Sound: It is

Sound: It is the vibration that travels through the air, water or solids and is capable of producing a pleasant sensation. Noise: An undesirable acoustic vibration alters temporary or permanent health of the individual. It’s a sound that produces undesirable physiological and psychological side effects that interfere with human activities, communication, work and rest noise commonly associated with high levels of intensity. The environmental pollution caused by noise, characteristic of cities and often underestimated, can be exceedingly harmful to health. To some experts is a serious problem for public health, characteristic of modern civilization which claims more victims every day. 08 321 1983 Resolution of the Ministry of Health, as defined by the noise pollution emitted by a sound that adversely affects the health or safety of humans. Process sound and / or noise: The waves or vibrations coming through the ear canal and stimulates the eardrum, which be articulated to the ossicles, formed by the hammer, anvil and stirrup, amplifies the vibration ensuring minimum better transmission of sound waves.These waves are captured in the inner ear at the snail, the organ of Corti causes an electrical stimulus that is the brain by the auditory nerve, which can “listen” to distinguish from other sounds, music and also the noise. Ear Shaping and Entry Routes The ear consists of three parts: External ear, which conducts acoustic energy to the eardrum. Middle ear, which upon receiving the vibration of the bell continues tympanic sound transmission through the ossicular chain (hammer, anvil and stirrup) and regulates and promotes the sound wave through the oval window. Inner ear or shell, which receives sounds transmitted by the oval window. There are transformed vibrations into nerve impulses that carry information to the central nervous system acoustics. Cinergy Health Sound can also be transmitted through bone conduction vibration, without the waves must travel through the outer or middle ear. The sound transmitted so directly triggers a stimulus in the snail.