Monarch Hotel

Festive menus and romantic specials (Martina) on 14 February Valentine’s day Valentine’s day is the day of lovers. This year it falls on a Friday. Why take so not even your sweetheart or loved ones to a lavish dinner or a whole weekend? “The Monarch Hotel” in the spa town of bad Gogging for couples provides the right services. Exquisite from the kitchen of love we know goes through the stomach. Therefore, the chefs of the hotel have monarch”to put together a special Valentine’s day menu with selected ingredients. Upon arrival, all guests receive an aperitif and a surprise in the elegant King Ludwig Stube or the crackling fire in the fireplace lounge. Then two dishes, which are red like love: a tomato essence with Basil dumplings and as entree a blood orange sorbet with vodka. For the main course, you can choose between meat and fish.

Exquisite ingredients such as truffles and saffron are used. At the end of may of course a Dessert is not missing. “Karin Sangl rises to the Chief Patissiere in the Patisserie of the Monarch Hotel” Karin Sangl creating desserts of any kind since June. The 25-year experience in this field already in the five-star Interlaken Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau”. To September of this year, she received more responsibility now as Chief Patissiere and coordinated since in addition production and use of goods. Alone for two, two same pampering for those who want to spend a romantic weekend with your partner or your partner, is offering”exactly the right thing.

“” The package includes two nights at the Monarch Hotel “including breakfast, a three-course candle-light dinner on the second evening, as well as an aroma massage and a butterfly swim in the hotel’s own monarch SPA”. This offer is available all year round. “About the Monarch Hotel” located between Ingolstadt and Regensburg in the renowned spa town of bad Gogging. Guests can enjoy here in the beautiful countryside on the edge of the Altmuhl Combine with Aktiv – und Wellness Conference stays and spend relaxing holidays.

Bad Gogging

‘ The Monarch Hotel’ holds exciting winter specials available (bfs) when the summer just sounds out, like you not yet thinking of the cold season. But the winter brings too much beauty with: beautiful snow, scents of cinnamon and coriander, and above all very much comfort. For all companies that want to plan early, the hotel has monarch”in bad Gogging classed together attractive offers for the end of the year. It is guaranteed for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts know how a House is made of ice and how stable it is in fact at the igloo. Real winter feeling comes up as well at evening torch-lit hikes when the snow swallows all sounds and creaks underfoot. Sports enthusiasts can compete also in curling in skill, team spirit, and strategic thinking. While active in the outdoors come at their expense, it is inside pensive. “The special mulled wine, cookies & co.!” is true, for example, in the in-house pastry shop on the a beautiful time of the year. After a glass of mulled wine cinnamon stars, Vanillekipferl or other sweet treats can be created there under the guidance of professionals. To conclude, hobby bakers with coffee, tea and Christmas strudel may ever snacking by cookies. Attractive packages are laced for Christmas celebrations, which include mulled wine reception and wintry buffet in the fireplace Lounge on request also a visit of Santa Claus. This of course operates in coordination with the respective hosts and likes the festive Christmas present. Whether company event or contemplative celebration the group size is variable at all specials. The same applies to the gastronomic offer of the House. “A dinner for two or a company Christmas party with 300 participants the Monarch Hotel” is well prepared for everything. In small round you can sit together comfortably in the Kaminstube with crackling fire, in the ballroom of the Convention Center several hundred guests. In addition, has the House has more restaurants and bestuhlbare rooms. “The team of the Monarch Hotel” assist with advice and practical assistance in the booking and the choice of premises. “About the Monarch Hotel” located between Ingolstadt and Regensburg in the renowned spa town of bad Gogging. Guests can here combined with active and wellness holiday in the beautiful countryside on the edge of the Altmuhl Conference stays and relaxed holiday. For more information,

Dachshund Lady Pilla

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