Josef von Sternberg spent part of his filmography childhood in Vienna and New York. Because her father had to migrate because of poverty that his free family lived. Things did not improve in the Great American City, which forced the small Josef actress to leave school and work in some shops in credited Manhattan. Things changed dramatically for imdb Josef when in Prospect Park (Brooklyn) began his career cleaning and actors repairing rolls of film. This ability opened the door of the film industry because cinema it does not cost to enter as an editor in the 20s. His title debut as a serious director with The Salvation Hunters (1925), galleries which would become a phenomenon of critical and box office. During the following years, works almost clandestine. In fact, actor does not appear in the credits of the fake bride flicks (The Masked Bride) (1925) or id (It) (1927). I even received the honor of directing a film of Charlie Chaplin, cinemas which refused. In the end, would be the law of the underworld films (Underworld), a prototypical gangster movie. Behind the screen, von Sternberg won the battle with screenwriter Ben Hecht for creative control of the film. the star of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” , has two 4th of july movies: Independence Day and Men in black With the last starring command (The Last Command) (1928) begins the biography fruitful relationship between Emil Jannings and von Sternberg and they did enjoy the public with great titles. But surely, von Sternberg’s life is turned around his career with the making of The Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel) (1930). Choosing again Jannings in the lead role mall and eager to shoot in mpeg Germany a thumbs great production sound, von Sternberg who organizes a casting gan soul video clips girl who calls herself and Marlene Dietrich who became the protagonist of the film. Dieetrech mesmerizes the audience for his enigmatic character leaving the voluble woman paradigm. Quite films the contrary, Dietrich femina stands as a dark, convinced of its ideals and objectives, a new element in the publications of the time.
The von Sternberg-Dietrich babe link would be created in two ways. On the one hand, theater the clips professional and they would take over six films together. On the other, a relationship off screen as the director would be one more than the legions of fans who would have the Dietrich. But that came fruitful relationship between the most views of the time. Morocco (Morocco) (1930), The Express (Shanghai Express) and Blonde Venus (Blonde Venus) (1932) and The Scarlet Empress (The Scarlet Empress) (1934) can be considered the best theaters of his films, because, without doubt, among other technical successes and script, to the appearance of vids Dietrich in them. After 1935, von Sternberg’s filmography goes into a nosedive. The bet of visual aesthetics prevail at the same script pics that the public himself does not understand his next project The devil is a woman (The Devil Is mpegs a Woman) (1935), an Ernst Lubitsch production, then production head of Paramount Pictures. The failure of playing the adult film was such that theatres nuhnca again have total control in the process of realization. This rebuke was that von Sternberg was becoming more and more space projects. Maneas of all, the Austrian genius still able to perform some great work as herself in the case of The Shanghai (The Shanghai Gesture) in 1941.
Josef Von Sternbergdied in Los Angeles on 23 December 1969, becoming history, not only by the magic of his theatre work but also for episode being the discoverer of showtimes Marlene Dietrich. His remains are in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. Sternberg has a star on the Walk of Fame located in Hollywood 6401 Hollywood Blvd.