Frankfurt Bathroom

Blue responsibility: Sustainable bathroom faucets enjoy the environment and the wallet of Frankfurt, may 2011. The Germans put value in her bathroom on quality and design, as well as on sustainable products. This was the result of a representative survey of the Gesellschaft fur Kosumforschung (GfK) on behalf of the initiative blue responsibility. Nearly 600 men and women of the age were asked from 14 to 69 years, whereupon she placed special emphasis in the bathroom facilities. The results show: the bathroom no longer only the purpose pure of body hygiene, but is increasingly becoming a well-being space and place to relax. The survey results will at least a gender difference in daylight: men want their bathroom practical and functional (25.3 percent; however, women: 16.5 per cent), whereas women place emphasis on wellness and pampering in the bathroom (13.0 percent; however, men: 6.7 percent). But on the issue of quality, the sexes are agreed: the materials and workmanship of the bathroom fittings and products should be necessarily high, says the half (49.2%) of all respondents. Quality products with future high quality sanitary products will pay off”confirms Wolfgang Burchard, Managing Director of the VDMA trade association taps and spokesman of the initiative blue responsibility.

Who once invested in high-quality products, saves money and trouble in the future.” Here the users can rely on, that the products and fittings are reliable and safe and any horror scenarios such as pipe breaks or line damage expect him? Alone a defective cistern can be quickly over 1,000 euros in annual water billing. Modern plumbing with water-saving effect protects thus purse and the environment alike. Functionality in the most beautiful form in addition to the quality is above all the optical and aesthetic demands on bathrooms, to the German value. About a third of the respondents (37.5 percent) indicates that bathroom fittings and products their design standards must meet. It is especially the 14-to 29-year old, who find it important that criterion (46.5 percent). Older generations (60 years and older), however, mainly focus on functionality (32.0 percent). In different years the requirements for adequate bathroom facilities vary of course”, Burchard said. So older people emphasize more on security.

At the same time, comfort and accessibility of individual bathroom items play an important role. The plumbing company with cross-generational bathroom concepts, which are both functional and flexible as aesthetically and attractively designed, meet these requirements. Age-friendly accommodation is a major issue in the sanitation sector”, Burchard. Wellness an important criterion in the theme bathroom decor is also the aspect of sustainability without repentance according to survey results. Every fourth respondent (26.4 percent) attaches importance, that the products and fittings in your bathroom that is long-lasting, environmentally friendly and are recyclable. And also the wellness enthusiasts (9.6 percent) enjoy your local Spa without remorse. Because while water is a scarce commodity in many countries of the world, Germany is in the happy situation to have sufficient water supplies. By water-saving sanitary products the valuable resource is protected, without having the consumer must give up comfort and well-being”, affirms Burchard.