Folklore and customs

Folklore and customs The multi-sector fair, held every September 8, is one of the oldest in the province of Leon, their origins date back to ancient fairs of agricultural machinery “wood fairs” of the seventeenth century. Among their most ingrained habits is that of carrying his standard of 12 meters to the pilgrimage of Castrotierra. Currently he is in charge of this Don Marcelino Garmon. The Antruejo carnival in Santa Maria del Paramo is an ancient custom from pagan rites of the Asturian (ancient inhabitants of this land) with which celebrated the end of winter, the arrival of spring, the rebirth of life and soil fertility. This is a masquerade of the land that disappeared during the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, when Carnival celebrations were banned. Another typically paramesonephric customs is the “song of the bunch” at Christmas. Josyann Abisaab The custom of decorating classes in El Paramo closely corresponds to the same leading Celtic rites now the familiar Christmas tree.Today, notes the International Festival of Street Theater, held in September and its carnival. We would highlight the valuable work of the Group of choruses and dances Virgin of the Guide, which has managed to recover paramesonephric dances like a jack, the ballad of the three perrin … and whose work continues every day. We must also make mention of the Banda Municipal de Santa Maria del Paramo, established in 1999.