Detoxify the body has many benefits the consequences of an intoxicated organism are many and range from headache, general malaise, nervous disorders, fatigue, skin aging, aging of hair, body swelling. Poor diet, environmental pollution and everyday stress factors, van intoxicating to the body, causing fatigue.Over time, the toxins generate health problems with accumulation of fat and overweight, aging, unsightly skin, risk of disease, etc. Toxins accumulated really translates into weight gain because they are transformed into an oily deposit on parts characteristics of the body such as the abdomen, back, thighs, under the Chin, etc the organism cannot delete them and going stacking them in such zones or deposits pending that could retire.The point is that if the diet is not appropriate, and toxins still consume the body continue to piling these toxic wastes and increasingly more overweight a plan is generated to detoxify the body must start with a basic condition: reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, processed foods, etc consume also much less fatty meats, foods high in fats, etc suitable, consume more fresh and natural foods free of toxins, vegetables, fruits, grains, meals natural, they should be replaced to processed foods and produce toxin.Toxin, well is remind you, generates overweight and when the body can not eliminate them, translates into greater obesity, as well as health problems.Some foods that you can incorporate into your balanced diet, and which are detoxifying: berro:e an excellent source of vitamin C, E, beta carotene and minerals.It was long used to treat liver and kidney problems. Whole wheat bread: whole grain breads contain as cereal cascaritas that act as sponges that absorb and eliminate toxins by faeces, cleaning the intestine as they pass through.It is rich in vitamin B, maintaining healthy skin and the system nervous. Apple: Apple fiber helps the intestinal hygiene; Apple Juice helps to eliminate toxins and to reduce cholesterol.

Grapes: they contain antioxidants such as Bioflavonoids that protect the cells and stimulates the purifying process. Parsley: rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium and antioxidants, helps activate the kidney function, so the kidneys filter poisons containing blood better. Celery: combat the presence of uric acid and other toxic waste of metabolism.Cleanses the urinary tract and cleanses the liver. Lemon: helps eliminate the uric acid, it makes the blood more alkaline, which prevents many diseases. Peach: helps cleanse the gallbladder, it contains vitamin C and potassium, a mineral that regulates blood pressure and helps to eliminate liquids retained in the body. Brown rice: contains phytin, a substance that helps expel the poisons from the body. Drinking water: drinking plenty of water helps to eliminate toxins, especially if the water that you consume is quality water possible mineralized since it has low sodium content. For more information on balanced diets, plans to detoxify and tips for one life healthy, visit our web site.You can get also a free E-Book with balanced diets to lose weight and stay in shape.