Weight Loss Program

PronoKal is a custom method of weight loss under medical supervision, whose aim is a safe, effective weight loss and maintenance of the results. Start your weight loss with everything PronoKal offers you: personalised medical Control protein diet food re-education a wide range of products such as: cereals of oat, drinks mix, pasta, soups and creams, among others. 52% Of the Spanish population suffers from obesity or overweight, and up to 56% of the working population. In proportion the working population presents levels of obesity and overweight above the mean of the population, as it was revealed in the formative program multidisciplinary management of overweight and obesity among the working population sponsored porPronoKal. Click Tai chi for additional related pages. Incorporate proper food patterns, physical exercise and emotional support would correct this trend.

It is clear that we need to achieve the goals of this treatment will, when a person poses is to lose weight, it is very important their commitment to achieve it. The commitment of the entire team of PronoKal is help all patients achieve results in the short and long term. Being overweight is a health problem and, therefore, you must behave in front of it just as you would with a disease: following the instructions of your doctor, who will guarantee the safety of the treatment. But unlike treatments that simply eliminate harmful habits, those dealing with weight loss do not completely eliminate the cause of the problem: the food. That is why many tools to combat obesity and overweight failing precisely for the loss of adhesion of the patient or because after the diet, it reverts to eat as before. For all this, the PronoKal method puts at the service of the patient a whole team of specialists who accompany you and guide you throughout your weight loss, and that continue helping him after having reached its goal to keep the habits learned during the PronoKal method and achieved weight long term. It is never late to feel full and achieve inner and outer change. We are beings we seek continuous motivation to reach our project of life. When we are satisfied with our appearance we managed to transcend and feel that everything is more enjoyable and special. Changes how these require fortitude and dedication, but provide well-being and joy. Start your treatment today and return the self-confidence!