Historical Tours In Cologne

Daily interesting sightseeing tours in Cologne Cologne’s historic city tours brings you and your guests through Cologne and presents the 2000-year old city history at original locations. Stories and Verzallcher around the biggest Gothic Cathedral of the planet, the Cologne Cathedral. Remarkable and amazing experience on a guided tour of a special kind in the historic old town district of Cologne. Looking for traces in the CCAA (Colonia Claudia ARA Agrippinensium, to German: Claudische colony and sacrificial site of Agrippinensier) and the Roman city on the Rhine from which has evolved the present city of Cologne. On our tours, they learn with his city idendifiziert stories of Caesars and barbarians, Germans, French and how today’s Cologne. Kolsch (colognian) as a way of life, dialect and drink present we you on the most famous and most popular hiking trail of in Germany, the brewery trail.

Pilgrimage and to the most famous Cologne breweries and take the Brewery tour the highlight of your stay. Experience the middle ages, hangings and Frivoll with us. Sex and crime in the middle ages and the ‘hillige Cologne’, serves as a breathtaking backdrop, if it goes on this tour, ‘below the belt’. Unforgettable, amusing, funny guides present the city of Cologne and your very special charm. Our city guides bring you with rheinischem humor and heart closer to the metropolis on the Rhine. We organize city tours and excursions for groups of all kinds, as well as for individuals. Whether on foot, by bus or boat.

Book a tour as a small or large group. Just call us: 0170 9689234 contact: Evangelos, Dimos businessman/journalist/historian O.a. Valencienerstr. 170 D – 52353 Duren Tel: 0170 9689234

Luxurious Presidential VILLA For Sale

Neo-Baroque style Villa Park grounds in prime location in Budapest, equipped with every conceivable luxury and safety equipment. Built for a President. Life in a luxurious villa of the President! This dream is now possible! The luxury brokers and hotel brokers ASP real estates from Munich, a subsidiary of Auer, Springer and partner (ASPI AG) have consulting today received an order from an original brand new President villa for sale. It is a just completed neo-baroque villa which has been renovated, redeveloped with million effort for a President of the Republic and set up. Shortly before the handover of the Villa, the Government has changed however and this Villa properties for sale is now exclusively offered by ASP. The Villa was not occupied yet! The style villa is situated in the best location of Budapest, on a quiet Park estate and is equipped with all conceivable safety devices. The Villa was very representative set of the renowned Wiener Werkstatten.

The best craftsmen of in Austria and Hungary have without cost pressures for many years professionally refurbished and renovated. The magnificent Villa is equipped with every conceivable luxury. The large indoor pool and Spa area would benefit any small luxury hotel of the honour. The guest apartment has been prepared for State guests and set up. The Villa is sold fully furnished at a fraction of the cost, which had been issued for renovation, equipment, furnishings of the Villa. For just under 4 million euros to be currently the most exclusive and most representative real estate in Europe! You see more of it on the homepage #m. responsible for ASP real estates is Mr. Dr.

Bodo Graf von Hardenberg, the always 089 / 230 35 197, from DE and AT for free at 00800 200-500 can reach 10. Contact us in connection. We look forward to your call and are available at any time for information and guided tours available. ASP real estate from Munich is specialized real estate brokerage on hotels, spas, golf courses and international Residential luxury estates and castles, as well as recreational real estate in the most beautiful places in the world and investment properties in the area hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, sanatoriums and business houses. ASP real estate is the real estate subsidiary of the international management consultancy ASPI – dkkfm Auer, Springer & partners international (www.aspi.ag). Hubert auer

Warning Of First-degree Clicking On Web Links On Social Media Platforms

BitDefender experiment: 97 percent of 2,000 people followed carelessly contaminated short URLs Holzwickede, December 13, 2010 the curiosity of the user about the security idea WINS? This wondered virus protection expert BitDefender (www.bitdefender.de) and tested in the course of an experiment, like social media users with condensed links (short URLs) bypass. It posted the security specialist about the a gefakten Twitter and Facebook account short links, which would have led users to malware-infested Web pages. BitDefender had done before but harmless links, not to endanger the user. At the same time, the users were asked to report dead links. An explosive result came about on the basis of notifications: 97% were thoughtlessly followed the manipulated links from approximately 2,000 users and had become infected with dangerous malware normally. For the four-week experiment, BitDefender on the social put media platforms Twitter and Facebook the fake profile of a 30-year employee of the advertising industry. Within three weeks the fictitious person built a circle of total 1,928 users. She posted three daily secure links to news from the field of security, show business, scientific knowledge, as well as accidents. “In addition, solicitation accompanied the posting: If the link does not work, inform please me, so that I can use another tool to link shortening.” Malicious links in the fourth week of the experiment were the user test BitDefender hired URLs on the fake profiles of short, which would actually lead to malware-infested sites. So that the user at any time were at risk, the links were changed so that they could not work. Still, the alleged owner of the account asked for notification, if the reference was not broken. On the basis of the received feedback left be read off that 97% of all users were followed the actually dangerous links. Thus, more than 1,800 users had infected their computers with malicious software, provided that the URLs were correct. Short URLs can lead to malicious Web pages especially for the microblogging service Twitter, shortened links are common, since they require fewer characters. The use of short URLs represents a significant disadvantage in terms of data protection”, warns Sabrina Datcu, BitDefender E-threat analyst and author of the experiment. The user don’t know what’s behind the link, because the name of the URL is very cryptic. Therefore this type of link that can be abused, to guide pages unsuspecting users to malware, phishing, or spam-spreading.” The members of Facebook certainly can participate in the social network, BitDefender has developed the free tool safego, which protects against malware and spam the user accounts. In the meantime, more than 14,000 user use the analysis tool. “” The usage of the application is worth: so far, has safego more than 20 million checks links and about 20 percent of users at least one infected link on their Bulletin Board “or the wall” her friends discovered. More Information about this experiment under. The BitDefender security app safego is available under apps.facebook.com/bd-safego/ and site/products/showSolutions/6 / free to download available. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in English at in the daily fight against threats from the Internet. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 fax: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-499 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail:

Growing Security Concerns

As cities grow, are also growing security needs, therefore form more complex organizations, with better infrastructure, more exposure to direct actions to maintain peace, order within these communities. In a country like ours which is fighting for its development, becomes imminent rise in crime, the same that focuses in three aspects, first we have the crimes that are closely linked to acts of corruption occur in certain sectors of state power under illicit negotiations embezzling the national treasury. As a second point we have crimes that are related to trafficking and money laundering from drug trafficking. One of the ways that various people have been necessary to engage in illicit enrichment is illegal drug work, considering that the drug is referred to several countries with high consumption of it, making it possible for this type of crime is really great economic benefit to the authors. In our country there are real groups of drugs, frozen in shell companies, which are rarely detected early and that suffer the consequences of police repression, they are usually individuals who in the slang of drug trafficking are known as "burriersa that risk their lives for money, ingesting cocaine hydrochloride capsules that burst and these in their stomachs, die immediately and were placed in the morgues of countries in Europe and the United States, no one claimed their bodies, which are made public knowledge by constant information from the media. Thirdly we can point to a group of offenses such as against property, against the sexual freedom that is the highest rate, are committed by those citizens who because of social psychology, structured dependence by joining the class to which they belong, often the most impoverished, is engaged to commit, knowing that will bring a sanction that generally affects the loss of their freedom, the same that is based on the foundation of social and remove the core place in prisons, where as in mental hospitals can not affect the legal rights protected by the state.

Lose Weight Very Fast

The exercises take just one hour per week (max) of your time, but these super exercises short are very intense and help burn more fat than single joint exercises. Fat burning furnace is the best plan to lose belly centimeters and kilos of pure fat burn.If you want to lose weight and especially down the belly, with a simple diet is not enough. Exercise is super important, because it is responsible for burning kilos of fat. But the secret is agreed with a diet rich in nutrients. Lee the way mas fast to lose the brarriga and burn kilos of fat with amazing results.Fat burning program that has helped me regain my health, gave me more energy, I clarify my mind and improve my rest during the night.I am going to discuss the plan that has proved effective when I had to lose some kilos for my sister’s wedding.

I tried it and got results within a few days.Most prominent, diets are so broad and short exercises.Every body needs a hand when it is important to burn fat.A study by the University of Brown says that programs to lose weight that are offered in the market, which are not only based on good information but also provide comments from a professional support throughout the period, have been more successful than demonstrative and methodical books. So it was to spend my search taking as premise what was said by this University, heading toward a program that fits best.Wasn’t a match fast, is that many people try and don’t succeed, precisely because they expect immediate results by buying any program that prints on your screen; or get bored or depressed in the search and only manage to stay with empty hands until next week coming back to try. What my big tube search my satisfaction tube encounter.Fortunately, I found a plan for weight loss that works constantly with my body through a wide diet and short exercises. Precisely, these are the two questions that desarrollare here, under my personal experience: what diets? Do exercises?The incinerator program burn fat helped me to regain my health, has brought happiness to my life.

Seven Proven Ways

Allow ourselves to imagine the following situation: morning, Monday. The night before there was a quarrel with my girlfriend and you have my heart "cat scratching." Alarm goes off, it's time to get up and go to work. You go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, but the fridge is empty and ended with the sugar. Then you try to start the car, but to no avail, got the battery. Then crush the bus, and finally you come to your workplace with the already fairly battered nervous system.

On Friday, at your desk left a lot of "unfinished tails", and here is head and loads more work. As you boil rage and discontent, and the working day has just begun. How to get out of this situation? How to get rid of stress? The best options are to take time off, take a shower and go out of town, run jogging, etc. But this is the ideal, but you have only a few minutes. Can I get rid of stress during this time? Yes you can. Here several recommendations.

take a walk. Even if you only have five minutes. You just have to leave for a few minutes from the center of tension. Think of something nice, tidy your thoughts. read something. For example, newspaper, magazine, Field of humor and anecdotes. In general, something fun that will distract you from the affairs of the immediate and calm. meditation. It is not necessary to know that the asanas of yoga. Just close your eyes and try to calm down. Focus your attention on any image adage, a good episode of life. clip on the topic – humor. Go online to any tracker, corbina.tv or YouTube and watch a funny movie. After watching, laughing, you return to their work more calm and focused. cup chamomile tea helps you calm down. Already in the cooking process you will feel the voltage drop reduces stress Good box. Some strong strokes will help you let off steam. Object to strike can be a pile of papers. deep breathing will certainly set you free from stress. Several smooth inhale-exhale cycles would lead you to rest. Try breathe evenly and smoothly. During breath try not to think about anything. I wish you success and peace of mind and do not forget that everything goes … and it, too.

Natural Principles

But the latter shared with the idea that the man had a strong tendency to associate with men and live in peace and harmony. Natural law was for him, a manifestation of “the twofold character Dela human nature “and according to these two aspects would have two fundamental principles in natural law: A-Keep your life, its members and property. B-Do not disturb society, do nothing to disturb the social order. Both principles can be cast in the following: “As each one tries to preserve itself so that society does not interfere with other men.” 3 The rules to avoid damaging the body of another, not to violate the chastity of a woman against her will, not to usurp the property of another person, not breaking a promise and compensate the damage done by his own fault, were subdivisions of that derived from the second great principle of law that the wording argued: “Let no one drive to another person so that the latter may rightly complain of a violation of their equal rights.

“sovereign power would also bound by this natural law that is true Puffendorf right and not a simple guide or guides for the governing principles . But this duty to observe natural law is imperfect because there is no judicial body in which to sue the sovereign to enforce it, leaving its effectiveness in the hands of God that would be something like the ultimate “avenger of natural law.” Second Period At this time “we will accentuate the protector of individual rights has the right, but the safeguard of order. It matters now more freedom than security.” 4 The law becomes quintessential mechanism to prevent autocracy and despotism. Period is characterized by a tendency towards free capitalism and political liberalism, with emphasis on the protection of the natural rights of individuals against the excesses of government, via a separation from the government. ** Locke (1632-1704) The state of nature where man enjoyed great freedom and equality was governed by natural law that “teaching the man who, being all equal and independent, no one should harm another in his life , health, liberty or property. While the state existed nature around the world had the power to implement this law of nature and their own hands to punish violations of its rules.

“But that system but did not bring difficulties. Is this the reason why men decide to make a pact to live in community and adopt a system where you decide and rule by majority. Through this mechanism would only be to the community the defense of natural law, preserving the individual all those natural rights to oppose the excesses of government. In this way , says Locke, natural law “remains eternal rule to all men, legislators or legislators … The legislative authority or sovereign power will not know himself assume the power of arbitrary rule by decree, be improvised and before dispense justice and decide the rights of subjects by fixed laws enacted and judges fixed and known. Not be written because the natural right and thus impossible to find anywhere, except in the minds of.