Bonadan is a planet that has long been one of the outer edge of the Corporate Sector Authority of the largest manufactures of the worlds busiest ports. Bonadan is an area crisscrossed by yellow roasted striped rust due to heavy soil erosion. Bonadan industry has prospered at the expense of the ecology, because all plant life on the surface that was not intentionally destroyed has disappeared because overmining, pollution and neglect. A planet populated areas, many houses Bonadan species from across the galaxy. The world is covered with factories, refineries, docks, and shipbuilding facilities in ten spaceports. Bonadan diverse economy is considered the most lucrative of any planet in the business sector.

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Swiss Annuities and Life Insurance: Secure Returns, Asset Protection, and Privacy (Wiley Finance) by Marco Gantenbein and Mario A. Mata (Hardcover – April 4, 2008)