Demand reduction through

Demand reduction through changes in lifestyle Main articles: Simple living and Decrease A significant percentage of abuse of resources are because of our wasteful lifestyle based on a wealth of comforts and needs created by advertising and consumer society that go far beyond basic needs for our subsitencia. The U.S. with 5 of world population consume 24.8 of the world’s oil spending a total of 20.52 million barrels per day making them the first in the per capita worldwide as the U.S. accounts Department of Energy. Europe, excluding Russia, consumes 19.9 of global oil which means a total of 16.45 million bpd. There is a movement that advocates simplifying our society that the more complex and more energy required. (See the section on the laziness in society: the dumbest of all species).Whatever the dwindling energy resources in any case would force a decline in demand for food and services. It should change many habits of high consumption by other much more efficient and cheaper. For example the use of bicycles for transportation in town as well as eating foods cooked at home, bring them to nearby crops or organic crops also halt the use of chemicals. You could also reduce spending on packaging and food packaging highlighting an sale of fresh produce, in turn healthier. Likewise it would also be preferable that each person worked in places close to home and minimizing travel expenses. Critics of consumerism argue that modern society is addicted to consumption encouraged by the possibility of borrowing and, above all, by the constant hype that people are subjected, which in itself is also a waste of energy.In fact today expend energy companies for potential consumers to spend in turn. The energy shortage will lead to the absurd situation because in a context of scarcity can understand how to boost spending power consumption More and more people will have to adjust their lifestyle to a calmer and quieter pace instead of the current accelerated rate. Stress reduction and the use of chemicals and pollution have a positive impact on decreasing consumption of healthcare resources. In fact, nothing in our quality of life forces us to live ever more rapidly and consume, is an absurdity that is done unconsciously and it is only explicable on the basis of need for getting rich at the expense of the majority, which urged to accelerate its pace increasing. This situation will become untenable and intolerable as a means of energy shortages.But a reduction of complexity also adversely affect the economy causing perhaps an increase in unemployment and the bankruptcy of many businesses that are no longer viable in an environment of energy scarcity. The crisis of the economic model based on increased consumption impossible to sustain any longer, would result in a political transformation of crucial importance for the survival of humanity. The company would not be free of negative effects and these would be higher, the lower the willingness to reduce consumption while still on time. If we are saying that resources are virtually exhausted the reduction in consumption will not change imposed by a political but a purely technical forcing. Society should undertake unpleasant changes. It would work more in order to replace the work done so far by the machines. The planes and cars would be replaced by trains and boats as means of transport.People travel much less staying at home more during the holidays. Processed foods or expensive to produce as beef, chocolate, coffee, tea and milk would be replaced by local foods such as cereals and vegetables. The air conditioning would become a thing of the past. People should live in smaller house at lower cost, better insulated and easier to maintain, usually a dramatic reduction in consumption would effect the whole chain of production and transportation of products. In extreme cases would proceed to the rationing of electricity and even food. The global crisis will require global solutions which may force an increase in social complexity, not technology (see: Complex Societies). It also would require perhaps a reduction in the population based on a controlled reduction in the birthrate. All in favor of preventing further conflicts and overexploitation even greater.