Canine Brigade Chief

. UU., which have repeatedly noted the significant progress by the increase in the effectiveness and the results derived by the application of the Method Chest, in the special units of their respective institutions, on the other detection systems existing in regard to search and locate people, drugs, explosives or animal life, and consequently they have relevant reports: Captain Patricio Galiano Borja, Expert Dog Behavior Intervention Group Search and Rescue police Nacional del Ecuador. Chest Method Instructor. (In 2005, the Intervention and Rescue Group of the National Police of Ecuador, demonstrated the unique level of effectiveness of this system for the detection of explosives, obtaining the 1U place in the International Olympiad Competition K-9 in Indiana United States, for police and military, attended by the main units of the U.S., Canada, Latin America …) Captain Edgar Maroto, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Canine Brigade Chief of the Environmental Protection Unit of the Police Nacional del Ecuador, the Galapagos National Park. Inspector Adolfo Montesinos Rojas, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Canine Brigade Chief of Police of Caracas, Venezuela.

Chest Method Instructor Sergeant Major Jose Buendia, Expert in Search Dog Behavior, Instructor of Dog Training School of Carabineros de Chile. Lt. Mario A. Gonzalez, Expert in Search and Collapsed Structure Rescue, Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department, Instructor USAR (Urban Search and Rescue), Florida Task Force One, USA Mayor Luis Alberto Marin Guerrero, Dog Behavior Expert in Search of the National Police of Colombia, Guides Canine Instructor at the National School of Carabineros and Principal Investigator of Project Perros Paza a for Humanitarian Demining, the Ministry of Defence Nacional de Colombia.

High Nutritional Value

Among foods of plant origin cabbage ranked third after the bread and potatoes. Simple recipes from it, have a high nutritional value. We know very many species cabbage, but the most common of them – it's cabbage, savoy, red, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and collard. In ancient Egypt was considered a delicacy and cabbage served at the end of dinner, dessert. In Russia, with time immemorial been a vegetable cabbage essentials.

For centuries it was customary after the harvest of cabbage head cabbage chopping to do everywhere, thus making the work in triumph – "skit." Cabbage is not only fed, but also helped heal many ailments. Cultivation of cabbage people did in ancient times, using it not only as food but as a miracle healer. Doctors antiquity were convinced that people who eat the cabbage, become stronger and less likely to get sick. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed that cabbage maintains a calm state of mind and courage. According to legend, Alexander of Macedonia before the fight ordered to feed his soldiers snacks cabbage. Its usefulness is determined by the content of mineral salts, carbohydrates, proteins, various vitamins, organic acids, etc. Cabbage – a rich source of mineral , vitamins C, PP, K, U and easily digestible carbohydrates.

Protein cabbage full amino acid composition. Thanks to its balanced chemical composition of different types of cabbage are valuable dietary and curative food. One of the useful species is Brussels sprouts. She beologicheskoy value greater than other types of cabbage vegetables are full of protein, vitamins A, C, PP, mineral salts and other petatelnyh substances. Delicate and unique taste, brussels sprouts – delicious vegetable. Boiled, it upotreblyaetsya as a separate dish with butter, sauces or as a garnish. She put in a soup, dried, canned, marinated and zamarazhvayut.

Remove Cellulite

It seems spring has truly begun: 0), and then that long winter did not want to leave and return back to their snow and cold rains: 0) A woman, in spite of bad weather, have already begun to stir and glances aktivnenko on his body: 0)) Cellulite always spoils a woman's mood and does not sleep at night: 0)) And of course there is no desperate situations: 0) solution is always, it remains only to apply it in practice: 0) In this article I want to share unique method, which gives excellent results on time-consuming and cost in 10-20 minutes. for once: 0) This time I will sing the praises of the device Galvanic Spa: 0) It's so light and small that it can be safely carried in a pocket or in purse. And despite its size, it gives very good results. For those who have little tsellyulitik: 0), it suffices to work with problem areas a couple of times and the result immediately in the face. Then just maintain themselves periodically in the form and everything, no problem: 0) Those who run your body will have to work a little longer, adding to a process for greater safety, exercise and good nutrition: 0) The device operates on Special ionized gel whose composition helps draw out toxins from the cells and get rid of fat.

The main components of anti-cellulite gel is – 1.Teobromin (an extract of cocoa Theobroma) rich molecules that provide effects on certain enzymes of fat cells, helps with obesity. 2.Zolotaya Chamomile (extract Chrysanthellum indicum). This extract is rich in flavonoids, a class of antioxidants. Tests have shown that these flavonoids may prevent accumulation of fat. Thanks to the galvanic currents (ie, constant, or plus or minus) is the penetration of the necessary components to the deep layers of the skin.

If you do not break the skin barrier and protective function of the skin. Negative attracts plus and as a result of this simple physics – Smoother skin: 0) Galvanic Spa Instrument Use II is very easy and short on time. You'll avoid the formation of hematomas, so characteristic of the use of anti-cellulite massage and Some vehicles. Get smooth and even skin. Where a lot – will remove, where hangs – tighten. Use morning and evening 2 times per week for each subject area. By the way, the wise men give her this priborchik loved the ladies, and enjoy themselves in the pleasure, too. Once they are already working with his bald spot and wrinkles on your face: 0) It is priborchik 10 580 rubles. or 323.36 euros. Those who order the device before June 1 will receive a gift from my cellulite cream cost 1,600 rubles. or 49.12 euros. By purchasing priborchik once you pay back after his 5 – 10 treatments. (As in the salons of a procedure for the different devices can vary from 500 rubles to 3000rub. At a time) And then he had already cost free: 0) I. .. please be in your pocket and ionomezoterapiya and dezinkrustatsiya, and problems of cellulite and baldness. In short, no pimples, no wrinkles, cellulite and no hair across his head: 0) And you – the very beauty and youth, taking Compliments and catching admiring glances of others! Write to tell you more about other features of this device. Sincerely, Julia Bakhtin

Hair Loss

A woman should carefully look after their hair, and always supervise them. At the first sign of hair loss should immediately take measures for their rehabilitation. Every hair on the human head grows in a month average of 1-1.5 mm, and is growing at about 5-6 years. Then the hair for a while in a state of rest until the new hair does not supersede them. The number of hair of different people varies.

In red the amount of hair in the middle reaches 100 thousands, and have blond – 150 000. Each day a person loses 30-100 hairs. It is quite normal when combing a small amount of hair falls out, it's just the daily rate of hair loss. However, if after every scratching on the comb are whole patches of hair – it's time to take action. Causes of hair loss. The growth of hair depends on hair supplies blood moving through the blood vessels in the scalp. If the capillary for some reason has narrowed, the new hair will not grow.

At the back and sides hair grow better because the blood comes here is active, also in these areas have layers of fat and muscle, not allowing the capillaries to contract. But in temples, forehead and crown no sufficient layers of fat or muscle, so the sudden pulling of the skin capillaries are compressed, and the hair stop growing. Causes of hair loss can be many: a lack of fresh air and sleep wrong and unbalanced diet, improper care of hair and other dermatologists say that hair loss leads to a functional disorder of the nervous system of the upper spinal cord. This may be caused by an infection in the oral cavity and pharynx. Hair is very harmful diuretics, antibiotics, and some hormones. Prevention of hair loss. Help restore the scalp can massage. With it decreases the density of the subcutaneous layer of fat, increases the mobility of the scalp, increasing blood circulation, which leads to improved nutrition and hair to strengthen them. Massage is contraindicated with strong hair loss, fungal and pustular skin diseases of the head, open head injury, hypertension, 2 and 3 degrees. Massage done before washing or during shampooing. To date, the pharmacies can find a great number of drugs that strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. There are also folk remedies: rubbing crushed parsley seeds overnight in the hair in the morning schesyvaya residues. Treated in such a way you need every day for a week, if necessary, the procedure can be repeated after two weeks. 1 tablespoon chopped birch leaves carefully pour 300 ml. boiling water. The resulting mixture is infused 2 hours, then filtered. Tincture to clean the scalp each time after washing. 8 teaspoons lime flowers poured 0.5 liters. hot water and boil on low heat for 20 minutes. The broth should drain and regularly rubbed into the scalp. 1 glass oak bark mixed with 1 cup of onion peel. Mixture to pour a liter of hot water and simmer on low heat for an hour, then drain and cool. The resulting broth is rubbed into the scalp, then at the head put on insulated hood. After two hours, you can remove the cap, and hair – rinse. Source


What is water? Water – a liquid with no color, taste and smell (bluish in thick layers). Water (H2O, hydrogen oxide) – a simple chemical compound of two gases: hydrogen very light and heavier – oxygen. Effect of temperature on currently does not have any nutritional value but is, nevertheless, the most important 'staple'. It is water helps maintain vital processes of the body, delivering nutrients to cells matter and diverting wastes. It is because of the water by regulating body temperature.

Therefore, a person can weeks or even months to survive without food, without water doomed to quick death. How much water should you drink each day? the fluid enters the body of vegetables and fruits. If you are active in sports, the body needs more fluids – at least 9-13 glasses a day. Is it true that boiling tap water all the germs die and this water is safe for humans? When boiling kills microorganisms, but the heavy metals remain in the water. Useful same substance – calcium and magnesium salts are destroyed by boiling and in the form of scale deposited on the walls of the cookware. Bottled water is already in a day is harmful to health. When boiling violated the so-called "immunity" of water in storage is like a sponge absorbs from the air all microorganisms, bacteria, drinks, etc. This water is not only a good performance, but also very useful for the organism.

It is not exposed to artificial saturation of minerals and preservatives, and unlike most of the waters of the North-West FREE Petersburg. For easy pouring water company 'Europe' offers pumps and coolers of different designs. Do you have any questions? Write to us at – and we will get back to you. Take care of health – drink clean water NordAkva.