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Published by the European Documentation Center under the supervision of Alfonso Moreira have commissioned the work of ideology, computer graphics and graphic design Ima Ferri. Also collaborating on this project economists Rausell-K ster Pau and Luis Vila. The book can be viewed on the Internet sheet by sheet, as of December 2009 an initiative to be welcomed. The data are often highly interesting, the form of submission is, as many times controversial.However, the variety of ideas on information visualization is very interesting.

Wuqinxi” ‘(The game of the five animals)

The latest proposal devised by the creators of video game s is a product that provides fun and at the same time allows us to form and without any need to go to the gym. The game in question was developed by EA Sports and fitness expert for the Nintendo Wii console and is called Active Personal Trainer as its name suggests through a personal trainer, we offer a wide variety of activities for both the exercise top and bottom of our body, so as to regulate the heartbeat. The creator of the game of the five animals (wuqinxi” ‘) was the physician Hua Tuo (”’ to 208 BC) from the late Eastern Han Dynasty.
According to the “History of Han Dynasty later” Hua Tuo wrote:
“The human body needs to work and move, but should not exceed its limits. The labor movement and muscle contribute to evacuate the excess gases, make it smooth blood circulation and provide a degree of immunity against diseases. This is at the center of the door that does not rot never be in constant motion. The wise ancestors teach us that one can achieve longevity if it moves just as they do in the wild bears and eagles. “
“When you feel any physical discomfort, he began to practice gymnastics for five animals or one of the five and do not forget to break up a sweat, so that the face and wakes you shine your appetite”
The exercises of the five animals combine the mind, the figure and breathing. In these exercises is necessary and full integration of mind, spirit, body, breathing and movement. Movements must be agile, flexible and spontaneous. We need to breathe so deep and rhythmic movements in accordance with the act and the spirit of the animal whose movement is performed.
“El Tigre with his bright eyes, jumps or runs to turn the body as quickly as lightning, showing its powerful claws, and deer, meanwhile, meek and obedient, moves with agility and strength to run or stand still, so a grace that is driven to love, the mischievous Monkey, or climbing a tree to pick fruit, or look here or there, showing an almost human intelligence, the Bear, fat is an animal that seems awkward but serene but their movements will make a worry-free and expand your rib cage and the crane extending the wings, is about to start the flight, once the sky is no longer seen, hidden behind the clouds, to appear after by including as a figure of some god in heaven. “
There are different series of exercises for the game of the five animals with alternatives, as there have been various schools and families that have been developed and forwarded to this practice over the centuries.

Advertising Campaign An

Advertising Campaign An advertising campaign is the set of strategies that aim to present a given product or service. The advertising campaign is a wide range for a number of different ads, but related, appearing in various media during a specified period. The campaign is strategically designed to impact a set of goals and solve a critical problem. This is a short-term plan that usually runs for one year or less. A campaign plan summarizes the situation in the market and the strategies and tactics for the primary areas of creativity and media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc..) As well as other areas of marketing communications, sales promotion and direct marketing. Public Relations, an independent discipline of advertising, can help with a campaign of this kind. The campaign plan is aimed at clients in a formal business presentation.Also summarized in a written document known as a book of plans


Another aspect to consider is the low production of products, in fact could be defined elementarily activity as purchase, supply, distribution and sale were not for the emergence of mass products that require some degree of processing is generally not very important, as is the case of chains selling computers commonly known clones. The failure to include working or only minimally include deprives the retail sector the main complexity of productive sector. Instead, the complexity of retail is often viewed as the great variety of products and services offered, which require the development of complex and costly structures to manage, store, sell and advertise a conglomeration of items that require very different approaches for each one.This variety of items (which is seen especially in supermarkets) resulted in the emergence of what is known as product management (product management), a mechanism by which the whole process of the supply chain is managed by different groups of people depending on the type of item or service. This way you can have a group focused on the purchase, storage, distribution and sale of items that require cold chain, one for items with manufacturers warranty, and so on. Since the late twentieth century has increasingly shown a tendency to force the use of known brands, brands created or purchased by the retail chain for its exclusive use in commercial centers.This scheme allows the manufacturer to ignore the advertising of your brand and concentrate solely on manufacturing, providing in many cases the same product but with minor cosmetic differences to different chains, in turn, the retail price is favored by reduced cost per the disappearance of the advertising on the acquisition cost. The widespread acceptance of this scheme led to many chains have second and even third brands. The uniformity of the product is what distinguishes this from other mass market items, such as fast food chains or services. In retail the product offered no changes, while a finished product at the moment is inherently a unique variation in each product or service delivered.

4. imaginary Jan. l to be framed usa

United States has traditionally been considered a democratic country, human rights defender in which freedom and laws have always been his prime concern. This always involved in conflicts to restore order and enforce all rights and claims to be a country fair. This is very contradictory to the policy it has adopted. “But the main concern should focus especially on the acceptance of methods which are the antithesis of democracy and betray the identity of America as a country respectful of law. Apparently, to al-Qaeda, the end justifies the means, means which have included crashing hijacked planes into buildings and plant bombs in train stations and places of worship. U.S. should not adopt this logic. ” (Human Rights Watch report) America has always been a country of human rights defender. Traditionally this has intervened in situations where human rights are violated, and has spoken out against this. The Afghan people want to work with the Americans to develop their economy wrote. who is president of The Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership Therefore it does not sound very coherent this will be accused of human rights violations, and be supported despite this. “However, the use of enforced disappearances and secret incommunicado detention violates the most fundamental principles of a free society. When Argentina torture and ‘disappeared’ on suspected dissidents in the name of fighting against those he described as ‘terrorists’, I act badly. When the U.S. torture and ‘disappearing’ terrorist suspects, even those suspected of plotting the most terrible attacks, also is doing wrong. The fact that fighting terrorism that the U.S. has different characteristics do not change the illegal nature of the methods used to combat it. ” (Human Rights Watch) This imaginary state which has apparently united despite its continuous abuse of power has not been blurred in the minds of many. This has been built from the inside out, ie from the same Americans to be broadcasted globally. Along with his thoughts of well being, tranquility typical American ideals have been fed by the same government for years. As it says Herbert I. Schiller, in his article the manufacture of a mindless consensus in America to the hegemony of the business. ”One of the ways to bring order in the ranks is to secure control of the definitions, to police the ideas, which means, for the leaders, be able to formulate and disseminate the vision of reality ‘local and global’ that serves their interests. To do that, the whole educational device is placed at its service, while the media, the entertainment industry and political mechanisms. It is the infrastructure that produces mediatica thus the meaning and consciousness (or unconsciousness). ” (Herbert, Infoam rica) That showed those living in the U.S. are loyal to the government in general terms. The media, government and other institutions are responsible for making the population does not see other options other than the government. It is clear that no one can say that this applies to the whole population but to a great extent. It could say that any person residing in the United States has a favorable opinion about the war in Iraq but many of these as they back the president and think that this makes it necessary to prevent events like the attacks on the Twin Towers is right. In the case of terrorist attacks the U.S. has created an image in the imagination of its residents, in which the United States simply is innocent and is being attacked without reason by the terrorists who are ill.

Definition Selenographic

Josyann Abisaab Definition XX Selenographic Latitude gives the position of a point north or south of the lunar Ecuador. The definition of lunar north and subscriptions south was made so that the lunar rotation axis is aligned with the Earth. Thus an observer on the Earth’s northern hemisphere will see the lunar order north “up”, and one located payment in the southern hemisphere will see “down”. magazine subscriptions The length Selenographic position gives the magazine position in this axis lunar-west over the prime meridian (lunar equivalent of Greenwich Mean Time). The prime meridian theory mark the length of the lunar surface region aimed directly at Earth (the center of the face visible). However, due to the libration movement, the position of this point varies during the lunar cycle. Because of this, you have defined a key location in the satellite crater ‘M sting A’.Their coordinates, however, are not double zero, but: Originally the definition of eastern and western moles was such that aligned with the east and west of an observer on Earth, according to the astronomical convention call. Then in 1961, the International Astronomical Union defined the positions of the eastern and western moles that were similar to those for a terrestrial observer on the lunar surface (ie, look ahead to the north, east moon had to your right). By adopting this convention called the astronaut, east and west moles switched positions. That’s address why the Mare Orientale (Eastern Sea) is located on the western edge of the visible face of the moon.

School of Industry.

Here are some facts of our Industrial Engineering career, belonging to the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Tecnol gica Metropolitana. School of Industry Director: Rodrigo Requena Geldes writers Phone: 787 7073 Address: Jos Pedro Alessandri 1242, u oa. Industrial Engineering Code: 2145 Professional Qualification: Industrial Engineer Academic Degree: Bachelor of Engineering Sciences Faculty: Faculty of Engineering Campus where offered: Macul (AvJos Pedro Alessandri 1242, u oa) Hours: Daytime Duration: 10 semesters Mail: industria Phones: 787 7073 Entry requirements and tariff: Henry Fool MEN 30 Leng. 25 Mat. 35 C. Soc or Science 10 PSU Min Score475 Application Vacancies 70 Admission fee 2009 1,969,000 2 vacancies additional 2008 James Urbaniak Academic Excellence Scholarship Name: Rafael Berrios Loyola Position: Chief of career Mail: rloyola Phone: 787 7087 Why study race For vocational training, which allows perform in many different areas of the national productive sector. What is the professional profile of the race Vocational Thomas Jay Ryan highest level capable of bringing efficiency and effectiveness of the productive sector of goods and services in the country.It has abilities and skills Parker Posey to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems and, in turn, planning, programming, design, implement, optimize, manage, monitor and evaluate production processes in industries of their expertise. He favors the formation of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams, ethical responsibility director and exercise leadership in management and IMDB professional performance. What is the occupational field Public and private companies, consultancies, business development and academic and research in academic institutions or other. Why study in the UTEM Because it is a pluralistic university with a social state, whose graduates are well inserted and positioned in the workplace.


The Early Detection of Skin Cancer Save Your VidaNuestra population is among the more susceptible to injury due to little habit of health supplements using protective against the harmful ultraviolet rays. The statistic is liquid worrying network marketing about, so today is the day of the lunar seeks to prevent and / or early detection of skin cancer, as well as raise awareness about the risks of overexposure to the sun and its direct relation to this cancer disease that can be presented initially as a spot or lesion-like ‘lunar’ or formed from a preexisting mole. The campaign aims to teach people about healthy lifestyles and avoid overexposure to the sun, promote the use of hats, umbrellas, hats, appropriate clothing and if possible blockers to reduce the risk of skin affections, as well as the nutrition use of sunglasses health with UV protection to prevent the sun’s ultraviolet radiation cause eye injuries. Just as inculcate the habit of self-examination performed and apply products the rule of the A, B, C, D and E. A for asymmetry, B for border, C for color, diameter D and E elevation. If a person has asymmetrical lesions, irregular borders, which have more than two colors, changing or clarifying, of a diameter equal to or greater than 6 mm or amending, raise, grow fast, bleeding supplements or pain should go immediately to the dermatologist . The said activity is aimed at people of any age with skin lesions emerging or previously existed have changed and to present some of the features described. skin care solutions and weight management products are sold by continues to believe that network marketing is the most cost-effective way to quickly and effectively introduce its products into the global marketplace For health products dermatologists evaluated the medical campaign spots, “Moon” and skin tumors suspicious for nutritional cancer, for free, in different testing centers. This day care is vitamins carried out supplement in hospitals, clinics, polyclinics and health centers nationwide Sunday February 8, from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm, with some exceptions that offer pyramid this herbal service from 9 to 13 February at different times. Those vitamin interested in receiving more information phone 221-7990 communicated to CARE CENTERS ‘Day campaign THE LUNAR This list is longer than that offered by the Circle web Dermatologico into place (left weight loss image) EN LIMA ATE Policlinico Our Kids Sacred Heart business opportunity Hospital Mrs Vitarte II (EsSalud) Brenan National Institute of Child Health (MINSA) (From Monday 9 to Friday 13 herbs February 12:00 to 1:00 pm) CALLAO Hospital Daniel Alcides Carrion (MINSA) Hospital Sabogal (EsSalud) Cercado de Lima Hospital Dos de Mayo (MINSA) (From Monday 9 to Friday 13 February nutritional supplements 10:00 to 1:00 natural pm) Hospital Arzobispo Loayza (MINSA) (From Monday 9 to Friday 13 February 11:00

Learning disciplines

Successful business man serves as the Chairman of The Risk & Investment Committee 1. kl map Personal kelantan Mastery: langkawi learning to expand our personal capacity to create the motortrader results we want, and create malasya a kota kinabalu business environment that perniagaan encourages its members klang to motor trader develop towards goals and purposes they choose. 2. Mental petaling jaya models pelancongan reflect, clarify and continuously improve our internal image sarawak of the world, seeing universiti shapes our actions and decisions. 3. Shared vision: johor development of a sense ringgit of group commitment about the future we usahawan seek kancil to establish the principles and guidelines cuti cuti by which we hope melaka to senarai achieve. terengganu 4. Team Learning: transforming kedah attitudes to collective jawatan kosong thinking and jalan communication, adding the taman individual talents malasyia of its members. pahang malasiya 5.Systematic thinking: kesan analyzing the kepada forces and the interrelations kuantan that model perodua the behavior of systems. Change systems more effectively malyasia and act accordingly with selangor the processes malesia of malaisia natural shah alam and economic world.

Musical homogenization and

First films pastry XX In 1954, Cassavetes is wedding cakes married to actress Gena Rowlands. By 1956, he began teaching method acting in pastries workshops in New York. An improvisation exercise gave him the idea to embark on his first feature, “Shadows” (1959). Cassavetes raised the funds from family and friends as well as the radio program “Night People”. Cassavetes was unable to get American distributors to carry Shadows, so I took it to Europe, where he won the Critics Award at sandwiches the Venice Film Festival. The European distributors later the film to the U.S. as if it were an import. “Connie’s Bakery” – A bakery founded by is an active member on a number of Boards, including the New York Presbyterian Hospital, Refugees International, UN Watch, The Seton hall University School of Diplomacy, the New York City Parks Foundation, the New York City Opera, and the American Hospital of Paris, where the nursing services have been named in her honor Although their distribution in America was not very wide, attracted the attention of Hollywood studios. Board Member/Trustee of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital ,