Slimming Despite Daily Grind

Well, every second person in Germany suffering from obesity. Many people are thinking about liposuction and other surgical procedures. Many want to lose weight but do not know how to do it. Curly is always with diets or Wunderversprechen where it is without problems in four weeks removed 20 kilograms. Do not know most of this is that the so-called JoJo gives effect. This effect makes that easy, although the pounds tumble in the first weeks after the diet, but if you eat normally again immediately increases again more. The weight is back to what it attaches to most accepted is much higher as the weight. Reduce the only really good way to permanent weight and keep it constant, then is a healthy diet. In addition to the diet also some sport one of them. There must be no weight training but a daily walk is only a beginning. A simple formula to determine which site is available in the area, the weight is the BMI – Body Mass Index -. It is calculated by the weight – kilograms – through theBody size is divided into centimeters. If the end result is between 18.5 – 24.9 is normal weight. Cinergy Health Cause For values between 25 to 30 a preponderance exists, and at levels above 30 results in obesity – obesity – health problems that can. Importance of a healthy diet consistent with as little fat and lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Diets and miracle cures to bring anything if you want to reduce his weight to the duration and hold. To make parts of the body may be somewhat gegeriffen under the arms by liposuction of nature.

Private Health Insurance Self

The title is self-employed private medical insurance should not be construed as a recommendation. Under certain circumstances it is better kept for self-employed in the statutory health insurance, if this is possible with a voluntary membership. However, a voluntary membership in the GKV is tied to certain conditions. If one is self employed and separates from the insurance is subject to certain periods of insurance. Have existed immediately before the commencement of a voluntary insurance in the statutory health insurance has a continuous policy in a public health insurance of 12 months or if they were insured for at least 24 months in the last 5 years in the statutory health insurance. If you want to take out private health insurance as an individual, you face a huge selection of tariffs from different insurance companies. One should not only have an eye on the prize, because insurance companies actually form a community of risk and new tariff rates are expressed per erstmal favorable, sinceOnly healthy people are included and only much later will the costs. The advice of an expert may not have to be wrong. Here, the customer should ask is what was recommended and health insurance, such as the current price of health insurance. The question of how the insurance company has so far dealt with the age provisions, should provide the potential buyer. Good brokers have a computer program which can be compared in general, most companies and tariffs. The benchmarking should be taken up with the broker, point by point. Since the introduction of the EU Insurance Mediation Directive in May this year, an advisory protocol is mandatory. This means safety for the customer, because then the customer should make sure that is held, how and why the broker, this company has recommended them.


The term refers to fasting, fasting for a specified period, in which we take no nourishment. Before we recommend fasting one or two prep days in which we should take, inter alia, low-fat diet. Within the Lenten season is no feeling of hunger is felt, if the fasting is done correctly. The fasting has a healing effect on human health, since free the human body at this time of pollutants, especially of toxic substances. During the purification of the body we can also investigate itself, so that it can be a spiritual cleansing. Health problems, which are due to be improved by the chronic fasting, or fully recover. That is why fasting is recommended especially for people who have suffered other head and migraine pain, and sleep disorders. Also to be activated by the fasting of the body’s defenses, which make for an energy boost, so that one is also mostly always good humored. Alsoit improves their skills in the intellectual sphere, thereby requiring a more efficient service ensured in all areas of life. Also, it allows seeing the daily life less hectic so that it is now more relaxed in every situation. After the end of fasting, you can also take a shift in the field of nutrition in attack. For a perfectly healthy shift in the field of nutrition can be guaranteed to continue polluting the body of toxic substances to leave.

Cocktail Tricks

Crushed ice or crush: The crushed ice is one of the most important utensils when mixing cocktails. To make crushed ice you just take an old towel and sets the desired number of ice cubes in the middle of the towel. Well, take it together into a sack and beats it against a wall or on a table edge. Finish is the crushed ice. The second example is the replacement of hitting against a wall with a hammer. They beat themselves in the towel just ice cubes are small with a hammer. When you open the sack, now you have the desired amount of crushed ice. Produce salt or sugar edge: To decorate the cocktail glass in one often uses a salt or sugar rim. To scatter a glass with a sugar or salt rim affixed to the salt or sugar on a saucer. Then we rubbed the glass rim with a lemon and then dips them in salt or sugar until it is evenly covered and the optical requirements. Produced sugar syrup, the sugar syrup is an important part of many cocktails. Anmake wonderful sugar syrup is one example, 4 tablespoons of water and 4 tablespoons of sugar into a saucepan and stir over a low heat for so long until the sugar has dissolved. Now just add the mixture, stirring constantly for 2 minutes to cook. Then leave to cool the syrup. Author: Nick Sadetzky E-mail:

Liquid Medicine, Pure Enjoyment

Of all beverages, which prepare the human race today in a position to include the wine probably the most important. Thus, already operated by the Egyptians more than five thousand years and even wine in China in ancient times it enjoyed great popularity. Hardly a drink in recent years has found more followers than red wine. Red wine is more than just a simple alcoholic beverage. No other beverage has more flavor character, surprised with shades of fruit, wood and tobacco. Red wine is pressed from red grapes. Depending on the origin country and there are varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, the thorn fields. Each variety has its own character, flavor and color. The most famous red wines come from France, where, for example, the young reached Chateau Mouton Rothschild prices in six – or seven-digit euro range. Other major producers are Italy, Australia and South Africa. In Germany, the classic wine country, more and more winemakers choose to cultivate red grapes, and withgreat success with consumers. Red wine is not only a treat for the taste palate. They tell him to ingredients that have a very positive impact on human health. Of course, as with many things should be done in moderation of enjoyment. The classical method of expansion of red wine is in a wooden barrel, according to ancient recipes. Here comes the most Limmosineeiche wood for the barrels in question. In the barrels, the wine receives its classic color and its distinctive flavor. Of course, there are not only developed a dry red wines. The fruity and semi-arid area, the selection is just huge.

The Mash

Great food and great prices at the Mash, it is a working process in beer brewing, called in the manufacture of whiskey and wine. The purpose of mashing is to be solved vergrungsfhige things like starch and sugar. Suppliers of raw materials used natural products containing sugar. For products that contain starch such as corn or potato starch in the yeast, short-chain fragments must be cut. This means that everything is sugar-coated. This must then added water are given in there so not like fruit liquid. A mixture of liquid and starch or sugar-substance is then called mash. This mash is then divided into different phases. In the solution process is controlled. It is here the time and the temperature varies. Mashing it does in special mash tubs, consisting of corrosionfree material. It will always be respected as well as to effective stirring, effective cooling, hygienic design and vapor / Extractor fan attention. We distinguish between four types: potato mash,Mash of cereals, fruit mash and grape mash. Potatoes are steamed first and only malt is set thereto. The Vatting time the skins lasts a total of 3 days. In about 20 hours fall on the Angrung, about 18 hours primary fermentation, and about 30 hours on the secondary fermentation. This happens at temperatures as 20 to 36 Celsius. Then you have beer.

Alpha Opportunity – Participation In The Stock Market With Investment Certificates

One thing right in a special fund holdings, investment certificates are the Alpha Opportunity to gain some experience in the stock market, as these assets of investment companies (CISA) on the basis of risk-spreading will be professionally managed. In these special funds are the investment amounts paid, the certificate holder. The investment companies can invest the money of investors in different assets: * shares in the issuer company, a shareholder, confer membership rights * pensions, so fixed-income securities with which the holder acquires a creditor’s claim, which includes the repayment of principal and interest payments be understood * land * homes money market instruments, by which time deposits with banks and short-term current pensions. The Investment Act subjects the investment companies to strict regulations, to serve the protection of investors, including the Alpha Opportunity of participating in the stock market development benefitscompared to direct investment in shares and provide other financial instruments. These regulations include the diversification of the Fund. Therefore, securities and money market instruments of the same issuer may not exceed 5% of the value of the assets represent – unless, that the prospectus for one higher proportion is provided. But this should not exceed 10% and all of these higher weighted values may be combined maximum of 40%. Through these schemes, which spread the risk, the minimum number of 20 or 16 different issuers is set (100% / 5% = 20 and 40% / 10% = 4, 60% / 5% = 12, 4 + 12 = 16). Whoever takes the trouble to read one or other administrative report, will find that this limit is often exceeded by multiples. As a further precautionary measure, is the CISA the custody of the assets acquired prohibited. This is for the so-called custodian bank, which also makes the determination of the redemption price on every trading day. The service ofInvestment companies is not free of course – and hopefully not in vain. In general, there is a part of this allowance from the sales charge, depending on the amount of funds 3% to 5%. This is added to the redemption price, which as the quotient of the value of the fund’s assets and the number resulting in circulation (belonging to the fund certificates). This issue price is paid for the deposit, the redemption price is paid only upon return of the certificates again. This difference must be compensated only once through the work of the fund managers of the fund’s gains through again, so plants should be in long-term funds tend still “unlimited” nature. Then it is indeed possible to wait out periods lower allowance prices. Until these problems, however, by investors and this attention is really only invest money that he is not required in the longer term, as used for example in which the pension funds, the investment in mutual fund shares not only an Alpha OpportunityTo exchange atmosphere, but a good choice to build long term wealth.

EU New Car – The Smart Choice When Buying A Car

Not just since yesterday, there is the possibility to save money when buying a car with EU money for new cars. EU produces cars are vehicles that were not built for the German market, but for the market of another country of the European Union (EU), such as the Netherlands and Italy were. As the customer requirements in different EU countries vary in part, can be imported vehicles from the EU some discrepancies in the standard equipment on vehicles of the German market have. Vessels from Spain and Italy have more often been an air-conditioning as standard as standard while vehicles from Scandinavia often have a seat heater on board, the quality of the vehicles is the same. But what is the advantage of so-called EU imports Then apply in different EU countries, different tax rates, may show that car buyers in the open market to make use. Buys a Dutchman in his home a car, he must pay the price of the car, a luxury tax, making the price withoutTaxes by manufacturers are often at a lower level is>. If the vehicle is transferred to Germany, this tax must not be removed, creating a price advantage arises. Also, the vehicle prices in the purchasing power of the population of each country to be adjusted. This EU vessels can often have up to 30% price advantage compared to the German list price!

What Is Art

What is art Hardly an issue has led to so many controversial discussions. But to be on a small statement which all can agree: From the dawn of man, there was a desire for more than just the Existenzssicherrung. Knochenschnitzerreien, wall paintings and jewelry show this. All cultures of the earth used to, and used their own expression in the form of ornamentation, vivid images, music, fairy tales and stories, body jewelry and the like. In our modern world in which we are daily exposed to an abundance of arkustischen and visual stimuli, many people have become mere consumers. We turn on the radio and let us sprinkle, but few play a musical instrument. We read daily newspaper or a new novel, but write it yourself, and who does not So it is with painting. Few people now and again take up the brush or pen. Also in the curricula of schools in the area of music, crafts and art has been increasingly reduced. I think that’s a pity, since it is a creative activityEducation is important for the personality. This I can watch as course director for painting again. In my painting courses, I can always watch how much joy and self-discovery can trigger creativity and there is also no age limit! So, maybe you try it once.


From now on readers and authors of the new information is available Internet portal, today announced Elise Poole from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne. The latest information on nutrition, weight loss and health are particularly sought on the Internet, and precisely these issues, it’s all in the new Internet portal. The special of the new website is that it applies equally to the reader, the editor and the authors. Free to all registered users may choose current articles, information and press releases. A competent editor reviewed the entries and even takes a search engine optimization to ensure that the articles are found in the major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. To spread information quickly and efficiently, says Sven-David Mller Nothmann, who as a medical journalist and presenter of the television magazine GesundZeit he has moderated since October 2003 in Leipzig, worked. In the searchthe Internet has long since overtaken all other ways of finding information. But even in the information about interesting facts, products and services, the Internet has become unassailable because the messages are available globally and easy to find. Even companies can adjust to the new portal information, provided it is not about advertising, but for information, which are of general interest. Together with Mario German, I have created this new platform to enable the discloser and the information seekers alike, to report for free on topical issues in the health field or to help locate them, according to Mller Nothmann. Of course, everyone can, even the not yet written about his specialty, has log on as an editor for us. The editorial help with further information and helps new writers get started, says the veteran author Elise Poole. We are also looking interns and trainees in the field of nutritional science, to us at theEditorial support and disseminate their knowledge to. This young Oecotrophologen can make a name, informs Elise Poole who cared for many years, interns from the field of nutrition science and Oecotrophology. Article portals are generally on the rise, because they both produce an excellent source of information and the other, have a great potential for marketing. But in our portal is not about advertising, but for information and this can of course also take place on products or services. Of course, registered authors can imagine some interesting websites. Our portal provides the ability to link to their own website. A doctor may also explain, for example an article about a headache or a nutritionist with a contribution not only to reduce weight, but also draw more visitors to your homepage. This caused the U.S. method of link exchange is content syndication, saysElise Poole. To achieve good results, you must have the contribution but a certain uniqueness. An article on set for nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths and doctors probably the simplest and most effective form of search engine optimization, says Elise Poole concluded. Book Review: professional dietetic assistants and graduate OecotrophologInnen, Hippokrates Verlag, Elise Poole, ISBN 3830452411, 39,95 euros. The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public on nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The well-known medicine journalist Elise Poole director of the CEC. Center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), Elise Poole, Gotenring 37, 50679Cologne-Deutz, 0177-2353525,