infuser (on the tip of a teaspoon), put in a bowl and pour a little water cooled to 60-80 * C, then whisk the tea in a circular motion, then top up with water – tea is ready! Without the corolla as You can make this tea, this brew mash with a spoon in a little water, then pour the remaining water and drink immediately. If you wish to make 'Latte', use water instead of milk, fat is not less than 6%, and add sugar to taste. Only the 'latte' needs sweetening, please do not add sugar to any other Japanese green tea. Recommendation for brewing 'Sencha': To prepare the brewed necessary number of soft boiled water cooled to 70-80C, then sprinkle half a teaspoon of tea leaves in teapot and pour water on 60% of the Kettle. Make 5 circular motions and, alternating, slowly pour in the drink cups. If necessary, repeat the procedure up to 3 times more time increasing insistence, each time completely drain the water from the Kettle. Explanation: The number of tea leaves into your teapot is determined empirically, by your taste, but remember – do not be diluted with water to make tea. While many used to do a strong brew and add water in a cup, dilute the tea should not be. 🙂 After tea the Japanese sometimes eat the rest of the tea leaves or use it in salad. But this is only good for green tea quality of the first harvest.

Let’s Take Care Of The Hair

To prevent split ends after each wash rinse them with infusion of a mixture of herbs – dandelion (flowers and leaves), sage, and psyllium, taken in equal parts. 1 tbsp pour mixture 1 tbsp. boiling water and steep for 2 hours. More to deal with this problem, as well as to give hair elasticity and shine experts recommend at least once a week to make a mask out of potatoes. 2 medium potatoes Wash, peel and grate on a fine grater. In a separate bowl whisk the yolks, add 1 tsp any vegetable oil, 1 tsp liquid honey and 1 teaspoon fine salt. Components combine with potato pulp and mix thoroughly. Apply a mask prepared before washing in scalp, remains spread over the entire length of hair.

Tie the head with a warm towel, after 30-40 minutes. Wash and rinse with a mild shampoo acidified with vinegar or citric acid with water. After the potato hair mask any type are shiny and silky. If you are concerned about itchy scalp, at least 2 times a week to do the apple toning mask. It is very easy to prepare: a large apple grate on fine grater and Apply slurry to the scalp and hair. Insulate the head with a towel and hold the mask 30 min. And then rinse with a mild shampoo and let your hair dry naturally. From hair If your hair suddenly became drop out and you notice that they grow much more slowly, will help the old folk remedy, daily for 10 days, rub into the scalp infusion strong brewed black tea.

Type Skin

However, the concentration of the filters can not increase indefinitely and with impunity. That is why Researchers are constantly looking for new opportunities to raise the level of protection from the sun and not cause a skin of indirect harm. Who is the product Sun protection is especially needed for people who are sensitive to UV radiation. Scientists have counted stock "solar" strength, which is designed for our bodies: for example, white-skinned blonde earthlings in my entire life can spend in the sun 50 000 hours without harm to health. Their swarthy fellows – three times as much.

If we are talking about the correct and safe tan, it must be remembered that the skin's resistance to ultraviolet radiation is not the same for all of us. Experts divide the population Earth in six groups, depending on skin type: * Type 1 People with very fair skin, blue or green eyes, blond or red hair. Experts call them albinos. Their skin contains little melanin, which helps absorb and filter the sunlight. Representatives of this type of leather is very easy to burn (turns red), but rarely tans – usually just red. Such people are generally not recommended to tan, because their skin is not can defend itself from ultraviolet radiation. They may be without danger to himself to stay in the sun for 5-10 minutes. The only way out – to be under the tent, that is enough for health.

* Type 2 people with English, Scotland, Baltic or Scandinavian inheritance: light blue or brown eyes, blond or red hair, freckles. Their skin is slightly tan, red, and very often exposed to sunburn. In short, a little more bearable UV-type people than the first, but very similar to him. Without pretreatment of the skin to tan in the first few days in the sun much blush, burn. Later the skin may peel.