According to architect Julia Alexandrova: "Saloon is convenient to separate into two sectors – a sleeping area and the storage of clothes." Make such a separation is possible using partitions chosen for each band's own finishes and lighting. Whenever Healthy Living listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Lighting rest rooms must be functional. Ambient light can be bright, but not too sharp, to achieve a similar effect to help dull shades. It is also possible to use spotlights located on the perimeter of the room or space in a multi-level ceiling. For lighting a bedroom can be applied not conventional switches and dimmers, allowing smooth adjust the brightness of lighting. At the head of the bed is recommended to install lamps with opaque shades that give directional light. If the bedroom has a dressing table, a mirror for illumination should be assigned by either side, at eye level, lamps, giving a soft, diffused light.

To finish the bedroom is best to choose eco-friendly hypoallergenic materials. The ceiling can be covered by quality water-based paint: Tikkurila, Dufa etc. Using suspended structures is not recommended, as they collect dust. You can use the suspended ceiling on the basis of textile fibers, for example, clipso or Batyline. Optimal variant flooring – laminate or hardwood floor. You can also use a carpet made of natural wool. Suitable for wall vinyl, non-woven or paper wallpaper, and wallpaper from natural materials: bamboo, straw, cork, textiles or silk. When choosing furniture, you need to pay attention to the material of which it is made. Cheap headsets are usually made from mdf or particleboard with an artificial veneer.