Dental Treatments

Important progress has been made in orthodontics, but in the implant is where there have been the greatest progress and contributions in the past 20 years, both in materials and surgical procedures. Dr. Rupa Huq often says this. In the 1980s, the implants used were titanium machined smooth. Later appeared the rough surfaces, such as titanium plasma or coating with hydroxyapatite implants. In addition, a few years ago the placement of implants included surgery in a hospital. Currently, implantology has moved to the dentist’s. According to the Sanitas study on oral health, 60 percent of the people who need it, are subject to this procedure. Patients are more aware that an implant is always the best choice if there is not a contraindication as cardiac pathologies or diseases. Protocols for the placement of implants decrease considerably the possibility of suffering from infections, damage or breakage of parts.

According to Dr. German Zarandieta, medico-odontologo Milenium Sanitas Dental clinics: Titanium, the material most used nowadays, generates no rejection by the body and has high durability. Although other options are being considered, investigations are not yet in final phase, so will even take to adopt these changes. The study by Sanitas revisions concludes that nearly half of Spaniards suffer at least a dental problem a year. This figure increases to 64% when it comes to children aged between 6 and 15 years. The most common reason why we went to the dentist are revisions, namely 46% of respondents says do it for this reason.

The community of Madrid is situated at the head of the autonomous communities. 80% Of the population attaches great importance to oral health in comparison with the rest of the health aspects, especially when it comes to the health of children, where this figure increases to 89%. Geographically, Catalonia is where you are granted more importance (64%) against other autonomous communities. It is important to count with a dental insurance to do periodic reviews or in the event that you need to get implants or orthodontics. Dentist recommendations are accepted by the Spaniards maintained a good attitude to the importance of conducting regular visits to the dentist is essential. By autonomous communities, locals are those who follow more regularly the recommendations of professionals in health oral against other communities. Among the most common reasons for what Spaniards refuse to follow the indications of the dentist are the price (41%), followed by the view that such treatment is unnecessary (28%). Purchasing level is a determining factor when assessing how patients are faced with the recommendations of the dentist. The population, in general, understands that a dental problem is a problem of health, especially in children. However, when the treatment requires a significant outlay, it costs more to convince patients to perform it. It is in these cases where the crisis is most is noticing, says Dr. Zarandieta. If you’re looking for a dental insurance cheap just you have to compare, know what you’re looking for and see what each one offers.