2012. Apocalypse or Rebirth? "For the great day of His wrath, and who can resist?" (I. Theologian) So St. John the Evangelist tells us about the coming times, in "Revelation". Many prophecies about this difficult time written And Nostradamus, and Wang, and even the Mayan calendar ends exactly at 2012. Scary as that from this information and our "bright" buduyuschie seems not bright, but hazy and undefined. Huge number of books and articles written, an endless stream of documentaries and feature films flooded the screens of close already "doomsday". And all the signs, as it were a person – earthquakes, tsunamis, global warming and flooding, broken ecology, displacement of the earth's axis, etc.

But more recently, in 1999, all media "blew" us "doomsday", but nothing happened. And we are alive and well Thank God! And waiting for the new date is 26.12.2012 year. It looks like the show and fun for all of us, that's just what it is not fun to us now, many of despondency, despair, depression, fear of what that lurked in my heart Of course, when all over the world, as the tumor developed economic crisis that has gripped everyone and everything, how much fun here, when something – how to make ends meet and when will it all end is not known. But only if the economic crisis stronger than we? Economy and spiritual are inseparable, ie, where the economic crisis, there is a spiritual, rather, first spiritual crisis, and then follows on the heels and economic.