Lower Belly

There are many errors that we commit when we want to undo of that accumulated fat in our waist and stomach. He is something that we considered very difficult because in the majority of the cases, we realised exercises that do not help us. First of all, to lower belly of a fast form, we must try not to select to those exercises focused in the abdomen but those that offer a reaction us that shoots the metabolism and that is developed an action prolonged in the organism, even after the normal session of exercises. Us it serves to us much as realising short repetitions and in great amount. I say them by experience. Aid a little to strengthen abdominal muscles, but will not make us have those cuadritos so wished or those smooth muscles of the models.

There are specific exercises that yes help to obtain an action prolonged in abdominal muscles and the accumulated fat. The cardiovascular exercises will take long time to us and are debilitating, besides boring. A flat stomach requires one more a more intelligent selection of the ejercicicios together with a special diet. All the foods that we really see in the market do not help us because, although they say that they are ” light” , they contain detrimental ingredients that rather they contribute to gain fat. Many products that we found in the supermarket and that they announce to be dietetic, contain sugars substitutes and starches that make us absorb fat.

Those products with integral grains contain very little of these and much more of other ingredients that are not necessarily ” light”. As much the diets to become thin as the exercises must be complemented to forge a common but effective aim. In relation to foods, preferably to do them in house, with natural ingredients, without frying, to the plate or the furnace and that stimulate the natural fat burning fire. The olive oil is the indicated one for majority of the cases that is required to realise a food with fried or semifried foods.