Cognitive Therapy

DESCRIPTION OF the Joaozinho CASE (fictitious name), patient of 11 years, will go to complete 12 in the next month, in April, high middle class, initiated the mannering cognitivo therapy in October/2007. Its parents had come in the first consultation to talk on the son. They had told that Joaozinho is a docile, responsible child, educated and affectionate. Joozinho has a good pertaining to school performance, is football player of the Flamengo (fictitious) (federalist), it has many friends, it presents a good relation with its family, friends and professors. At the vacant moments, Joaozinho always looks for to go the beach with its parents, to play videogame and soccer with the friends. It does not present aggressiveness traces.Joaozinho inside completed all its stages of development of the normal limits of age. The parents had also told that Joaozinho seems to have more privacy and freedom with its mother of what with the father, if feeling more to the will to speak on its pertaining to school notes, the performance in the soccer and even though to ask for to buy some thing, thing that with the father, Joaozinho does not make. Very it was always compared with the figure of its father for the people, also for the proper father, who tells to the time all that the son if very seems it in all the aspects.

The father also works in the Flamengo and is very successful professionally. The mother said that she has some time comes observing that Joaozinho has demonstrated a certain anxiety when its father attends its treinos in the soccer, with distrust not to have a good performance and to disappoint the father. Moreover, when Joaozinho takes off a note 6,0, for example, she cries, saying that she must have taken off a note higher and is from fear to count for the father, exactly knowing that its father goes apia – lo and to be satisfied with note 6,0.


Much has been said on psycotherapy in the current days. The schools are more intent, the media divulge the necessity of the people to look therapeutical aid, as well as the professionals of area include it to the health in the roll of the treatment instruments. Psychology, through its scientific development, if has become a valuable resource in the care with the health. It is known today, for innumerable studies, that emotion and body function in harmony and resonance. They are two aspects of an only field.

When one is not well, the other is affected. Therefore, the premise of that I do not need to go to a therapist because I am not wild, discloses more on the past of the psychology, who if developed inside of psychiatry and the philosophy, of what of the reality contemporary. Until the one time behind, the people if envergonhavam of speaking that they were in therapy. Thus being, to guide our colloquy we go to approach some points: First: it is not necessarily truth to say that who only makes therapy is sick, therefore most of the time, the people moments of much tension or crisis and this are living affects its performance, its relations and its life as a whole; Second: it is not weakness signal to appeal to the psycotherapy, or to feel shame to search aid. Many believe that they can decide alone its problems. These generalizations point with respect to the unfamiliarity and the preconception on the performance of the psycotherapy. It has life cycles that mark the relations significantly: marriage, birth of children, illnesses, separation, change of work, retirement, death and others, causing, many times, great difficulties in dealing with the new. These experiences will be able to unchain 0f the sort distress, fears, sadnesses, unreliabilities, disclosing themselves in different ways, depending to be on each individual.