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At an early age begin to illustrate contemporary art the issue of the Journal of Modern Mexico, a publication of the modernism of that era. Felix Bernardelli study with Brazilian artist based calligraphy in Guadalajara in 1904 and 1905. you cannot find a person with a greater passion for the than is the head of the S.A. Later entry into print art the Academy of San Carlos and School of Fine Arts of Mexico, where he studied with Antonio Fabre, German Gedovius, Leandro Izaguirre and Matthew Herrera. During his etancia in the Mexican capital befriends Diego Rivera, and Jorge Enciso Juan Jose Tablada who influence Geneva Japanese art. He earned a scholarship from the Ministry of Public Instruction to study in Europe in 1906 and once in Europe study painting in Paris for two years, where he was a student of Colin Cowrstous. Montenegro exhibited in the halls of “The French artist” and “Autumn Salon” exhibited a painting titled greek ancient “Flowers.” On this trip I visit London and Italy. Returning to Mexico in art 1910 in full Mexican Revolution. In Guadalajara in contact with the Circulo Artistico founded by Gerardo Murillo “Dr. Atl..” Once in Guadalajara conducted two very successful exhibitions, in 1913 went back to Europe where he wall art remained for six years at the time absorbing new directions in modern schools of Picasso and Juan Tris. In Paris he attended the School of Fine Arts, worked with Ruben Dario in the Journal World. At the beginning of World War I decided to lie on the island of Mallorca with Antonio modern art de La Gandara. Outlined in his new home several times and his work in the mural decoration of the Casino de Palma and other public buildings.
In early 1917 their artwork to decorate a children’s edition of the Lamp Aladdin published in Barcelona. A roman ancient year later explained his work in Madrid and London 1919 is published in the album of drawings Vaslav Nijinsky, an interpretation in black, white and gold. In 1920 during the government of Carranza works in the decoration and design of the National Theater staging of the musical revue “From the Moon” was inspired by the art-nouveau.
His friendship with Jose Vasconcelos, was important in the development of his work, accompanied him in search of support for the creation of the Ministry of Education, traveled to Oaxaca with Gabriel Fernandez Ledesma to find information on popular arts and began his interest in them. The following year he was appointed Head of the Department of Arts of the Ministry of Education and held an exhibition of folk art that opens Gral lvaro Obreg n, museum art subsequently exposed for the first time in Mexico and began the mural decoration of the former church St. Peter and St. Paul, along with Jorge Enciso. In this era stained glass designs “Tapati syrup” and “selling newspapers.”
In 1922 he was responsible decorate the Mexican Pavilion in the city of Rio de Janeiro that same year, Montenegro began “The Feast of the Holy Cross.” Between 1923 and 1933 illustrated the book “Taxco”, the mural “The History and The Tale” (also known as Aladdin’s lamp), also published “Mexican Masks,” “Twenty drawings Taxco, Mexican Painting 1800 -1860 “, designed the scenery of the Teatro de Ulises fresh paint new york and the two side walls of the cube of the stairway of the old Colegio de San Pedro and San Pablo. In 1934 he was appointed director of the Museum of Popular Arts of Fine Arts continues to design sets, workshops, museums founded and published in Mexico. In mid-1948 decorates the Cocktail Lounge of the Hotel del Prado.the dealer in is can deal with the whole world in the city of Mexico, later published in 1950 “Retablos Mexicans and two years later he published an album of twenty drawings extended by Alfonso Reyes. Decorate the Bank of Commerce, the front of the Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara with a reliebe called “Apollo and the Muses,” which was then covered with mosaics and destroyed in 1963. The next year a mosaic designs to decorate the House of Guadalajara Artesanias entitled “The Death of the crafts.” In 1967 he received the Premio Nacional de Artes. He died on October 13, 1968 art prints due to cardiovascular disease in Mexico City.

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