Chief Medical Officer

Chapter 1. Randomness of life. At twenty-two years, brunette Sergey , in snovbordovskih pants and jacket, the big winter running shoes, T-shirt "Stalker" was sitting in the taxi, where you can escape from the newly coming spring chill to the wind. "And because it was such a desire to go and swim in the pool. Once a year, had a strong desire, which is acquired rapidly to failure. That's all luck of life. "- Self-absorbed thinking Sergei, scroll Morning Events: went to the hospital to take a certificate for going to the pool. Although it was Saturday, and on this day not all work, but people can and negotiate, especially when you know each other for years.

Bad, of course, that Help was not found. And this – Chief Medical Officer, the lieutenant – "I can not give help, there are different tests, I'm here, and should not be in today, so just do not have the right to give." , she argued that because the military, as well bull, and all have long known – do not healthy students do not go to swimming pools. Failed. Then he wanted to negotiate in a pool pass for the overpayment. A year ago, there sat a woman in the hallway, a cloakroom and people have little hodilo. But again bummer – young manageress, which does not agree, more people began to walk, repairs made, all the facts laid against a on this day. The mood has developed no good, – "I want to output the same to buy a lot of strength, with just rest arrived.

Health of Children

And the excessive protection deprive him of the opportunity to be independent. The higher the level fenced off and the elevation of the mother, the lower the level of confidence in his teenage and higher expression of total dependence on public opinion, and a heightened sense of guilt. On the other hand, the higher the level of positive interest to teen parents, the higher his willingness to help others, the more developed his sense of responsibility. The stronger the mother exhibits related to the teenager as a small child, the more he defends his own independence, adulthood through intolerance to criticism, to reassess its own capabilities, the expression of feelings of superiority over others, excessive stubbornness, unfriendliness, lack of restraint and quick temper. Although the emotional instability is also influenced by such factors associated with rapid physical development at this age – the difficulty in functioning heart, lungs, brain blood supply.

Therefore, for teens typical changes in blood pressure, fatigue, mood swings and hormonal storm consequence of which is imbalance. The ratio of adolescent to himself as an adult is called 'a sense of maturity. " This desire is that all treated him not as a small, but as an adult. Sense of adulthood and is manifested in the pursuit of independence and desire to protect some aspects of his life from interfering with the parents. The teenager, believing himself a unique personality, while at the same time tends outwardly no different from their peers. A typical feature of adolescents is conformal – imitation. Desire to join the group, does not stand out, meet security needs.

Sometimes teens simulate the behavior of a significant person, usually the father. In case of insufficient criticality teenager, his lack of independence in the judgments of role model could be adversely affected. If parents filed a bad example for alcohol, then a teenager becomes a norm of conduct frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, this example of parents makes the treatment of alcoholism is a complex process because it is deeply imprinted in the minds of such behavior as the norm. In the most important thing children do inherit the values of parents. 'Spheres of Influence' parents and peers delineated. Usually transmitted from parents to fundamental aspects of social life. With peers the same advice about 'immediate' issues. However, relationships with peers for adolescents are more significant than in adults because it is the social isolation of young people from his family genealogy. Adolescence is a period of stormy inner feelings and emotional difficulties. Adolescents sometimes become shy and attach great importance to shortcomings of their appearance and behavior, which leads to a reluctance to meet with some people. Sometimes anxiety paralyzes the social life of a teenager so that he refuses to most forms of group activity. According to a survey conducted among teenagers, each 12-th in the head came the idea suicide. Behavioral characteristic of almost all adolescents. Characteristics of this age – the sensitivity, mood swings, fear of ridicule, reduced self-esteem. Most children over time, it runs by itself, some also need help of a psychologist. There are personal growth trainings, which will help the adolescent develop a healthy self-esteem and its relationship with the outside world. Of course, it is very important remains the preservation of contact between adolescents and parents, which is achieved by striving for mutual understanding and respect for the feelings and views of each other.

Eastern Horoscope Sign

Eastern astrology – a centuries-old art, it gives to reveal the essence of man, his habits, personality traits, health, opportunities for career and talent, compatibility with other people. Oriental zodiac is based on ten solar-lunar cycle, which in its own turn, is subdivided into five elements – water, wood, fire, earth, metal – and twelve animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, each of which corresponds to a year. On the eastern horoscope affect cosmic streams of Yin (feminine) and yang (male), they recognized the symbol of harmony and balance of the universe. Of course, to know that Your sign of the Rat or Snake – a considerable disappointment. It will not make any comparison, let us say, the mythical dragon. But in truth, and the rats and snakes used in China no less deference. Rat are clever and inventive.

A Snake in the Chinese folk story – a charming and kind-hearted hero. It is believed that the eastern sign has a very significant impact on the character and destiny. Some of the people on the topic: does everything Millions of people born in the same year, in something similar? Eastern astrology is much deeper than first appears. This is explained by the fact that a person's identity is conditioned not simply a sign of his birth, but an hour birth, the influence of Yin / Yang and five elements. Even today, many people rely on these Eastern astrology, in order to understand the compatibility and potential future marriage, success at work and the nature of man. Specifically Eastern horoscope dictates which path will form a family of people, ie, How will the marriage, in reality, not on what had been the desire for marriage registration. In the eastern horoscope of any sign – it's part of certain characteristics peculiar to one or another sign, the five elements, the impact Yin / Yang. And the continuing need to keep in mind that any of these characteristics need not be present in humans, it is only likely that he will enjoy them, depending on what it will be a raise.

Eco-Friendly Repair

Did you know that the air in homes in which we live, 6-8 times dirtier than outside? So say environmentalists and difficult to disagree. And blame – finish. So what are the materials used for decoration apartment? And I know you will say – the tree – it's the most environmentally friendly material. But the tree will not last forever, if you do not cover with varnish. A lacquer – it's chemistry. What's the solution? Do not buy cheap synthetic lacquers.

We now turn to tile. It is also ideal from an environmental point of view of finish. But pay attention to the glue, which need to stick the tiles that are its members. If the adhesive contains phenol and toluene – Find another brand. For example, tile Adhesive basis – its structure only natural substances.

Moreover, in the presence of a huge variety of adhesive from tile adhesive based bazpliks T-10 tile adhesive reinforced fixation based belpliks T-17, which would make your best choice. Vinyl wallpaper – they do not breathe, that is not breathable, so sometimes between them and the wall formed by mildew. So it is better to use the hallway and kitchen. And in the nursery perfectly suited Paper wallpaper. Or there is another option clean finish in the living rooms – water-based paints. They are safe because they do not contain solvents. But in order to paint a wall, it must prepare it well – putty and smoothed. And here we must carefully consider the choice of materials. Look closely at osnovitu – to plaster, dirt – what it says in the instructions, of which it consists. Surely this will be what you are looking for. So that the choice of materials for repair of flats should be approached not only from the standpoint of aesthetics, but also environmentally friendly. It's your future health and that of your children. Do not forget about it!