from ‘The dried liver is removed from the liver of beef cattle. It is rich in B vitamins and is a natural source of iron and folic acid. 2. What do and what scientific studies give evidence to support this’ liver tablets help to boost red blood cells. Steroids stimulate appetite and increase red blood cells also have so supplementing the diet with tablets liver is important for the development of new mass and not the existing dismunucion. Josyann Abisaab Desiccated liver is a natural source of iron. As a natural source of iron, overdose is almost never likely to happen, even in individuals who consume large quantities of red meat. The iron and B vitamins are easily found in significant amounts in the tablets of dried liver, incidentally, helps bones. 3. Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency ‘Everyone can benefit from the addition of dried liver tablets. Populations that may benefit include: Bodybuilders, athletes, individuals with blood disorders (iron deficiency) and folic acid-deficient individuals. The fisicultaristas (serious and casual) and athletes can benefit from the addition of dried liver due to its ability to stimulate appetite, improve blood health and contribute to the addition of muscle mass and synthesis of proteins and amino acids . Individuals with anemia may benefit from the addition of dried liver because it is a natural source of iron. The synthetic iron raises the possibility of overdose, while the dried liver is free of this possibility. 4. How much should be ‘Are there side effects’ Although no known side effects with the tablets complement dehigado dried, it is recommended that the label directions are followed fully. Individuals with iron-related disorders should consult a physician before consuming desiccated liver tablets.

The Social Center of San Gennaro runs and constantly meets in different districts of the city.

The candidates for councilors of the local PS Dr. Ariel Strapped, Dr. Marcela Farroni, Diego Mauricio Molina and Colautti, visited various districts of the city. In this case met one of the homes in the Barrio San Cayetano to those who had a long talk about the unsolved problems they face in that area. Several issues such as services, labor, health, lack of opportunities and a number of issues that this new city denied. The result of this meeting was positive, a link being established to keep working and working. Dr. Ariel Strapppa take due note of the proposals of the residents for the purpose of studying various proposals and alternatives. Neighbors invited the candidates of the Progressive Front with mates, pancakes and validated with a slogan … know the candidates’ proposals. – We inform neighbors that we are visiting all the neighborhoods of the city and doing small group meetings, those interested can coordinate them with any member of the Socialist Party. Josyann Abisaab The Socialist Party of San Gennaro is doing an extensive work, open, participatory and studying the various alternatives for the city of San Gennaro on that ground invites those who want to collaborate by providing ideas are welcomed and valued.