Wind Energy

The wind power complex The Compass promoted by Neo Energy, a company owned by Energias de Portugal (EDPl) and HC Power (Group Hidrocant brico), consists of four parks connected to the substation in Fresno Veleta from Monasterio de Rodilla where energy evacuated through an airline of 10,861 meters in length, to the substation where Mola Alcocero connect to the network. In this town called The Compass affects located in the municipalities of Monasterio de Rodilla y Valle de las Navas, with 35 wind turbines of 850 kilowatts of power unit and 29.75 MW in total.

Statements in favor

Statements in favor of the project Marcelo Tokman, Energy Minister: “From the energetic point of view, at least, should be incorporated generation projects in Aysen, there are projects HidroAys n and Xstrata projects. The reason from the energy standpoint, we consider advisable to carry out these projects are varied: the first is that it is a domestic fuel, which means be protected from this risk that goes with what happens with supply and prices international two, is a very efficient source of generation with significantly lower costs than conventional alternatives. (Source) “The power plants need them. We are demanding much more energy than it produces and non-conventional energy supply will not give. Therefore, projects that provide large amounts of energy are welcome and necessary. As necessary, hopefully move as fast as possible, but always fulfilling all measures required environmental impact.(Source) Edmundo Perez Yoma, the interior minister: “I stand quickly boost the construction of large hydroelectric dams in Aysen. (Source) “” We must, with all possible energy, the construction of the entire reservoir system HidroAys n. (Source) Sergio Bitar, Minister of Public Works: “If these plants were not made (HidroAys n), we have a greater energy deficit by the year 2013, and that could compromise national development”. (Source) “Chile needs to strengthen its energy and that can not be all coal, as we are doing today. Emission of greenhouse gases has increased Chile between ’90 and today, seven times and will continue at a faster pace. Costs of energy from oil, coal or gas are soaring, it is vital to progress in hydropower.(Source) Jose Miguel Insulza, OAS Secretary General: “Well, the first thing I would say is this: we have no real energy resources. Because he talks a lot of sun and wind and all those things but in reality development of these things require much money and the number of mills that you must have in order to accumulate sufficient energy in certain places is immense. So let’s put it frankly, the large energy resource that has this country is hydroelectric. (Source) Sebastian Pinera, RN presidential candidate: “We have to do Aysen hydro. “If I have to be my president, I will encourage the dams being built in Chile because Chile needs energy, but we are going to require these companies care about the environment, care for nature and the form of people’s lives Aysen. (Source)


The title was confirmed by in an interview, denying rumors that pointed as the album title “From Roots to Fruits”. Taboo said in an interview that the four band members were working on the album, thereby disproving the rumors of their separation. Disc recordings ended on 15 October 2008. The album was recorded in a UK study. In an interview with Hip Hop official online channel,, Taboo and advanced that the album will have a more electro. This could not have used the latest technologies on the music scene. The band leader said in an interview that the album would be a musical diary. “It is a daily music … that at any given time, depending on the inspiration you have, you can add new rhythms in it. I’m trying to break with the concept of an album. What is your album Only 12 placed songs in iTunes so that people can pick them That’s not an album. No, I want more.The END I would describe as a bunch of dance rhythms, melodies, real, something electronic and soul. We call static electro funk “There collaborations planned for the album but there are several contributions to the remix versions of the songs.

Satellite Image Islay

Satellite Image Islay Islay Islay is the southernmost island of the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. It is known as Queen of the Hebrides. The natives are called leach Islay and the plural is Ilich. The capital of the island is Bowmore, famous for its distillery and Kilarrow Parish Church. Second is the village of Port Ellen. Islay is the fifth largest island in Scotland and the sixth largest island in the surrounding Great Britain (excluding Ireland). Islay has just over 3,000 inhabitants. He has more than 600 square kilometers and total area. Its main industry is based on the distillation of whiskey and whiskey-related tourism and birding (birdwatching). The island is home to many species of birds and is a popular meeting place throughout the year for bird watchers, it should be noted that in February you can see large colonies of barnacle. Among the birds that inhabit the island you can find the chough, cormorants, the hen harrier and common oystercatcher, among other birds.A portion of the island, Gruinart Flats is classified as a nature reserve owned by the RSPB. It is an important wintering place of the barnacle goose. The climate on Islay is often more pleasant than in the rest of the Scottish Highlands because of the Gulf Stream. Many people consider the Scottish island Islay as more beautiful.

Demand reduction through

Demand reduction through changes in lifestyle Main articles: Simple living and Decrease A significant percentage of abuse of resources are because of our wasteful lifestyle based on a wealth of comforts and needs created by advertising and consumer society that go far beyond basic needs for our subsitencia. The U.S. with 5 of world population consume 24.8 of the world’s oil spending a total of 20.52 million barrels per day making them the first in the per capita worldwide as the U.S. accounts Department of Energy. Europe, excluding Russia, consumes 19.9 of global oil which means a total of 16.45 million bpd. There is a movement that advocates simplifying our society that the more complex and more energy required. (See the section on the laziness in society: the dumbest of all species).Whatever the dwindling energy resources in any case would force a decline in demand for food and services. It should change many habits of high consumption by other much more efficient and cheaper. For example the use of bicycles for transportation in town as well as eating foods cooked at home, bring them to nearby crops or organic crops also halt the use of chemicals. You could also reduce spending on packaging and food packaging highlighting an sale of fresh produce, in turn healthier. Likewise it would also be preferable that each person worked in places close to home and minimizing travel expenses. Critics of consumerism argue that modern society is addicted to consumption encouraged by the possibility of borrowing and, above all, by the constant hype that people are subjected, which in itself is also a waste of energy.In fact today expend energy companies for potential consumers to spend in turn. The energy shortage will lead to the absurd situation because in a context of scarcity can understand how to boost spending power consumption More and more people will have to adjust their lifestyle to a calmer and quieter pace instead of the current accelerated rate. Stress reduction and the use of chemicals and pollution have a positive impact on decreasing consumption of healthcare resources. In fact, nothing in our quality of life forces us to live ever more rapidly and consume, is an absurdity that is done unconsciously and it is only explicable on the basis of need for getting rich at the expense of the majority, which urged to accelerate its pace increasing. This situation will become untenable and intolerable as a means of energy shortages.But a reduction of complexity also adversely affect the economy causing perhaps an increase in unemployment and the bankruptcy of many businesses that are no longer viable in an environment of energy scarcity. The crisis of the economic model based on increased consumption impossible to sustain any longer, would result in a political transformation of crucial importance for the survival of humanity. The company would not be free of negative effects and these would be higher, the lower the willingness to reduce consumption while still on time. If we are saying that resources are virtually exhausted the reduction in consumption will not change imposed by a political but a purely technical forcing. Society should undertake unpleasant changes. It would work more in order to replace the work done so far by the machines. The planes and cars would be replaced by trains and boats as means of transport.People travel much less staying at home more during the holidays. Processed foods or expensive to produce as beef, chocolate, coffee, tea and milk would be replaced by local foods such as cereals and vegetables. The air conditioning would become a thing of the past. People should live in smaller house at lower cost, better insulated and easier to maintain, usually a dramatic reduction in consumption would effect the whole chain of production and transportation of products. In extreme cases would proceed to the rationing of electricity and even food. The global crisis will require global solutions which may force an increase in social complexity, not technology (see: Complex Societies). It also would require perhaps a reduction in the population based on a controlled reduction in the birthrate. All in favor of preventing further conflicts and overexploitation even greater.


WE KIND OF COMPANY .. . Type of business, according to the Industry Tertiary or service sector Includes companies whose main element is the human capacity for physical work or intellectual. Given that we are going to devote to the construction of special software, enter this sector. Type of business, according to size Small Business Overall, small businesses are independent entities, created to be profitable, whose annual sales value does not exceed a certain threshold and the number of people who make up does not exceed a certain limit. At the time the company is shaping up, given that we are in a stage of performing each study corresponding to their conformation. Type of business, according to Capital Property Public Company It’s the kind of company in which the capital belongs to the state which may be national, provincial or municipal. We apply this type of company, because we plan to present this project to the state for approval and is constituted for the service of public hospitals and achieving success in the bid to be submitted, the capital invested in the project comes from the state . Type of business, according to the Field of Activity National Companies When sales are made in practically all the territory of a country or nation. Type of business, depending on destination of Benefits Companies with Profit Surpluses which can pass from the owners, shareholders, etc …

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Naval Health System

Naval Health System (Chile) On 2 August 1996 are published in the Official Journal of the Chilean Law No. 19,465, which establishes the “Health System in the Armed Forces”, and enables effective access of staff to the health actions in the manner and conditions provided by law. This is integrated into a single legal curative and preventive medicine for active and retired. It arises as a result of this the creation of the Naval Health System of the Chilean Navy, in charge of the Naval Health Directorate, in keeping with the basic concepts through to facilities throughout Chile. Naval Health System helps to maintain and restore health of its beneficiaries through actions of prevention, promotion, cure and rehabilitation of various diseases, both the active (official) and for pensioners (retired staff) naval and their families who are burdens, in order to deliver better health and can be given the resources available.The system reflects the concepts of solidarity, Continuity and Integrative Medicine.

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Preventive medicine “prophylactic”

Preventive medicine “prophylactic” redirects here. For other uses, see condoms. Preventive medicine is the medical specialty responsible for the prevention of diseases based on a set of actions and medical advice. With few exceptions, is very difficult to separate preventive medicine curative medicine, because any medical act prevents a clinical situation worse prognosis. The action field of preventive medicine is much more restricted than that of Public Health, involved in community organizing efforts and governments. Preventive medicine is applied at the level of care both in hospitals and primary care or hospital. It has different facets depending on the evolution of the disease, and one can distinguish three types of prevention in medicine.

Causes, incidence and

Causes, incidence and risk factors for this syndrome almost always involves a mother abusing her child looking for him, or herself, medical care. This is a rare and poorly understood cause is unknown. The mother may fake symptoms of illness in her child by adding blood to their urine or stool, withholding food, falsifying fevers, substances to induce vomiting or diarrhea. You can also use other maneuvers such as infecting intravenous lines so that the child appear or become ill. These children are often hospitalized with groups of symptoms that do not quite fit classical disease findings. Often, children are subjected to tests, surgeries or other procedures annoying and unnecessary. At the hospital, the mother is very cooperative and appreciated by the nursing staff for the care given to the child.It is commonly seen as devoted and unusually self-sacrificing common, which makes it unlikely that medical personnel suspect the diagnosis. Her frequent visits also give you easy access to induce further symptoms. Changes in physical examination or vital signs are never witnessed by hospital staff, but almost always occur in the presence of the mother. Munchausen syndrome occurs because of psychological problems in adults and is usually a behavior that seeks to draw attention of others. However, the syndrome can threaten the life of the child involved because this unusual behavior can escalate to the point of severe physical harm and even death. While not an absolute rule is practically rule the parent of the child abuser is the mother, the father being a person without a presence within the family and education of their children.

History have

History have reported on early maps as “Boca Ratones,” many people wrongly assumed that the name simply says in English “Rat’s Mouth”. The word boca (or mouth, in English) from time to time is used to describe an inlet, while rat n (mouse, in English) was used by Spanish sailors to describe rocks that scratched or broken boats. The name Boca Ratones originally appeared on eighteenth century maps associated with an inlet in the area of Biscayne Bay in Miami. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the term was mistakenly moved north on most maps and applied to Lake Boca Raton, whose inlet was closed at that time. The recent history of the city begins with the Addison Mizner’s Boca Raton Hotel. The “pink hotel” is still visible several miles as a building on the Intracoastal Waterway. The Pearl City neighborhood of Boca Raton was originally established to house the service personnel of the hotel.Japanese farmers of the Yamato Colony converted the land west of the city into pineapple plantations beginning in 1904. During World War II much of their land was confiscated and used as test site B-29 bombers. The fields of the air base was donated to become the site of Florida Atlantic University, from which many of its runways were parking at the base, while part of the base is now used by the Boca Raton Airport. The Japanese colonial legacy is remembered in Yamato Yamato Road (NW 51st Street) north of the airport and at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in the northwest of the city. The Boca Raton Resort Club Tower has a height of 91 meters, has 28 floors and was completed in 1969. It is the tallest building in Boca Raton. Boca Raton was the site of two amusement parks still missing, Africa USA (1953-1961) and Ancient America (1953-1959). Africa USA was a wild animal park in which tourists traveled in a “Jeep Safari Train” throughout the park.It is now the Camino Gardens subdivision one mile west of Boca Raton Hotel. Ancient America was built surrounding a mound where lies a royal cemetery Calusa Indians. Today, the mound is still visible from U.S. Route 1 near Yamato Road. In the late 1960s, Boca Raton became the southern headquarters of International Business Machines Corporation. In 1965, with the extension of I-95 south of Florida, IBM purchased several hundred acres of real estate just west of the CSX rail line in northwest Florida Atlantic University. The construction of IBM’s main complex began in 1967 and the office complex was completed in March 1970. The center was designed with self-sufficiency in mind, and it had its own electrical substation, water pumping stations. There was mass production of System/360 computers. IBM was the birthplace of IBM PC, which later evolved into the IBM Personal System / 2.In 1987, IBM relocated their factories that went to the IBM PC Company to Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina, and became the sumptuous manufacturing units in offices and laboratories, later producing great products, such as the operating system OS / 2 and VoiceType Dictation, known today as the voice recognition software ViaVoice. Boca Corporate Center and Campus originally was one of the labs where the IBM PC was created. T-REX Corporate Center was originally one of IBM’s research labs where the IBM PC was created. It is located on Yamato Rd (NW 51st St), and is located near the Boca Raton Tri-Rail Station. IBM maintained its facilities at Boca Raton until 1996, when they were closed and was sold to Blue Lake Real Estate (Real Estate Blue Lake), who sold it to T-REX Management Consortium. Today, T-REX has revitalized the facility and produced a business park and research success.What was formerly the IBM Building 051, a separate annex to the former IBMcampus at Spanish River Boulevard was donated to the Palm Beach County School District (School District of Palm Beach County) and was converted into the Don Estridge High Tech Middle School. It was named in honor of Don Estridge, whose team was responsible for developing the IBM PC. IBM later returned in 2001 opening the software development laboratory off Congress Avenue in July of that year. In the 1980s, due to increased development to the west of the historic center of the city, some eastern areas began to decay, including the central and commercial area. For example, the old Boca Raton Mall, a shopping mall in the central area began to have lots of empty rooms, and occupied by marginal tenants, after the opening of Town Center at Boca Raton in an area west of the city, in 1979.Following this, in the late 1980s, the city was revived with a master plan to revitalize the downtown area and shopping district, which included the development of a new commercial district, building infrastructure, creating green areas, expansion Central Park, Sanborn Square, and restoration of old Town Hall to be transformed into a museum (the city council moved there in the late 1980s). Mizner Park is a great attraction in the financial district of Boca Raton.