Affinity Foundation

Dogs are not only the best friend of man, but because of the extraordinary features which have, can help adults in their golden age to overcome depression and ailments specific to this stage of life. Therapy dogs, or caninoterapia, is used with success in the treatment of older adults, who can learn to train dogs themselves, or even outside. Dogs training can stimulate his physical and mental activity and helps them to go out of the self, depression or neglect could find themselves. The caninoterapia is very beneficial to boost their morale and entertain them, that makes them good for your physical health, since it forces them to move more, to be more active dogs therapy is called caninoterapia, which is based in contact with trained dogs. It is an alternative technique to medical treatments that helps patients improve their capabilities by up to 25% in general, offering them a better standard of living.

Even if the dog does not cure the patient, helps you to develop your capabilities, explained experts. Interact with animals can be much more helpful to what at first glance seems. It is true that many people have pet and this something completely trivial; may be However, it is true that many older people do not have any social contact, and the animals can become their unconditional companions. These therapies involve simple motor activities such as brushing for dogs, caressing, the washing of animals, etc. And of course that playfulness is not absent from this, because the game is an essential activity to solidify a bond with the animal. Tiffany Espensen oftentimes addresses this issue. Research investigations that have been conducted in the field of pet animals has been very fertile. An example of this is the set of studies carried out by the Affinity Foundation, which has achieved major advances in knowledge about the benefits that brings a pet to some sectors of the population such as elderly, disabled or prisoners.