Psychotherapy Treatment

So that as I previously said in that first interview when they enter to the treatment I show to them because they must persist in the psycotherapy if they want to have and to live total an own life and; and one of the first steps is to take brings back to consciousness than it is his life then, because imbuidos and they are absorbed generally in the concrete suffering that the internal fight on its mechanism of thought and the possibility impossible to avoid takes it to him. The patient must learn that in a while of the treatment, of the psychological therapy will take place in him the mechanisms of resistance to the same, pronouncing itself then like anxiety states, of avoidance, where she will feel extremely anxious, frustrated, where she will allow herself to demand the changes already, where she will have forgotten his previous state to the one the moment of the treatment, because to the been salary advancing and improving this one memory already by luck she will not be and she is at that precise moment that she will need his will to persist in the treatment, and for continuing advancing towards the total success of the same. The First can provide more clarity in the matter. That is my intention when showing to him a plane than it is his life in the present, of the limitations, the ways in which it is not projecting for example to a total life, but his pathology prevents it, causes that it also takes contact with its limitations, with its impossibilities, but with what in this one present does not project, but that if it defeats to the disease will be able to obtain until now not him then has been possible the simple acceptance that another life, another project of life and existence is possible. Learning this, secondly the exigency of the fight is allowed also, that although is long, if it persists knows here, in this one first interview because I am made it know, who the treatment is possible, the improvement in his quality of life is possible, and also is possible that as well as defeating to the mechanisms of the TOC was demanded daily and uselessly, now begins a way accompanied by its therapist, who the light at the end of the tunnel can see it, but that it is possible only with autoexigencia that initially will have to be necessary and is when the anxiety plays bad the past one to him to demand the results already to him, and is then in which it will have to accept that the time is necessary and is the unique one that makes possible inside of the therapeutic process the change, the modification and therefore the improvement at first moment and soon the cure. Speaking candidly The First told us the story.