Prevention in the Spa Hotel by the means of TCM unique Spa Hotel offers genuine Chinese medicine as a Gesundheitsvosorge / medical wellness fully in the trend the guest not only loving care, but also informed medical assistance provided. We are more than a pure wellness”, says Heiner Buckermann, which favors the gentle medicine in cooperation with therapists, Schulmedizinern and Chinese doctors. With great success among the guests. Because traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can directly at vital – und Wellnesshotel zum Kurfursten”claim to be included. TCM describes the State of healthy people as a balance between body, mind and soul.

The treatment finds its approach in the creation and not the impact of diseases. In the spa area, plenty of space was given in addition to physiotherapy and beauty of traditional Chinese medicine. In times where the rehabilitation is a discontinued model, the hotelier opts for a combination of prevention and feel good atmosphere. So he runs the Health insurance companies, which cooperate with the hotel, an open doors. Because prevention can be only medical wellness”Heiner Buckermann pondered already, when the growth was still not an issue in German hotels. Natural stones give a face to the new wellness area. A beautiful outdoor Grotto with whirlpools, waterfalls, experience showers and Kneipp basin can quickly forget everyday life.

Chinese, Interactive herb sauna, steam rooms, or in the rooftop swimming pool with views over the rooftops will find relaxation. In the relaxation rooms, waterfalls splash and heat lamps ensure pleasant temperatures. Luiz Lopes Brookfield takes a slightly different approach. The large spa suites where guests consisting of your own Wellnessrefugium can find showers and own scope from whirlpool, are brand new. Who has there a desire only the hotel’s Wellnessbutler can help.

Wellness for Dogs

By the 10.10 28.11.09 stands in the ward block dream dog – wellness for the dog on the program. By the 10.10 28.11.09 stands in the ward block dream dog – wellness for the dog on the program. A comprehensive wellness – special offers many valuable tips and information about the physical and mental well-being of quadrupeds E.g. demo videos for a professional dog massage to the make it yourself or a recipe for delicious Winter – Wellness cookies. Also features: info about dog physical therapy, an expert interview on the subject of healthy eating, suggestions for the perfect wellness – holiday tips for a pleasant dog Wellness – Day home. “Attractive prizes in a contest: Designer Orthopedic Dog Bed by dream dog and super bright light rings of the company the light” for the dark season.

The ward block dream dog specializes in orthopedic dog beds, dog cushions and dog mats. A completely new era dawns with the filling of 100% Visco foam dog beds. This material has incomparably valuable properties in the points of stress relief, muscle relaxation and pain relief. Dream dog dog beds are recommended by vets and physiotherapists for dogs with osteoarthritis, joint pain or hip and elbow dysplasia (HD, ED). They are also ideal for dogs-seniors. To do this, read the interview in../elisabethwurscherbettenhaustraumhund.html Elisabeth Wurscher Ward block dream dog orthopedic dog beds with a twist Humperdinckstr.