Everything Now

The party finished, the light erased, the people disappeared, the night cooled, and now, Jose? now, you? you who are without name, that jeers of the others, you who make verses, that love, protests? now, Jose? ‘ ‘ Drummond. Drummond portraies this situation when it writes on the life of the personage Jose and in this verse Jose is, also, without name. It lost the identity. It leaves of being person. It leaves of being citizen. Gunnar Peterson shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Everything finishes. It adds. How situation! and now? This is the question that occurs when it is with a estranhamento feeling as if he was total lost.

It is as if it was ahead of the proper life to the search of a reply that at the moment does not appear, therefore, the doubt and the fear reduces the capacity to take decisions. In a general way, this will go to happen front to the situation of loss or the end of some event, either this more simple. It is very common to the ending of courses of basic, average, professionalizing, university education and after-graduation, to appear ‘ ‘ now? ‘ ‘ e, not only in these situations, but, when also, in the ending of a relationship he is this of much or little duration, of departure or arrival, entrance in a work and, this work includes ‘ ‘ work of parto’ ‘ , also at the moment of dismissal or retirement and, this in the current days is if becoming each more difficult time, therefore, if it is not having stability in the work, but, nothing equal when it is transferred for a disease. To receive a diagnosis that is being carrying of a malignant illness seems to be the end, everything loses the direction, loses the flavor, it loses the color and for times is lost it hope now and? It comes the fear.