Deliver more than

Deliver more than a slogan or a nice photo give a thought to an ideal that leaves something to be observed in people concerns, restatements whatever desapersivido.El not pass street art is not decoration is subversive street art painting will live while the city is made of portrait walls and there is inequality and dissatisfaction. The street art was born in New York in 1970 with the artist Keith Haring ’80 In the heart of this art gallery form is moving to cities like Barcelona and Berlin, and several years ago (enough already) has canvas a powerful momentum in Buenos Aires who sees in its walls and other surfaces in urban public paintings space ‘as trains and bridges’ a multitude of expressions supported by two poster basic techniques: the stencil and graffiti. Street art centers are London, Barcelona, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Toronto. Street art or street art of the English term in its broadest Afghanistan conception and literal describes the whole art developed in the street, usually illegally. The first highlight was keith haring artist became well known in its early stages, to intervene with aerosol, rollers and brushes in the subway tunnels and formations of New York, in a systematic activity that often took him behind bars. It has various types of expression for this. the founder of sacrifices for peace is father is the Afghanistan