Energy Vampires

If you believe in energy vampires, you probably had at least once in their lives collide with a person who is fueled by your energy. In appearance it is no different from any other person, and he does not no signs to guess that it is energy vampire. This is quite an ordinary man like any other. However, talking to him for a while, you feel tired, fatigue, depression and loss of strength. Often a headache. Bucket feeling of emptiness. Spoil the mood. And then you have some time to get in shape, recover.

And if it is repeated, if your meeting with this person regular, and they end with the above symptoms, then one or you make a conclusion, or someone to help you make it. And this conclusion is very simple: a person with whom you sometimes have to communicate is energy vampire. It feeds your energy, and therefore, after each such meeting, you feel bad. That's all the explanation. Indeed, with this explanation is difficult to argue. Especially when it falls on fertile ground beautiful legends about vampires, which dropped hundreds of thousands of movies and written books. But if vampires who feed on the blood, remains a legend, a story about energy vampires quickly become overgrown with flesh and blood rather simple and elegant explanation that sounds very plausible. Judge for yourself: if we communicate regularly with the person and then feel the loss of strength and weakness, what is it but the fact that the bad man taken away from we are part of the energy? Of course it is.

The Plant

The vessel with the plant cucumber include in the pan, on any pedestal so that it does not touch the bottom. Required gap 1,5-2 cm advisable to use a reduced size of pebbles or something like that. When growing cucumbers on windowsill hydroponic way holes in the vessel makes at need. To control the level of the feed solution in this case a rubber or plastic tube with a diameter of 2-3 cm in height above the filled level at 2-3 cm bottom of the tube must have no straight cut, and toothed like a better penetration of fluid into the cavity of the tube when replacing the mortar and other manipulations. For irrigation water and Fertilizer mixtures for growing plants in the soil and to replace and supplement the feed solution during the growth of cucumber plants on the windowsill hydroponic method must have device in the form of pear (syringe). Use of such funds creates a great inconvenience. The first is that they have a small capacity (up to 0,2-1 l), a very small hole, so spent a lot of time on the fence fluids and most importantly – poor data quality tools. Therefore, to ensure quality of irrigation to avoid erosion of the root system and the formation of depressions (holes in the ground) for irrigation, it is advisable to produce the most irrigation capacity.

You can use the packaging from the detergents and other chemicals funds for the cucumber on the windowsill, he built a screwable plug rubber hose with a diameter 0,8-1 cm and a length of 30-35 cm special attention when choosing the cookware should be paid to its elasticity, rougher than a vessel, the better, faster will be drawn into it liquid. In preparing the substrate (expanded clay, gravel) for use at the beginning and again need to have a sieve, and capacity for steaming and . You need to have at least 2 cans. In only one round pliers edge, the other to the whole riddle awl diameter 2-2,5 mm. Punching holes should be done from the inside to inside the bank's surface was smooth. This is a sieve, so it is called, will serve to rinse the substrate before its use. The holes should be done as often as possible and uniformly, under this condition is achieved more qualitative treatment fractions and the purity of the substrate. To get fresh vegetables in winter or early spring when cultivation of cucumber on the window sill, you must have some means for growing seedlings in late or very early. This device can serve for stanochek for growing seedlings and cucumber tomatoes in a short and often cloudy days of autumn-winter period.


Depending on the substance, but also according to the habit of taking these factors vary greatly in play. The mechanism of action of psychological dependence psychological dependence arises however, event-driven. It takes a specific event or a chain of events contingents. By "contingent" refers to events that are perceived temporally and spatially coherent. Furthermore, it takes living conditions and problems that lead to a psycho-physical stress and so-called stress symptoms. Under stress symptoms here elevated adrenaline Committee, increased heart rate, more perspiration, increased galvanic skin tension, dilated pupils etc are meant. In psychophysical stress I understand the following: pain, depression, anger, fear and anxiety, pessimistic thoughts, etc.

I call this psycho-physical tensions, because such feelings and thoughts just have a physical substrate. They contribute to the measurable stress symptoms and make the connection between the biological and physical and psychological dependence. Now, if in a state of psychological tension a psychoactive substance is consumed, so by taking the substance results in a reduction of experienced real tension. Similarly, the stress symptoms are less clearly perceived, it ensteht the impression of a (pseudo-) reduction. This voltage reduction is due to the drug. He is not due to the problem.

The insidious thing psychologically psychoactive substances is their ability to stress symptoms and psychological tension to change, without the matching (of life) to change problem must. With life problems problems at work, in important relationships or problems associated with a perceived as a gloomy future prospect meant. Such tensions respectively its causes, the problems just belong to life and can not simply be "abolished".


In many cases the source of our distress comes from our relationship with others. It is somewhat paradoxical because when someone has depression also are advised to rely on others to get out of it. Personal relationships can be the source of our discomfort or the solution to it. But what happens to us when someone is upset with his behavior?, What could we do so we would not negatively affect the attitudes of others? From my humble point of view, most humans are egocentric beings, everything revolves around us. We are the center of the universe.

Anything that does not fit with our understanding of life is often received as a threat. We are missing. Here is the crux of the matter, empathy. We all know very well the theory but putting it into practice is another story. Empathy does not imply agreement but simply understand strange behavior and look for a justification of why the person acts like that. There is always a cause for behavior. The find and discover why a person behaves in certain ways is a skill that we should practice all. To practice empathy is needed calm.

It is very difficult to know when your lip biting spouse criticizes us something or act in ways that do not share. Stand five minutes to think why he acts that way. Maybe you can come to understand and support for all causes of bad behavior is based on an upset. If we practice this skill every day we come a long way in our rush to. There is an old proverb that says: Before you judge your brother, walk for two weeks in his moccasins.


2012. Apocalypse or Rebirth? "For the great day of His wrath, and who can resist?" (I. Theologian) So St. John the Evangelist tells us about the coming times, in "Revelation". Many prophecies about this difficult time written And Nostradamus, and Wang, and even the Mayan calendar ends exactly at 2012. Scary as that from this information and our "bright" buduyuschie seems not bright, but hazy and undefined. Huge number of books and articles written, an endless stream of documentaries and feature films flooded the screens of close already "doomsday". And all the signs, as it were a person – earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming and flooding, broken ecology, displacement of the earth's axis, etc.

But more recently, in 1999, all media "blew" us "doomsday", but nothing happened. And we are alive and well Thank God! And waiting for the new date is 26.12.2012 year. It looks like the show and fun for all of us, that's just what it is not fun to us now, many of despondency, despair, depression, fear of what that lurked in my heart Of course, when all over the world, as the tumor developed economic crisis that has gripped everyone and everything, how much fun here, when something – how to make ends meet and when will it all end is not known. But only if the economic crisis stronger than we? Economy and spiritual are inseparable, ie, where the economic crisis, there is a spiritual, rather, first spiritual crisis, and then follows on the heels and economic.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Currently, we know that these plaques and tangles are characteristic of Alzheimer's disease, and only when identified in the brain, can make a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Memory loss is a common symptom of aging called normal a olvidos benign senescent and a operationally defined as deterioro of age-associated memory , but can also correspond to the initial state of a demenciaa . Alzheimer's disease is a medical condition which disturbs the functioning of the brain, affecting those parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. It is a progressive disease that develops in stages a "rule, since its inception in the late stages, the average time period is five years, gradually destroying memory, reasoning, trial, language and, eventually, the ability to carry out even the simplest tasks. Its onset is usually with a lack of short-term memory.

Appear at this stage, the first problems in the intellectual faculties. So, before knowing the diagnosis, the patient will criticize sloppy, make mistakes that hurt him or his family, he feels unable to meet their obligations. In the second stage, the problem in the cerebral cortex appear determined disorders of language, difficulty understanding complex texts, retrieving words, distortion of words and loss of skills. This also includes the loss of spatial orientation, calculation disorders, clumsiness, even lose the ability to get dressed or bathing without assistance. All of this and because of that, you can add pictures of depression and delusions of prejudice or jealousy.

The Adaptation

According to the theory of liberation, the social aspect of the process of alienation older people is inevitable, because of their position at some time have to move on to more young people, able to work more productively. Some critics called this theory the most inhuman, others ask a question: is there a 'liberation', 'disconnection' of a universal and inevitable phenomenon? This theory has largely supplanted by the current theory of activity, whose adherents claim that when aging people leave their familiar roles, their sense of loss and hurts their sense of uselessness in society. In this case prejudiced self-esteem. To maintain their morale and positive identity, they should not abandon the active life, and, conversely, do the new activity. Continuing to perform active and socially important role and communicate with others (for example, does not work at full rate after retirement or to engage in voluntary social activities), aging people maintain their mental composure.

In general, the adaptation of people to old age has a significant impact nature of their activities in the early stages of life. If the time approximation old man possessed a number of different roles, it is easier to survive the loss of the roles he played in the past. People with emotional and psychological stability and activity at the age of 30 years or more, retain vitality after 70. Adults who are prone to depression, fear and conservatism in 30 years, often disturbing the rest of his life. The authors of the theory of minority noted that the elderly – a minority in the population, which implies a low socio-economic status, discrimination, prejudice and many other phenomena that experienced by minorities.