Marburger Strasse

SP-fashion gives the opportunity to admire the talent of Italian young designers something new in the heart of Berlin finally now Berlin! Beginning of March 2010 the boutique opened SP-fashion in the Marburger Strasse 14. The owner is a former model who discovered the Italian young designers during her career and has decided to open a shop exclusively with their collections. These designers have not been established yet in the fashion business, which are to have their garments exclusively at SP fashion. It is fresh, new and unique fashion that does not still existed in Berlin. Each fashion capital of Italy is visited, as well as the smallest towns, to find the most versatile and creative talents and to promote. Through the long years of experience in fashion life, the owner is constantly informed about the latest trends and the new collections influenced you SP fashion through their stylish taste of on the Internet site at SP fashion every woman will find a matching Clothing – from a casual pair of jeans, over a cocktail dress to a fashionable outfit in the workplace. Learn more at this site: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Only a woman knows what women need to feel comfortable: elegant, stylish and high-quality clothing. Exactly these qualities can be found at SP fashion.

Of course also the matching accessories, such as a belt, a matching bag or similar include any complete outfit. These constantly shifting, with seasonal Collections. The great talent of the Designer gives rise to new trends, which makes shine the Berlin fashion scene in a new light. At SP fashion you can dress up from head to toe and every woman with any taste will come at their expense. An excellent selection of cuts and materials offered, where you are advised by a professional, multilingual team. Helping you on German, to make a decision, English and Russian. Only at SP fashion the creativity and talent of designers from all over Italy will no longer withhold from you and only at SP-fashion, you can admire the future of fashion and to bring home. The team from SP-fashion awaits you! Contact: SP fashion Marburger Strasse 14 10789 Berlin Tel: 030 / 23607480 fax: 030 / 23607481

Cosmetic Surgery

Other type as referred to as cosmetic plastic surgery performed to correct failures in order to improve their image. It could be an operation of nose, wrinkles on the face, poor condition of the lips or the size of the breasts. Cosmetic surgery has a solution to all these problems. Liposuction or liposculpture is another form of procedure of cosmetic surgery which is immensely popular. This is done in those who suffer from obesity or excessive fat accumulation in the body.

Used to get rid of fat deposits from all areas where grease cannot be removed with just follow a diet and exercise. Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic surgery used to revitalize the wrinkled skin of the face with the help of injections. Another form of cosmetic surgery involves laser treatment that is often used for acne scar removal. Cosmetic surgery risks as any other surgery, there are risks with cosmetic surgery also. During the recovery, one can experience much pain. Most likely the infection is also there, which can give rise to a lot of complications. There is always a possibility of bad cosmetic surgery, where the final result not might be the same as expected by the doctor or the patient.

Therefore, before you undergo surgery, it is always advisable to have a detailed discussion with your doctor about your expectations and possibilities of its fulfillment.One of the most important characteristics of the facts the surgery is that one should choose clinics recognized aesthetics or the surgeon after a thorough check of the credentials that the has. Cosmetic surgery can be performed by any accredited surgeon. There is no regulation regulated as such in the surgeons who can perform cosmetic surgery, therefore, you have to be extremely careful. One can take the reference of friends and past customers of the surgeon in question, have an idea fair of their work and their rerefrencias and successful surgeries.

UV Radiation

It is known that uv radiation acts on the virus is much more effective than chlorine, so the use of ultraviolet light in the preparation of drinking water possible, in particular, in many ways to solve the problem of removing hepatitis viruses A, which is not always solved by traditional chlorination. The highest bactericidal action have ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 200 to 295 microns. This area Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is called. Maximum bactericidal activity is located near the wavelength of 254 microns. The use of uv irradiation as a disinfection is recommended for water, already held treatment of color, turbidity and iron content. Effect of disinfection of water control, determining the total number of bacteria in 1 cm3 of water and the number of indicator coliform in 1 liter of water after its decontamination. Get more background information with materials from Healthy Living.

Using Escherichia coli as an indicator organism to assess the effect of water disinfection caused by the following considerations: the presence of E. coli in water is easier to define, than other coliforms, and she is always present in humans and warm-blooded animals, its presence in water indicates the source of its pollution, household wastewater, oxidants, used for water disinfection, lethal effect on E. coli is more difficult than on the pathogens that cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, E. coli is harmless and is only controlling microorganism characterizing bacterial contamination of water. Henry Chao: the source for more info. Possibility of secondary bacterial contamination exists when the probability that a groundwater system through leaky opening the pipeline, as well as the use of filling filters (sand, coal) for local water treatment. For example, the filter is activated carbon because of its high porosity has a significant surface which is well developed microflora.

Due to biofouling of the surface of activated carbon, ie biofilm formation of organic particles and bacteria, requires periodic replacement of its filling, and for guarantee obtaining water of appropriate quality for bacterial contamination – additional disinfecting uv light. The uv units should provide for cleaning of quartz jackets without removing them from the camera disinfection, as in the course of their work accumulate deposits of organic and mineral origin at the inner surface of the germicidal lamp. In practice, a special cleaning system of two types: mechanical and chemical. In the first case of a special Teflon sleeve, driven by a special mechanism, and tight-fitting crystal case, occasionally slipping on it. Its main disadvantage is low reliability and low durability. Chemical cleaning is a simple and effective method. It is performed by circulating water through the plant with the addition of small amounts of edible acids using Wash pump, which must include a complete set of uv installation. uv disinfection is most useful for local water treatment plants at the final stage of water treatment to ensure its proper drinking water quality.


According to architect Julia Alexandrova: "Saloon is convenient to separate into two sectors – a sleeping area and the storage of clothes." Make such a separation is possible using partitions chosen for each band's own finishes and lighting. Whenever Healthy Living listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Lighting rest rooms must be functional. Ambient light can be bright, but not too sharp, to achieve a similar effect to help dull shades. It is also possible to use spotlights located on the perimeter of the room or space in a multi-level ceiling. For lighting a bedroom can be applied not conventional switches and dimmers, allowing smooth adjust the brightness of lighting. At the head of the bed is recommended to install lamps with opaque shades that give directional light. If the bedroom has a dressing table, a mirror for illumination should be assigned by either side, at eye level, lamps, giving a soft, diffused light.

To finish the bedroom is best to choose eco-friendly hypoallergenic materials. The ceiling can be covered by quality water-based paint: Tikkurila, Dufa etc. Using suspended structures is not recommended, as they collect dust. You can use the suspended ceiling on the basis of textile fibers, for example, clipso or Batyline. Optimal variant flooring – laminate or hardwood floor. You can also use a carpet made of natural wool. Suitable for wall vinyl, non-woven or paper wallpaper, and wallpaper from natural materials: bamboo, straw, cork, textiles or silk. When choosing furniture, you need to pay attention to the material of which it is made. Cheap headsets are usually made from mdf or particleboard with an artificial veneer.

Optimize Time Work

Many people with whom I communicate say they have much to do and not enough time to do so. Or that after a small defeat at some business lost momentum and not try again. Full-time employment, family responsibilities, maintenance of health and other distractions, the main reasons for not having your business with home-based are all too. You can end with the feeling that your life is dedicated to each of the other obligations, and that your dream home based business never will sleep. However, I have good news! You can find and maximize time to make that dream a reality. All you need is finding the time and commit to using that time for your business alone without distractions. Try the following strategies to your business based at home, make it more tangible and real than their own immediate reality.

Creation of the document * your daily routine * the first thing you will have to find a quiet place and write down your schedule a document with start and end of the weather in events such as preparing for work, driving their children to school, his trip to their daily work, time at the gym and daily activities and other weekly commitments that have. Don’t forget weekends and (more importantly) family time. After you complete this document, you must have a good vision of what his week of work performed. You should see gaps in the week. Then make a new document with a simple goal: try to find two hours that are available, the greater amount of time without interruption, if possible and must now commit itself to invest that time in your home-based business. You should be able to give priority to that time, as if it would work for a very demanding employer. Perform this task again, see the document you created and re-evaluate it, looking for more free time.

Weight Loss Tips

With these brief tips you can lose weight and learn a lot without get carried away by all that you have said, you only have to check that it works and you’ll see that sucrase advantage of these tips.PROOF that works many people think that if after exercising nothing hurts, you’re not doing it well. But the truth is quite the opposite. Never should be painful, in fact, professional coaches recommend that you are standing still a minor sign of pain. Why? By injuries. The exercise should be something enjoyable because if not it is much easier to drop out and only occasionally it may cause a slight pain due to the acid lactic one or days after an intense exercise session. Some take this to the end of exercise, say, to the 7 or 8 in the morning, and outdoors just when pollution levels are highest. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tai chi and gain more knowledge.. To read more click here: Herbalife.

In addition, it comes from night rest and is not always good to move the muscles after a long break. In investigations carried out from United States to Korea has come to the conclusion that the best time to exercise is approximately between 6 and 7 p.m., once you left behind the stress of the day need relax, produce endorphins to feel good and get ready to sleep. But you also have to be careful in not exercising very night to avoid that the system will accelerate us insomnia. Absolutely false. Exercise makes you burn calories, but when the stomach is empty there is no burn calories and your body seeks fuel in other parts. This effort can result in dizziness or fainting in some cases, nor is good exercise with the stomach full since this interferes with digestion.

The right thing is to eat something light between 10 and 20 min. before you begin workout.This virtually tells us that if you can, you should exercise throughout the day. As a result, there are cases that reach until exhaustion and occasionally the cardiologist’s Office, each person has different needs and remember to heed your body and discontinue the exercise when you’re tired.The physical differences between men and women do that men have a higher percentage of muscle mass, so the men manage to increase your muscle mass with the training of weights as opposed to women who have a higher percentage of fat and less muscle mass, by what weights them help strengthen them your muscles, not abultar them. So we can conclude that women can go to the gym without fear that they won’t ever like bodybuilders physicist. It is that the abdominal can do nothing to improve your abdomen if you have a generous amount of grease on top of the muscle. So with the abdominals you reinforce the abdominal muscles but they cannot infer the layer of fat that is on them. Visit my page here for more Info.

Fifth Avenue Carmen

Playa del Carmen is featured around the world as one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Mexico: located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, this place is visited every year by an infinity of different regions of the planet travelers, that choose this site because of its particular characteristics, among which are, of course, its beaches with white sandCrystal clear waters and pleasant climate that accompanies this area at any time of the year. In addition to its natural attractions and the great diversity of outdoor activities outdoors that you can perform on this destination, the modern hotel infrastructure of the region is also presented as another reason why it is a traditional site for vacationing. In this way you will have the opportunity to book hotels with discount in Playa del Carmen and enjoy the best service, comfort and attention at one price more than convenient. Besides Hotels you will find resorts, hostels and many other alternatives. Those travelers who have been lucky enough to visit Playa del Carmen know that the reasons for choosing it as the next destination for your holidays are endless: begin it should be noted that boasts some of the scenery more beautiful and romantic of all Mexico, becoming the ideal choice to share with your partner, but also offers a variety of activities, excursions and tours, perfect to enjoy with family or friends.

Thanks to its wonderful climate, with an average temperature of 25 C and maximum of 35 in summer, Playa del Carmen stands as the ideal alternative for lovers of life outdoors and for those tourists who want to get away from the city and come into contact with nature, leaving behind the concerns, stress and the pressures of the daily grind. To achieve this ultimate goal this destination offers a wide variety of spas and restorts where you will be attended by professionals who will provide you with the best services and treatments for your relaxation and well-being. The growth that Playa del Carmen has presented since the end of the 1960s in the field of tourism It is now easily perceptible: today is a cosmopolitan port in which its inhabitants are divided between those natives of the region and a large portion of immigrants from different countries of the globe. Check out Herbalife for additional information. This feature can be seen through the numerous local artists, among them musicians, actors, dancers and renowned painters. Playa del Carmen is much more than just a beach destination: Fifth Avenue is the meeting point for this multiculturalism I mentioned.

There you will find numerous craft shops and stalls of unique clothing. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the best typical, national and international dishes that offer different restaurants of this important avenue. I highly recommend taking the time to visit Playacar, just 20 minutes away, where will you find an impressive residential complex with restaurants, hotels of first level, an extensive field of golf and an exotic Aviary.

Saturday Voice

He would discuss the new cases of civil war in africa. Cristina thanked the fact of not having to comment because he walked with his bag packed. Nor did you hear almost no one she was one of the fifteen who passed the math and Quitze banadonar not in the practice of mathematics. “The mean math teacher put me in August. My first thought Cristina August, rising from his hidden position. After leaving high school, he went like a whirlwind dragging the backpack that nearly knocked down. Consider taking a taxi. “Hello,” said the voice at his side.

– Guillermo? – Ask an imaginary unturned, covering her hair with his expression of surprise. “I see that now you’re a busy person,” continued the voice. “The people themselves learn to stand on our own,” he managed to say seeing it sideways quickly. “This bag weighs a lot,” said Wilhelm, “do you want me to drive?. – Wow. You seem to be the official magazine of high school, “he said hurtful, jealous to remember the gossip. Guillermo look at her. He knew the effect it had on her, he said.

“But despite that I have no partner for the dismissal of Graciela. “I have no second plate sign table,” he said with a grimace that meant & a mp; quot; Anda, Dare, conquistame & a mp; am p; quot;. Takeshi-Miss. You have a sign of being a little person that fit too bienunos leather jeans at the party on Saturday with me, “said Guillermo easily carry the heavy backpack.

Loneliness Makes Sick, Comfort Heals

Marion Scheffler and Udo Baer portray dignity in day-to-day care and understanding care is different!”in her new book about understanding care. Marion Scheffler, since head of the Safi home in Hamburg reported over 25 years from the practice for the practice. In addition Udo Baer brings his knowledge and his many years of therapeutic experience with. In the Safi home there are the same staff key same care sets same conditions as in all other nursing homes, and yet everything is different there! The difference in the attitude of the nurses and everyday it arising. Hilde, the wild and 9 other people are presented with their life experiences in the Safi home. Key aspects of understanding care, the method of work of biography, the way of the dignity and the three qualities of care (physical, mental and encounter care) make a comprehensive and informative work from the book. Our authors are available for events and interviews available, more information about Marion Scheffler and Udo Baer, visit our homepage (