Mental Health

Through this, FIELDS (1990) affirm that, ' ' it does not have doubt that, specifically in the area of Mental Health, over all in the public services, real teams of work do not exist to interdisciplinar and yes professional of diverse areas of knowledge, being developed its activities in an institution without it has on the part of this, definition of a work proposal come back toward a common objective. The developed actions, that have as white the patient, frequently lack of joints and if they lose or if they dilute for if adding, juxtaposing or same if contraporem.' ' The same author affirms that the work to interdisciplinar is not static, nor compartimentado. Multidisciplinaridade and interdisciplinaridade must walk together. It relates, still, that many times are called team to interdisciplinar, what in the reality is a grouping of professionals of different areas. Learn more on the subject from Celebrity trainer. A group of professional only configures a team to interdisciplinar when it operates in cooperative way, converging its objectives to one given situation, of form to have complementariedade and it does not add or overlapping. Ahead of this perspective, professionals who work in the CAPS must demonstrate interest and also to search to extend its knowledge to all to that solutions for problems are taken care of by the service, considering, guiding the cuidadores for one better quality of life, constructing social representations, contributing for the promotion of the multiplying health of this population and creating of the action. thus, disponibilizando the conquest of the autonomy and the socialization placing in evidence the pontecialidades and abilities of the individual better to be managed and worked in the social conviviality and for proper individual well-being of each one. 5CONSIDERAES FINAL According to Rodrigues; Figueiredo, 2003, during centuries carrying individuals of mental upheavals sees being moved away from the society, thus being trancafiados in lunatic asylums, without healthful conditions and the main one without right to think on its life; The upheaval can be considered as effect of factors that can be biological (organic), however is one period deriving of the desestruturao of the familiar relations, or same, difficulties of the proper person in dealing with its subjectivity and the relationships. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ford Motors.


hypnosis is derived from the hypnos word Greek, and is described in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a induced state that if resembles of sleep and in which the citizen is sensible to the suggestions of the inductor (hypnotist or hipnoterapeuta). Going for this definition, the hypnosis is interposed in artificially, wants for external factors (another person) or interns (auto-hypnosis) the ways. Currently, the hypnosis and its effect in the improvement of the physical and mental base of the man are the citizen of the experience and methodical study for science men, doctors and fisiologistas. Tickets of the Bible and the Talmud indicate that the phenomenon of the states of induced sleep, vises of wheels in spiral, cures for rabbis (known as witchcraft) in the Christian age, miraculous cures, that can have the suggestion, and the creation of illusions for rabbis as told in the Talmud is registered references of the hypnosis – more than 2,000 years behind. r their opinions as well. Biblical and Talmudic references the hypnosis (hipnticos phenomena) are mixed treatments of psychiatric illnesses. Until the eastern religions and philosophies they have its proper recorded references on the hypnosis. One xam of the Nepal tambores in a state of settles, demonstrating a capacity to enter and to leave a modified state of conscience and experience of control, the Buddhist meditation of one monge is the formation of a conscience to examine the experience so minutely how much possible, with effect, a bigger conscience (Vipassana), a practitioner of yoga if engages in the concentration, is centered in a stimulaton fixed and keeps inabalvel, until a feeling of unit with the object and, finally, the auto one it is reached. The comparison of the references registadas of the hypnosis of both the cultures eastern and occidental person disclose that the experience occidental person essentially is derived almost that exclusively from the vigil state, the experience of the East to draw its vision of the induced dreams, meditating, contemplativa or states.

Seven Proven Ways

Allow ourselves to imagine the following situation: morning, Monday. The night before there was a quarrel with my girlfriend and you have my heart "cat scratching." Alarm goes off, it's time to get up and go to work. You go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, but the fridge is empty and ended with the sugar. Then you try to start the car, but to no avail, got the battery. Then crush the bus, and finally you come to your workplace with the already fairly battered nervous system.

On Friday, at your desk left a lot of "unfinished tails", and here is head and loads more work. As you boil rage and discontent, and the working day has just begun. How to get out of this situation? How to get rid of stress? The best options are to take time off, take a shower and go out of town, run jogging, etc. But this is the ideal, but you have only a few minutes. Can I get rid of stress during this time? Yes you can. Here several recommendations.

take a walk. Even if you only have five minutes. You just have to leave for a few minutes from the center of tension. Think of something nice, tidy your thoughts. read something. For example, newspaper, magazine, Field of humor and anecdotes. In general, something fun that will distract you from the affairs of the immediate and calm. meditation. It is not necessary to know that the asanas of yoga. Just close your eyes and try to calm down. Focus your attention on any image adage, a good episode of life. clip on the topic – humor. Go online to any tracker, or YouTube and watch a funny movie. After watching, laughing, you return to their work more calm and focused. cup chamomile tea helps you calm down. Already in the cooking process you will feel the voltage drop reduces stress Good box. Some strong strokes will help you let off steam. Object to strike can be a pile of papers. deep breathing will certainly set you free from stress. Several smooth inhale-exhale cycles would lead you to rest. Try breathe evenly and smoothly. During breath try not to think about anything. I wish you success and peace of mind and do not forget that everything goes … and it, too.

Cognitive Therapy

DESCRIPTION OF the Joaozinho CASE (fictitious name), patient of 11 years, will go to complete 12 in the next month, in April, high middle class, initiated the mannering cognitivo therapy in October/2007. Its parents had come in the first consultation to talk on the son. They had told that Joaozinho is a docile, responsible child, educated and affectionate. Joozinho has a good pertaining to school performance, is football player of the Flamengo (fictitious) (federalist), it has many friends, it presents a good relation with its family, friends and professors. At the vacant moments, Joaozinho always looks for to go the beach with its parents, to play videogame and soccer with the friends. It does not present aggressiveness traces.Joaozinho inside completed all its stages of development of the normal limits of age. The parents had also told that Joaozinho seems to have more privacy and freedom with its mother of what with the father, if feeling more to the will to speak on its pertaining to school notes, the performance in the soccer and even though to ask for to buy some thing, thing that with the father, Joaozinho does not make. Very it was always compared with the figure of its father for the people, also for the proper father, who tells to the time all that the son if very seems it in all the aspects.

The father also works in the Flamengo and is very successful professionally. The mother said that she has some time comes observing that Joaozinho has demonstrated a certain anxiety when its father attends its treinos in the soccer, with distrust not to have a good performance and to disappoint the father. Moreover, when Joaozinho takes off a note 6,0, for example, she cries, saying that she must have taken off a note higher and is from fear to count for the father, exactly knowing that its father goes apia – lo and to be satisfied with note 6,0.


Much has been said on psycotherapy in the current days. The schools are more intent, the media divulge the necessity of the people to look therapeutical aid, as well as the professionals of area include it to the health in the roll of the treatment instruments. Psychology, through its scientific development, if has become a valuable resource in the care with the health. It is known today, for innumerable studies, that emotion and body function in harmony and resonance. They are two aspects of an only field.

When one is not well, the other is affected. Therefore, the premise of that I do not need to go to a therapist because I am not wild, discloses more on the past of the psychology, who if developed inside of psychiatry and the philosophy, of what of the reality contemporary. Until the one time behind, the people if envergonhavam of speaking that they were in therapy. Thus being, to guide our colloquy we go to approach some points: First: it is not necessarily truth to say that who only makes therapy is sick, therefore most of the time, the people moments of much tension or crisis and this are living affects its performance, its relations and its life as a whole; Second: it is not weakness signal to appeal to the psycotherapy, or to feel shame to search aid. Many believe that they can decide alone its problems. These generalizations point with respect to the unfamiliarity and the preconception on the performance of the psycotherapy. It has life cycles that mark the relations significantly: marriage, birth of children, illnesses, separation, change of work, retirement, death and others, causing, many times, great difficulties in dealing with the new. These experiences will be able to unchain 0f the sort distress, fears, sadnesses, unreliabilities, disclosing themselves in different ways, depending to be on each individual.

Ie Suddenly

Course of traumatic situations is a great variety, so we can not speak of a single traumatic syndrome. However, attempts were made to the description and classification, and therefore we can say that load may take many forms: 1) acute disorders, ie those reactions that occur immediately after the most traumatic event. 2) Postravmaticheskoe disorder, which means that: Symptoms observed over 6 weeks. Disturbances in social adaptation. Dissociative disorders, ie there is a splitting of emotional reactions and memories, and people talk about the trauma, so as if they happened to someone else. Psychotic disorders. In the end, this can lead to deep depression.

Consider in detail the first point of acute reactions. They often manifest themselves in a state of stupefaction, in behavior is similar to the alienation from others, it seems that people, as if frozen. Others on the contrary, show hyperactivity, and autonomic symptoms of panic, such as palpitations, sweating and shivering. In addition, there can be massive aggression and despair. Postravmaicheskie disorders are pathological reaction in contrast to the acute reaction, which is absolutely normal after a traumatic event. One of the criteria postravmaticheskih disorders is that the events associated with the trauma experienced again and again because of the intrusive memories.

Ie Suddenly a man comes to the memories of sounds, screams, obsessively pursuing images, noise. In addition, the memories are very detailed, often repetitive dreams that cause fear. In this case, people generalize the traumatic situation, and the usual everyday stuff, too, perceived source of danger. This is similar to what happens with a person with severe depression, where it is impossible to cope with everyday things. In addition to Tor, memory impairments and the ability to perceive, respectively successes in teaching are often reduced, which especially evident in the school. And in general it is a high psychic sensitivity and excitability. All very quickly begins to be experienced as a threat. Very often it comes to avoidance behavior. For example, a child caught in accident, and then refuses to sit in the car, or people who can no longer drive past the place where it was an accident, and because of this, go a long way bypass. 5 basic criteria postravmaticheskogo disorder: continued

Medical University

You replaced the values and forced to go to learn, only to find a paying job later. You take the exams at the University of International Economics, as it now is prestigious, but not pass on balls – caught those tickets, you do not know. You're stubborn people and go there to do the same next year, but then suddenly it turns out the problem with the documents and you do not even allow for the exams. Suddenly you calms a stranger and offers to try to go to another university, and the next you hear a conversation between two people that at the Medical University shortage of people in the department of traditional medicine. Suddenly you like this idea you give back the documents and can easily pass. Further training is easy and you like the classes more and more.

So, all the situations that have developed in the above example – assumed a thin your guardian angel to guide you on your way. And if you begin to understand it and listen to such tips – the future life will begin to take shape all the better. False path will afflict your life, but the righteous – to make it all beautiful. As a rule, the right way the one who likes the man and which is best, what he gets. Listen for yourself to comprehend the outcome of your actions and you are more able to understand myself.

To perform purpose rights enable certain abilities that become available due to the inclusion of the chakras and the disclosure of memory type. This was also to be guardian angels, and if they see that you finally understood the way and its mission – is happy to provide you with new features that you meant it was easier to perform. But if you decide to get off the road capacity will again be closed. Communicate with their mentors, even if you do not hear – you hear it always. Ask to give you a sign or hint in the difficult times of life and they always find a way to help you. Importantly, keep the purity of body and soul, only then it will be easier to work with you. With time, we can get them to communicate without intermediaries and together fulfill its mission to give the joy of accomplishment and wonderful life of the righteous! Source: Site of the revival of Vedic culture of the Slavs