Therapeutical Health

In accordance with Schall & Struchiner (2005) apud Thiengo; Oliveira & Rodrigues (2005, P. 69): … For being the AIDS a transmissible illness e, until the moment, incurable, whose indices come increasing in the entire world, it must be considered that the effective components for its control and prevention are the information and the education. Of this form, one becomes essential to think about the AIDS as an illness each more present time in the institutions of health, being indispensable to the professionals of health, particularly to the nurses to make use of knowledge and pedagogical abilities in activities with sights to the education, the control and the prevention of the transmission of the HIV. Thus, the educational alternatives with sights to its prevention must be pautadas in orientaes whose essence is the valuation of the life and the construction of the alternatives of prevention in a freedom climate, responsibility and solidarity human being. According to Breton & Camba (2006, P. 261): It is paper of the nurse, as educator for the health, to work stimulating the carriers of DST to the adhesion to the medicamentoso treatment and the change in the sexual behavior.

It must actively participate of the promotion and distribution of condoms, teaching the rank and divulging its effectiveness as barrier against the DST' s. The nurse must, still, participate of the detention of cases by means of the inquiry during the nursing consultation, guide and direct the patient for the treatment, to manage the therapeutical one and to follow the clinical evolution. Of this form, the professional nurses must reflect on the psicossociais aspects of the DST? s, so that in this way they are developed practical of promotion the health in such a way for the prevention how much for the adolescents who already had developed the infections. For in such a way, an integration of the nurse with the excessively professional ones must be had that composes the multiprofessional team in such a way, so that together they can develop the activities of promotion the health of these adolescents, leading in consideration the individual context how much collective (the THIENGO; OLIVEIRA; RODRIGUES, 2005).

Meaning of Life

" Where to look for the meaning of life? If knowledge of the meaning of life, so it is important that questions remain: how and where to find it? How to distinguish the important from the minor? Here's how to answer these questions Frankl: "Man should not ask what the meaning of his life, but rather to realize that he is the one to whom addressed the issue. We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life, but instead to understand that life asks us questions, poses problems – daily and hourly. Our answer must consist not in talk and meditation, but in right action and correct behavior. Ultimately, the means to live to take responsibility for choosing the correct answer to the problems of life, and carry out tasks which it constantly gives to everyone. These tasks, and consequently, the meaning of life – different things to different people, they change from one moment to another. It is therefore impossible to determine the meaning of life in general. Proclaiming that the person responsible for the potential meaning of his life and his realization, I want to emphasize that the true meaning of life must be found in the outer world, and not within the person and his own soul, as in a closed system. I gave a definition of this essential characteristic "to transcend itself (self-transcedence). She points out that human existence is always directed toward something or someone other than itself – be it a meaning that must be done, or any other person with whom must meet.

Red Wines

The grapes are separated from the combs, pulverized or crushed berries and put all the pulp to ferment, filling the tub or barrel with 3 / 4 volume. Fermentation is carried out together with the skins and seeds, which gives the wine a nice tart taste, the taste and staining. Leaven of pure culture yeast before fermentation is given in an amount of 2% of the amount taken grapes. During fermentation of the mash floating rise up, creating a mass-cap, which must be at least 3-4 times a day dipped in the juice at the bottom of the tub with oak agitators. If you do not, then the "cap" may occur acetic skisanie, and at the same time, extractives and anthocyanins less go into the wine. During fermentation in wort give a solution sulfurous acid from 0,5 to 1 g dkl. To reduce the temperature below +32 C is necessary to merge the wort, pour them a "cap" and mix, then the tub wall is well rubbed with a cloth with a solution of sulfuric acid to prevent mold. After a stormy fermentation the wine should be urgently drained into barrels, not filling them up to the top, then topped up and after complete fermentation of sugar is completely filled and covered tongue. Care for red wine is the same as for white. Keep in mind that grape wine is good, of course, with moderation.

Lens Aperture

I would like to start with what does the term 'portrait'. If we turn to the definition, then this image of a person or group of people. Much more interesting is the definition gives us the notion of a portrait in the literature, writer discloses the nature of heroes, expresses his attitude towards them. Them that we will use it, because under the first definition fits and photo on the passport. Creating a photo portrait begins with the fact that we have formed what is image. We see this person happy or sad, happy or unhappy.

We pay attention to his facial features, hair and eye color. How do we distinguish what we like, how to show something that we pay attention? There several ways: 1) The color contrast or color spot, which attracts attention, and 2) The contrast of forms, and 3) The contrast of textures, and 4) Rezkostny accent. What is it? The fact that the sharpness can not be distributed evenly throughout the frame, and more precisely in the depth of the frame. It varies, it is noticeable even when we simply look at an object, try it! Keep your finger at a distance of approximately 10 centimeters from the person, if we examine it we see the whole texture of the skin, all the smallest details, but if at the same time try to look at objects that are farther, they will be blurred, we begin to consider, focus on them, and now we see them well, and vice versa finger became blurred.